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1mbrews8 01-20-2020 10:44 PM

1st plein air ever
1st plein air one ever. Better than nothing I guess lol!

8x10 stretched canvas with oils, odorless terp and liquin

Emphasized the pond more since boring, brown and could barely see.

Took about 1hr or a bit less.

Super cold lol.

Very meh...

Think I def used too much green in background since couldnít really get the red/brown/gray right.

Maybe too loose and not enough detail

Yorky 01-21-2020 04:31 AM

Re: 1st plein air ever
I think you got the problem in hand. A little more detail, some sky holes in the foliage of the large tree etc. A good start.


tmwilliams 01-21-2020 05:39 AM

Re: 1st plein air ever
Looks good! I would agree with what Doug said. Still too cold here to get out - glad to see someone braving the elements.


RandyP 01-22-2020 09:46 AM

Re: 1st plein air ever
Kudos for getting out there. And I think it's a good effort, especially first time out! One tip I'll offer is to squint your eyes down so you see only the major shapes of the light and shadow and paint those. It'll help you to not get caught up in all the overwhelming secondary tones too soon.


DebbieGall 01-23-2020 02:28 PM

Re: 1st plein air ever
I just went out on my first time Plein air, mine was horrible. I tried to squeeze too much onto a 8x10 canvas panel, Iím having a hard time with perspective. When I got home and printed out the photo I could see what I did wrong. Iíve always wanted to go out to paint. I finally went out just to find out Iím no good at it. But I had a ball trying.

Trikist 01-23-2020 03:55 PM

Re: 1st plein air ever
I think it is a great start. There are some very good plein air painters here (RandyP). For the rest of us getting out can still be an education and a lot of fun. Gary

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