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FauxFillingDreams 12-01-2006 02:19 AM

funky eiffel tower
This is in a little girls room...fun and funky, to match her bedding and wallpaper border. Not my normal style, but fun anyway...simple and inexpensive!

Becktoria 12-01-2006 08:55 AM

Re: funky eiffel tower
Cute Laurie. I like this type of style! How long did it take you?

Zuday 12-01-2006 09:31 AM

Re: funky eiffel tower
How fun!! What a different theme for a little girl's room. I like it.
blessings, Zuda Gay

Fauxgeddaboudit 12-01-2006 09:59 AM

Re: funky eiffel tower
One of my favorites! :cool:

Sue Ann

semper 12-01-2006 11:03 AM

Re: funky eiffel tower
Love it!!!

FauxFillingDreams 12-01-2006 11:13 AM

Re: funky eiffel tower
Thanks everyone!! It was just kinda of that "kids art" style like her bedding. Becky it only took about 15 minutes, hahah. We threw it in with some other things I was doing around the house. The little girl was thrilled and it was effortless.

The part that took so much longer than expected was a verse in the entryway..."As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"...all caps in a round foyer, on one of those step down coffered edges near the ceiling. I just dread stenciling letters! I have to clean up every edge on these textured walls...takes forever!

Wendi 12-01-2006 02:11 PM

Re: funky eiffel tower
Hi Laurie, guys:

I have a question...I've had several individuals ask me to do murals and faux
walls for them but then they ask me what will it cost. Most of the individuals that have inquired don't want to pay me for my time much less my material costs...so I've declined.

How do you guys handle this type of situation? Do you do your jobs for cost, flat rates per job, or per hour? Do you just have clients that want the work done so cost isn't really an issue for them?

I've had people ask me if I could do a full wall, detailed, in-depth mural for $50 dollars...can you believe that. I get the feeling from some individuals they want the work done but they don't want to pay for it.

Let me know what you think.

FauxFillingDreams 12-01-2006 07:19 PM

Re: funky eiffel tower
HI Wendy! $50 is ridiculous...that person obviously has no idea the kind of time that goes into something like that. Most of my clients that want a mural appreciate the fact that not everyone can paint murals, they are paying for a specialty. They want one because it is unique, different, and not everyone has one...so they know it is a "high end" choice for their home, and expect to pay for that. Whoever named a low price like that as an offer was pretty rude if you ask me....thats almost an insult.

There is a great thread about business hints and prices at the top of the forum where everyone posted how they price and it has some great info in it. For myself, I charge for my time. A lot of people go by the square foot, but as you can see by this simple mural, it is big, but only took 15 minutes...another mural could be half the size and take days, so I can't get myself to price that way. I can come pretty close estimating how much time I take and I know I want to walk away with between $450 and $600 a day...depending on how strenuous the work....ie, ceilings vs. standing height. I state it as a flat rate for the project though, I dont tell them its a day rate. (a day is about 6 hours work! Dont forget all the background work, bid appointments, research, sketches, loading, unloading, cleaning brushes, purchasing materials, paperwork, etc involved...if I try to paint more than 6 hours the work starts to suffer, and also I have no time left to do the other parts of running the business.) As a marketing technique...state your price confidently as if it is a fact, not something you are questioning. If you have trouble with that, dont do the bid on the spot, give yourself time to think it through a little..are the ceilings high? are there obstacles to work around? are there details that will take extra time? If you are unsure at all, tell them you will get right back to them with a bid, take everything into consideration, and when you go back to them, like I said, say it like its the set price. If you expect them to be shocked, your presentation will show that. You'll get more confident at that as time goes on and you see that there are people out there who expect to pay what you ask and more. Good luck!

Autumnwillow 12-01-2006 09:27 PM

Re: funky eiffel tower
Must be something in the Virginia air, Wendi! Though I can't say I've had anyone ask me to do a mural for $50 (Seriously, I think I'd just laugh), I can't say I'm brimming with work either. Lately I've been giving it away but only in exchange for something I want (barter) or press coverage. It's tough getting started.. Laurie's suggestions are spot on. I'm going to take her advice too!

Laurie, you are incredible. How did you do this? I mean, did you use a big brush and squiggle to get the thick and thins? It looks very graphic, like vinyl. Just awesome!


debsn2paintn 12-01-2006 09:50 PM

Re: funky eiffel tower
Laurie- I never have a problem with paint bleeding under my stencils, I use a little glaze with my paint, then in circular motions I unload most of the paint on a paper towel, then it goes to the wall. If you have to much paint on the stencil brush it will bleed.

When I do lettering I lay it out on the computer then trace it on the wall, that way spacing and everything is right on before I start. You may already know this, just in case you didn't I thought I would suggest it. :)

This is really cute! You did a great job, as usual!

Wendi 12-01-2006 11:37 PM

Re: funky eiffel tower
Hi guys,

First Laurie, thanks for the excellent and super advise. I understand completely what your saying. I really appreciate your support and guidance.
It was an interesting experience because this specific individual pursued me. I was shocked when she asked if I could do it for $50 dollars. I simply told her I was busy with school and couldn't commit to that type of a job right now...I was really nice about it and she got mad! I was like...wow!

