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Charlie's Mum 06-01-2008 07:51 AM

Plant Parade Projects: Index Links
September 07: In Art Nouveau style Charlie's Mum

October 07: In Van gogh style. Charlie's Mum

November 07: In Chinese style. Charlie's Mum

December 07: In Georgia O'Keeffe style. Charlie's mum


January 08: Create a bouquet in a vase - combining refs. Charlie's Mum

February 08: Working from life. Charlie's Mum

March 08: Difficult or different medium. Charlie's Mum

April 08: Working with white flowers. Charlie's Mum

May 08: Combining Blossom and fruit from that blossom - cherries Charlie's mum

June 08: Handling greens. Charlie's Mum

July 08 The Garden Border. Charlie's Mum

September 08: Seedheads and Berries Angwhar

October '08 - Yellow Flowers. Ranunkel

November 08 - Mug designing Ranunkel

December '08 - Christmas/ Holiday/Seasonal cards. Charlie's mum


January 09: Painting from Giverny - like Monet. ElleZee

February '09 - Looking at Rousseau's take on florals! Charlie's Mum

March 09: In the style of Raoul Dufy. Marionh

April 09: Red flowers. Charlie's Mum

May 09 : Birds and Blooms KreativeK

June '09: Roses from macDragon's Summer Flowers thread Charlie's Mum

July - Green Orchids Dewi

August - Cluster flowers Charlie's Mum

September - September Stripes! KreativeK

October - Autumn Hedgerows Charlie's Mum

November - Blue! Marionh

December - Adeniums Dewi


January - White flowers KreativeK

February - Fauvism and Scottish colourists Marionh

March - Caladiums Dewi

April - Daffodil Quilt Charlie's Mum

May - Poppies Sharrm

June - Blooms and twigs Agnesdale

July - Sunflowers KreativeK

August - Blue Flower FoggyMountain

Sept. - Frangipani/Plumeria Dewi

Oct. - Australian Flowers Meggs

Nov. - Anthurium Noodle1

Dec. - Celebrating Our Birthdays justjean


Jan. - Cactus Sharrm

Feb. - Lilies Agnesdale

March - Australian Flowers I k a n

April - Flowers/Plants in containers KreativeK

M a y Magnolia Lady Carol

June - Red in the summer garden Marionh

July - Bromeliads Dewi

August - The Iris justjean

September - Flower Fairies artastic

October - Mountain wild flowers, Noodle1

November - Petals in the Shadows. Sally M.

December - December Flower Amaryllies Antiqueteacher.

Dewi 01-24-2012 03:32 AM

Re: Plant Parade Projects: Index Links

January - Orchids aolaranora

February Magnolias in Georgia O'Keeffe style Charlie's Mum.

March - Cannas Charlie's Mum.

April - Garden Gates KreativeK.

May - Bird of Paradise In Art Nouveau Style antiqueteacher

June - go CUBIST marionh

July - Lotus and Waterlilies Dewi

August - Roses with Big Brush agnesdale

September - Thistles Justjean

October - Potted Colour meggs

November - Patterns in Flowers Margaretta

December - Poinsettias KreativeK


January - Rose Buds Justjean

February - Lilies aolaranora

March - Yellow, Gold and Orange flowers ...Viviene Maloney

April - Pansy ......Sharrm

May - Parrot Tulips ........Antiqueteacher

June - Rhododendron ........Marionh

July - Wildflowery Weeds ........KreativeK

August - Apple Blossom and or Buds on a branch ..........justjean

September - Trees and Water ........Lea51

October - Pumpkin flower n vine Noodle1

November - Chrysanthemum Charlie's Mum

December - Christmas Time Team Work


January - Snowdrops aolaranora

February - Hibiscus Justjean

M a r c h - Auricula Charlie's Mum

A p r i l - Anemones Sharrm

M a y - Hat Decorated with flowers Antiqueteacher

J u n e - P e o n i e s Marionh

J u l y - The I r i s Vivien Maloney

August - D a i s i e s JustJean

September - White Flowers D e w i

October - Flower from Garden Joanne N.

November A touch of Rainbow bluemoonstar

December Holiday Time Charlie's Mum

Dewi 12-31-2014 11:02 PM

Re: Plant Parade Projects: Index Links

January - Mixed Flower Arrangements D e w i

February - Tropical Flowers Lea51

March - Magnolia justjean.

April - The Dahlia. Viviene Maloney

May - Symphony of Colours Antiqueteacher

June - Hodge Podge Valri Ary

July Summer Time/Gladiolas Sharrm

August - Foxgloves Charlie's Mum

September - Marshes KreativeK

October - Trees Lady Carol

November - The Lily Vivien Maloney

December - Mushroom - Lichen - Fungi and Moss Charlie's Mum


January - New Adenium D e w i

February - Carnivorous Plant - justjean

March - African Violets - EyePaint

April - F e r n s - Charlie's Mum

M a y - Sassiness Tulips Antiqueteacher

J u n e - The Garden Path Lea51

July - "Blue Flowers" Vivien Maloney

August - Palm Trees Margaretta

Sept. Morning Glory KreativeK

Oct. B a r k Plum21

Nov. Rhododendrons - Azalea Vivien Maloney

Dec. B e r r i e s Margarietta


Jan. Cyclements Charlie's Mum



April Bouquets KreativeK

May Flowers indigenous to Southern Africa tuscanny

June Irises Charlie's Mum- Vivien Maloney (team)

July Flowers from Switzerland Plum21

August Foxgloves Margaretta

September September Succulents KreativeK

October Plants in pots Vivien Maloney

November Chrysanthemums/mums ArtsyMom

December Holiday colours Pamelladalaire

Dewi 06-22-2018 11:42 AM

Re: Plant Parade Projects: Index Links

January Light The Way To 2018
Tumbling T

February Flowers and Bugs tuscanny

March Purple Flower KreativeK

April Tree Blossom Charlie's Mum

May The Weather is the Reason for the Season Vivian Maloney

June R O S E S ArtsyMom

JULY Lily or Lilies Margaretta

August RED flower Vivien Maloney

September Wild flower provenceacuarelle

October Yellow tuscanny

November Chrysanthemums Charlie's Mum

Desember Seasonal challenge end of year Charlie's Mum


January Frangipani/Plumeria D e w i

February L e a v e s KreativeK

M a r c h Spiky Plants and Flowers Margaretta

A p r i l Think Pink Provence Aquarelle

M a y Violet/Lilac/Purple ArtsyMom

J u n e Coneflowers KreativeK

J u l y Fungi toowoomba sketcher

August Green Vivien Maloney

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