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eyepaint 12-02-2018 06:23 PM

Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
Welcome to the hunt!!

If you've participated in at least one Scavenger Hunt and have time to host one we would really appreciate it. You can sign up by posting your name on the current hosting schedule in the Art From Life forum here:

Here are the rules for the hunt:

*All items on the list must be sketched from life - not imagination or photo reference.

*Each object you draw can count for only one item on the list, no matter how many shapes/parts/colors that object contains. This was agreed on by unanimous vote among the participants.

*You may place multiple objects together in a drawing or painting, and may count these objects as separate items, but no single object can count for more than one item.

*All items posted must be numbered. Count them as you go. The first item you post will be #1 regardless of its place on the list. Do them in whatever order you wish, but count them in the order in which you sketch them, from 1 to 26.

Do as many or as few of the items as you like. You don't have to finish the entire list to participate. The Scavenger Hunt "week" will last for 9 days, with the next hunt starting on the 9th day.

Please tell us your size, surface, medium, and the amount of time it took you for each sketch. We love hearing about your subjects and setups. Photos of your subjects are welcome.

*** If you have some hunt sketches completed but little time to read/comment, please post your sketches anyways. Commenting is appreciated but not necessary.

This is a repost from a list I posted in 2013 (hunt #328)

Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11

egg separator (or beater, or other egg-related item)
fist (3 views if possible)
junction (corner of streets, of wires, etc)
back of camera
front of camera
frequently used appliance
rarely used appliance
something you need to get rid of
reminds you of a TV show (include a link to the show, say a wikipedia link)
snaps shut
slides shut
snaps open
slides open
curtains or blinds
toy for a pet or child
utility pole
smells wonderful

Have fun!!


Jo Castillo 12-03-2018 08:26 AM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
EP, thanks for the list. Looks fun!

jmfletch 12-03-2018 11:27 AM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
Thanks for list EP. Got my Christmas Card painting done to hoping to get back to drawing/sketching daily.


Eye 12-03-2018 08:38 PM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
EP: Thanks for this list.
Guys: Sorry that I have been away... just got in art slump due to a work & life & health burned out... but I hope I will get better soon...

Done with a quick Microsoft-Paint digi. using a mouse at my office desk this morning.

#1 light -- a paper clip
#2 heavy -- a file cabinet

eyepaint 12-03-2018 10:44 PM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
Jo and Joe - hello! Hope to see your sketches soon!

Here's my first, both in graphite, 5x8" across the two page spread.

1. back of camera
2. front of camera


Scattykat 12-04-2018 03:24 PM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
...thanks for the new list EP, and good job on your camera...
Ai, cool idea for light, and yep, those filers are pretty heavy. Hope you feel well soon...

I've got a bit confused(not difficult)with my numbering, for some reason I thought I'd done 3 already, but they were late ones for last week...duh! Just ignore my nutty numbering, I'll call this ...
1. 3 views of my fist, one in ink n watercolour wash, and the other two in graphite in A4 scan hunt sketchy...

:cat: :wave:

eyepaint 12-04-2018 08:38 PM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
Ai - I'm sorry I missed commenting on your digi art. Oh wouldn't it be great to have a pink file cabinet? :)

Scatty - thank you. Woo hoo three views of fists - way to go :)

eyepaint 12-04-2018 10:37 PM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
3. egg beater
4. corner/junction of decorative plant pot


jmfletch 12-05-2018 10:50 AM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
Ai - Know the feeling too well. Feel better and paint! Nice digi using mouse that is tough.

EP - camera is well done! I considered doing an egg beater but when I got it out and looked at all the loops I put it back :lol: Great job!

Scatty - Nice work and think you should get points for using different mediums.

1 - fist (hope to do 2 more views) graphite in sketchbook about 10 min using 5mm mechanical pencil while printing out my Christmas cards.

Keep sketching

Eye 12-05-2018 07:19 PM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
Thank you everyone for your kind comments:

Joe: Nice strong fist lines
Scatty: Cool 3 views of fist including the wisdom lines
EP: Agree with Joe, you did such marvelous job on the egg beater... nice camera and graceful planter box corners...

mothsailor 12-06-2018 08:32 AM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
I'm a bit late to this one, sorry! Here are three to get me started.

#1 Fist (I've only managed 2 so far!)

#2 Rooflines.

This is part of the roof line of my college in Oxford, quickly sketched while taking a break from interviewing prospective students.

mothsailor 12-06-2018 08:37 AM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
I'm very impressed by the fists that everyone is doing!

Scatty, the tones you have in yours are so subtle, and I love the coloured background, which gives so much character.

Joe, the lines are so bold and expressive.

EP, like Joe, I was daunted by the prospect of doing an egg beater -- you've inspired me to have a go!

Ai, such a creative use of the computer! I must have a go at doing that.

Jo Castillo 12-06-2018 09:29 AM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
Ai, I like the pink file cabinet, too. I'm smiling.

EP, I like your camera. I need to sketch mine in the coffee table book. Jennie gave the camera and the sketchbook to me and I use my phone exclusively now. Cool whisk and I like the pot for the plant.

Scatty, great fists. The first looks like it means business with the dark background.

Joe, lovely fist. Looks like a gentle artist hand.

Dave nice work in graphite. Thanks for the peek into Oxford. My glimpse is usually in watching Endeavor and the old Morse shows on PBS.

I sketched in the big book with a Micron 03 for the fists, Number 1

Went plein air painting with our group, if four makes a group. We went to Smithville the next little town toward Houston. "Hope Floats" was filmed there if you know that movie with Sandra Bullock. Number 2, rooflines (watercolor) and Number 3 utility pole (watercolor and Prismacolor 05)
The poles were down an alley, that wasn't even close t0 all the power lines crossing the alley. Wow.

Jo Castillo 12-06-2018 10:39 AM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
I forgot to post a small sketch in my travel sketchbook with Prismacolor 05

Number 4 smells delicious - counter at bakery

eyepaint 12-06-2018 02:46 PM

Re: Scavenger Hunt #567: Dec 3 - 11
Joe - thank you. Regarding the whisk "feel the fear and do it anyway" :) Yay fist!

Ai - thank you

Dave - Thank you. Great job on the details of that college roofline. Any suitable prospective students?

Jo - thank you. Yay three fists and colour for the store fronts all decked out for the holidays. Mmmm bakery smells :)

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