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CarlyHardy 09-27-2002 10:33 PM

From Pastel to Oil
Some of you will remember my pastel sketch of a little girl posted a few weeks back walking in front of azaleas.

Here's the oil painting...finally! Will be shipped in a couple of weeks to the happy new owner! It's a Christmas gift for his wife...this is their granddaughter.

Oil, 11x14 on stretched canvas painted with palette knife

(I'm glad he likes my impressionist style!)

Here's the post with the pastel sketches...

Rich Williams 09-27-2002 10:34 PM

Carly I know that they will be thrilled with it as I am sure you are. It is a great painting.


olika 09-28-2002 06:41 PM

Very beautiful piece with lots of light and colour :D

TeAnne 09-28-2002 07:12 PM

ahhhhhhhhh This is so beautiful :clap: :clap:

CarlyHardy 09-28-2002 08:15 PM

Thanks everyone,
the color here is a bit washed out...I must have had glare that I didn't notice on the painting...

but, the new owner has seen a jpg of the painting and is very happy! I'll get my check next week...and told him that I wanted to ship after it dries for another week before shipping! So both the pastel sketch and painting are sold!!!!

Happy me :)

and even happier me (no more commissions!) :D

MarshaSavage 09-29-2002 06:04 AM

Carly, - this is wonderful!

I know your client will be very happy - and to have sold him the pastel and the oil -- GREAT!

Thanks for showing us your progress - it helps.

Marsha Hamby Savage Art

chookbrown 09-29-2002 10:34 AM

Carly, this is so beautiful...you have a way with color and the soft feel of it all really goes with a "little girl" painting!!!

Just lovely,

Colleen:D :D

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