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lovestofish 03-16-2019 12:47 PM

question on litho press
I have a Charles Brand (30 by 50 bed) litho press. It is disassembled. Does anybody have any tips on how I can assemble it. I bought it at Walla Wall University and had 6 undergrads help me break it apart and load and unload off my truck years ago. Any ideas would be appreciated. It is tremendously heavy - even in pieces. I just bought a 3460 Takach etching press so I am excited to be able to do litho and etching in my garage - finally !! I just have to figure out a way to assemble the litho press.

Leather Roller 03-17-2019 12:39 AM

Re: question on litho press
I would contact CB with serial#. I googled their Litho presses, very heavy looking components indeed. I remember leveling the table bearings on all the presses when I was a tech, just part of the fun! You might need a block and tackle secured to your cieling joists to lift the main roller. L R

lovestofish 03-18-2019 09:26 PM

Re: question on litho press
I am pretty sure CB no longer exists. I will contact Perry Tymeson at Suitcase Press, Dean Clark at Graphic Chemical and Tom Conrad at Conrad Press - maybe there's a diagram/manual of sorts - yea, I will need some kind of hoist, lift or crane. Thank you.

Leather Roller 03-19-2019 02:50 AM

Re: question on litho press
Well I wish you luck, good to see another Litho printer, one of the greatest mediums ever!

lovestofish 03-19-2019 07:13 PM

Re: question on litho press
here's my website - has quite a bit of litho as well as relief and etching

I hope this link stuff works - if not it is felixvillarreal.com


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