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Rtm58 05-16-2019 10:33 AM

paint and airbrush issues
I will try to make this brief. I think the root cause is me, and am willing to take advice to help.

Iwata HP-CS (gravity feed)
Iwata HP-BCS (siphon feed)
Iwata Neo CN (gravity feed)

Silent Air Compressor
Auto-Air colors and Wicked colors (water based)

All 3 brushes having the same problems. The common denominator is me, so I feel I am doing something wrong, but cannot figure it out. I dismantle the brushes after every use and clean them with a cleaning kit (Iwata).

Compressor is set at about 80 PSI

The paint will sometimes not come out at all, and then come out in a gush. I have to use the loosen-the-needle-and-move-it-back-and-forth method of clearing the gun. I also get the staccato effect,like it is partially clogged.

I admit I am not the greatest painter, but I do have a reasonable amount of control.

Is it possible the paints are too old? I have had most of them for several years, but always stored indoors. Mostly were the leftover giveaways from Airbrush Action Getaways.

SOME of the paints have chunks and some have gone completely solid. Those have been disposed of. Most, however appear to be normal, good paint. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong or what could be wrong with the equipment?

Thanks in advance.


fedetony 07-23-2019 04:35 PM

Re: paint and airbrush issues
Wicked colors are good paints but you've got to shake them well before use. By well I mean very good such that the paint has the same consistency. Furthermore, yo can not use them directly from the jar, you need always to use reducer (there is normal and enhanced reducer). Normally I use 4 drops of reducer per drop of paint, put the cap and shake very well. Also you ain't suppose to use a nozzle smaller than 0.2 with createx paint. I suppose one or two of your AB will get clgged easily. Every 2 or 3 spays I Clean the tip with a cotton butt with airbrush cleaner.

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