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Oldthumbs 06-10-2008 01:11 PM

Please do not post in old threads, unless . . .
When a member finds this forum, it appears that the temptation is great to look through the old posts and add our own $.02 worth, even if the thread is more than six months old, the answer has already been provided, and the subject has died a "natural death."


When you do, you knock all the current posts down the page, and for some people the current posts go off the first page entirely. This is unfair to the current posts and makes it hard to find the the newest posts.

If you feel compelled to post in an old thread (let's say older than three to six months), do this first - read the entire thread from the beginning. If the question posed by the original poster has already been answered, there is no need to answer it again. If you REALLY think that you have something new and important to add, then go ahead and do it. We would not want to miss out on any new information that might be helpful. Just use your best judgment on the true usefulness of your post.

Obviously this does not apply to ongoing threads, like the "How many people on a Mac here?" thread.

Thanks for your help with this. It will help this forum be more useful for those seeking answers to their computer and technical problems.

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