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Tigr 10-09-2015 08:20 AM

not quite satisfied...?
How often do you finish a board, step back and look at it and are not quite satisfied?

It just has happened to me again, and I started wondering... I know getting better requires effort and practice, and every mistake is something to learn from! However it would interest me, if anyone cares to share, how many boards are not as you envisioned - be it mistakes or overall just not looking as you thought it would. How many of those do you never show anyone, how many end up in the bin?

Rodman 10-09-2015 01:47 PM

Re: not quite satisfied...?
Are you not, on some level, talking about the possibility of Perfection? I would think, that if you ask Any person Doing about Anything at a really high level. Part of what got them there is, giving themselves a honest curtique. About the same time you think you have it, All dialed in. You can expect to stop getting any better. One person talking.... I think one of the biggest challenges an Artist face is. To figure out what makes this Artist inside them...Tick! So.... I like it that you're thinking about how it Works, for other Artist. Good on Ya! The thing is.... If you can figure out, What makes it Tick. You can nurture that and likewise, you can avoid the things that discourage getting to that Place, we do Art. I describe it as having a scientist aboard, observing the process.
Anyway, I encourage your line of thinking.
To answer your question. I rarely scrap a piece. However, I have a piece that has been on and off the easel for over 3 years... With serious effort. But, I don't fret it. It'll get finished or it won't. Ask yourself, is IT about coming up with a finished piece or enjoying DOING Art? I better stop here! ha!
My best to you....

Crias 10-10-2015 09:43 AM

Re: not quite satisfied...?
I'm not sure she is talking about perfection, but things don't always turn out quite as well as we envisioned or hoped or maybe more so, what we think we are capable of. Sometimes we struggle. I have a flat file that I keep works in, and if I have a work I am dissatisfied with I stick it in there without varnishing it. I have a handful of works in there. Maybe 6-8 pieces. Some I come back and finish or varnish later. Some I am able to improve to the point that I am satisfied at a later date. I'm working on one now that might go in there too... LOL

Sometime posting them and getting advice from fresh eyes helps.

Tigr 10-11-2015 03:44 AM

Re: not quite satisfied...?
Well, I guess that always depends on the definition of perfection. But Cathy has got it right, I meant in the way of what one is capable of at the moment.
Rodman, your comment has given me more to think about, thanks :)
To be honest, yes I do art because I like the process of creation and the getting lost in it. But I also do it to eventually hold the finished "fruit of my labour" in my hands - a thing well done is something immensly satisfying to me. Isn't that normal?
3 years on and off one piece is a long time, wow.
Cathy, I guess I will have to create some space to put such works out of my eyes for a while, maybe it also works with me. I don't think posting will help much with this one, as it just does not elicit the mood I wanted to show (it just looks boring somehow).
But yeah, the posting is what I try, even though it has gone empty at this forum, compared to what I found on threads from a few years back.

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