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DocBoots 01-19-2014 12:40 PM

Re: Framing Scratchboard/Claybord

I had the same concerns so I use double-sided (sturdy) tape at home (I often shuffle things around and recycle my frames). However if sending to a show I would absolutely recommend glueing - I learned the hard way that the sturdiest tape is just temporary when one of my pieces fell off the mounting foam. I was lucky one of my WC friends was on hand to save the day, but if not that could have resulted in a piece being rejected or worse, someone buying it and having it fall off their wall! :(

~ Pam

logied 01-19-2014 01:25 PM

Re: Framing Scratchboard/Claybord
Here are the reasons I no longer use glass either for Claybord or paper based Scratch work.
1. I prefer it for cost, Weight and pain in the ass mounting, cutting matte and glass , etc, etc etc. Also glass should never be touching the Board surface so a matter or Frame space edge needs to be used. Do not forget reflection on flat Back surface. You look at the surface and you see yourself along with the subject. Non - Refective glass, dull, dull and dull!
2. My clients and gallery don,t like glass either.
3. As far as protection, I and the gallery make it clear as to how the board is covered and protective and that Sprays and Clear painted coatings can and do protect from static air condtions but do have limited protection by physical contact. They must buy and preserve under those conditions.
However, I have always let my clients know that from the day they buy an original of mine I will do my best to correct and make presentable any thing that can be repaired the best I can at no charge as long as I am available. They like that and I have repaired about a dozen pictures in my years doing Scratchboard. Keep those Micron Archival ink pens in good condition. They are a god send for many a repair and when you coughed while scratching.

As far as colored frames, A Black, Grey, White frame look great on B&W Scratchboard. Any color in the Pic, the door is open for color or type do to subject matter. Regards :) :)

JennyD 01-19-2014 02:06 PM

Re: Framing Scratchboard/Claybord
It is so nice to see the finished articles framed. They all look fabulous and I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I could not say which style I like best, but Lorna, the Zebras took my breath away, literally. Such a striking picture and finish.

logied 01-19-2014 02:08 PM

Re: Framing Scratchboard/Claybord
I also wanted to mention that I also do not frame paperbased Scratchboard.
I do this by buying a quality pressed wood board. I then paint the edges and one side in quality Latex black paint. I then mount the Scratchboard on the untreated side using a professional twosided heat adhesive sheet that makes it almost impossible to separate the two. Then, trim the Scratchboard to the base. Then, I smooth the surface between the Scratchboard and the substrate board with a mixture of Wood Glue and woodfiller, when dry I sand smooth and repaint the edge, I now do the Scratchboard. Once done I finish the front and the edges and back as I would the Claybord.
P.S. I also mount a 1/2 inch of pine wood edgeing to all but small Claybords They are then painted either Black, White or Grey depending on the picture.
You can hang from the edgeing and the gallery likes it so that a client can either decide to hang as is or pick their own frame. Also no framing cost, just the cost of pine edging and the cutting and mounting time it takes to do it, One of those projects I do when watching a game or movie on TV.

logied 01-19-2014 03:13 PM

Re: Framing Scratchboard/Claybord
Wow , there is very view places on the culture business level of who and what you are as an artist than this level of question. It is a question of who and where you are as an artist when dealing with the business end. Of course you would just love it that the art itself would be judged loved and bought and there are times that it can and do happen.
However the note from your Gallery puts things in place the way they are and lets you know they need to sell the work and your name is not on sale , YET! Hang in there, pun intended , do your best to present your work as best you can and afford. If a Gallery has a good pulse on their (and your clients) they should have some good inputs on your work to benefit both of you in presentation. The more well known you are as a stable of the Galleries artists the easier this communication becomes for everyone.

DocBoots 01-20-2014 12:16 PM

Re: Framing Scratchboard/Claybord
Logied, do you have any photos of your technique with the 1/2" edging? I'm just curious how you're doing that, it sounds interesting.

~ Pam

James S. Hoch 04-05-2019 07:49 PM

Re: Framing Scratchboard/Claybord

This is my first post to Wet Canvas. I have been spraying my scratchboard art with Krylon Archival UV Satin finish. This morning...disaster! As I sprayed a globy, stream of varnish came out and splattered two of my boards leaving trails of goop. (I was able to fix the pieces thanks to a post here.) I'm done with Krylon. This is my second bad can. Arrrgh! I spoke with a person at ACE Hardward and she said that people are always bringing back cans of Krylon. She further went on to say that Krylon is going through a big change, dropping some of their lines. Anyway, she recommended Rust-0leum Matte Finish Clear Protective Finish. I can tell you right off the bat that the way the can sprays is much, much better. The end result looks equally good after several coats.
I am now considering putting works under glass. The whole framing issue is overwhelming. Cost is a big factor. Thanks for all the helpful insights.

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