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djstar 05-14-2001 11:16 PM

Maybe I am done...
This is only a digi pic of it but I think I better stop now.
In trying to give it a little more depth, I am freaking that it will lose the freshness.
Sorry to post twice, but I thought I would link the other and you can compare. I personally have been playing flip book with them and really think if I do any more it will be messed up.
<IMG SRC="http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/14-May-2001/powwow2.jpg" border=0>

My first post

I will show the scan in this post when I pull it off the board.
Right now I think it is stopping time.

leesmith 05-14-2001 11:42 PM

Hi DJ,

I went back to your first post. I thoroughly enjoy your postings! This is far more interesting than face on; the vagueness (sic?) of the background adds to the piece, almost sketchy and the expression on the woman's face is very real.

Lulu 05-15-2001 01:07 AM

dj, no advice from me - just dropping in to say that I really really LOVE your work!
Such energy in it!

David Acres 05-15-2001 05:12 AM

Yes it is marvelous & finished IMHO!

Dave Acres...
Merely a student of life!:)

'The artist is no more than a receptacle for sensations, a brain, a recording apparatus. But if it interferes, if it dares, feeble apparatus that it is, to deliberately intervene in what it should be translating, its own pettiness gets into the picture. The work becomes inferior.... Paul Cezanne...

wendee 05-15-2001 05:44 AM

well i loved the first one you posted and i love this one...yes finished i reckon...its so lovely


Deb 05-15-2001 08:04 AM

I've also been flipping them back and forth to see what you have done. You've increased the value and added some detail but not too much. I like your "finished" version. I'm such an admirer of your work. You have inspired me to put more effort into my own. Thanks for posting.

arourapope 05-15-2001 11:19 AM

I agree, I would call it finished. Really like the freshness of this piece. The expression on the woman's face is great. I almost feel like I know her, and I am about to walk up and join in with the conversation. Beautifully captured moment.


Phyllis Rennie 05-15-2001 09:23 PM

It's a delight!!!

journey342 05-16-2001 01:43 AM

I sat and played "flip book" with the before/after pics too. At first, I thought you added too much infront of the guy on the left (our left) but after flipping, I think it is just right. I see you gave in to your urge to finish his chair! I think that was a great call. I think having all three figures detailed the same...finished to the same completion, was the right way to go... the activity around them is what is "blurred and impressionistic" keeping them crisp is like they are the "eye of the storm". GREAT JOB!

Now sign it!


It is good to have an end to journey towards but in the end, all that matters is the Journey.

djstar 05-18-2001 02:04 AM

Signed it.
Scanned it so it is more like the real thing.

Now I am ready to decide on number 3...
<IMG SRC="http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/18-May-2001/PowWowTrio.jpg" border=0>


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