Hey, Miss Michele, guess what! We are neighbors...girl I live in Culpeper. I have been here going on 7 years. Have you always lived in Front Royal? I am orginially from Va. Beach, my husband is from this area so that's how I landed in Culpeper. Gosh, it's a small world...I think Front Royal is a charming little town. Culpeper is growing, we have a Khol's and our Target is almost open.

Well, again thanks guys, you guys are totally awesome!:clap:


FauxFillingDreams 12-02-2006 12:54 AM

Re: funky eiffel tower
Michele..it was really so easy! The bedding had a similar picture on it, and if you can see that bit of wallborder it also had the same thing. The thickest area is probably close to an inch thick. I don't know the names of the brushes, but I used the flat ..a little smaller than a half inch wide...and I did both sides of each line separately. I dont have enough control to do it in one stroke except in the skinnier areas!

Deb, thanks! I struggled with the silly things...I think I use too much paint. Also, I shouldve traced it out first, cause I had to wipe off and start over a couple times from missing the mark. It turned out nice...but it took forever! Here is a pic. !
She wanted the letters black, her description was "potterybarn looking letters". My set has kind of a uneven edge, like an antiqued aged letter...not sure of the font but similar to papyrus. I have used them before with a lighter paint and I thought it looked nicer, but this went well with her bolder decor.

Wendi, that lady is crazy! Now I have no choice but to think shes just rude!! Where in the world she got that price in her mind. I did have one lady tell me "I can buy wallpaper for THAT much" when asking about a price for a disney princess theme. I thought "well go buy it then!!" but I just told her that an artist does the wallpaper, and then prints off a gazillion copies and sells it for a cheaper price, but making a lot of money over many sales. The original artwork does not go for that price, and artwork on the wall is one of a kind. Its also time consuming and time is money!

You should all move to AZ...there are too many people here all ready to have their homes painted! Im sure it will settle down sometime, but for now...there is enough work for all of us

Wendi 12-02-2006 12:09 PM

Re: funky eiffel tower
Hi Laurie,
I love the above work...those letters make that space. Her vision was right on target and your expertise and talent really makes this a masterpiece. You know, I've heard nothing but great things about Phoenix AZ. I would love the weather because I am from the beach, and I really love the warm climates. I've heard though that AZ is a nice hot because theres no humidity. When it gets hot in Virginia and the humidity is high... you go out and it feels like you just stepped out of the shower.

I had one person tell me...they could go to Lowes and learn to do fauxing themselves...:lol: So, I can certainly understand that comment concerning the wallpaper. I hate to generalize people...but up here in the Northern Virginia areas it's like this. We live out in a small town, too, Michele knows...and well I don't know if there's "truly" an appreciation for this type of work here. I wonder sometimes because the houses are so expensive that doing this type of decor is the last thing they can afford.

My husband and I did vinyl graphics on the side and when I was airbrushing I run into this attitude quite often. I had a difficult time getting individuals to pay me for what I was worth. The materials were so expensive and the jobs time consuming, not to mention the hazard to my health. I ended up giving it up because the chemicals were hurting my lungs even with all the precautions I took.

I was talking with this young girl at school, she's in her twenty's and she's an interior design student. She told me that I would never get any work doing murals or faux finishes unless I worked for a designer. Especially, the fauxing jobs. She told me that the interior designers do the fauxing jobs around here, they don't bother with hiring artists.:eek: Yeah, it's been an interesting experience to say the least. But you never give up...I just keep painting, Laurie. I know that it only takes one person...that one special individual that sees your work and understands you have talent, they commission you and all of a sudden the phone's ringing off the hook...

Like always...You guys Rock! :clap:


FauxFillingDreams 12-03-2006 10:26 AM

Re: funky eiffel tower
Exactly Wendi!! Good attitude. Here some designers also do faux, but most "fauxers" are independant and some, myself included, rarely work with designers at all.

As to the lady who can learn at Lowes...I had a client who took an expensive class, about $850. They taught her to do some really fantastic finishes...on a sample board. No practical experience or even advice on working with corners, edges, windows, working on ladders, etc, organization. When she attempted one of the gorgeous finishes with 4 or 5 colors from her samples, she realized there was no way she could do this entire huge space with such a time consumng technique, and the edges looked horrible, since they hadnt given her any advice on substitute tools for the small areas and edges. She had a knack for it, and took the classes...but even she needed the practice and time. I've also had clients watch me do one room and attempt another room, only to call and ask me to fix it. On the other hand, I have a couple clients that watched me and then did another room and did quite well! Good for them!!! I did murals for a client that did such wonderfaul faux finish I wanted to hire her, but she was terrified to get on the ladder. Some people have no time to learn it, or no desire, or have tried and just cant maintain that repeat pattern and stay consistent...or be careful with the edges, no matter how hard they try....but they still want it. Thats where we come in!!

debsn2paintn 12-03-2006 02:26 PM

Re: funky eiffel tower
That is all so true! I try to bring my supplies (premixed paints) in containers that don't have any info. It’s like when you get your hair colored, you (normally) never see the products that they use....it's their secret. Professional products are normally better than what the average person can buy. Though I have found which average products that I like, and don't. So, when they try with the average HD Behr glaze and it doesn't turn out they call, which is great for business. I have found that MOST people do not like to paint, that is also good!

BTW the lettering looks really good, you did a great job!

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