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mongraffito 05-15-2019 06:17 AM

Price and choking questions
Im new to airbrushing, coming from oil painting etc.
The way I work with it and what will hopefully allow me doing (painting resin cast statuettes) is lovely, I'll stick to it.
I bought a medium price compressor, works very well. It came with 3 different types of pistols.

Q1: why are some pistols so expensive? I see some for the price of my whole compressor-pistols set.

I bought some Molotov for airbrush and Aero Color bottles. But I also have other acrylic tubes and mixed my own colors, adding water. I experimentes a bit. The jet of color is not always uniform, though I keep the air pressure constant.
Q2:does the paint dry so fast on the needle? I notice the nozzle is easily covered with dry paint (air goes through it...). IS this "normal"?

Thanks in advance for the answers. I'll probably be back with other questions. I help mylearning process with reading and videos but human to human interraction (as opposed to tutorials tossed with altruism for everyone to watch) gives me more personal confidence :-)

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