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Closing & Deleting Of Advertisements

When an advertisement is active it will stay there until it expires, purchased, held or de activated for any reason.

Inactive Advertisements
When an advertisement is de activated for any reason it is then put into the queue for deleting, the time factor for this is set by the administrator. At the end of this time period the advertisement is completley removed from the database including all relevant details such as FAQ's, biding history etc.

My Listings

Advertisement Status
This is located next to the icon. If the advertisement is current and active this in indicated by "Yes". If an advertisement is not active there is several reasons and are also indicated in this column:

  • Hold - This indicates that someone has put a hold on this item.
  • Sold - This item has been sold
  • Pay - Payment has not been received to advertise
  • No - Indicates that you have de-activated the advertisement
  • Closed - This advertisement has expired.
Click on any of the status links for full details of why the listing was de-activated.

This is located on the far right of the list

  • Edit - this lets you edit an advertisement.
  • Delete - You can delete an advertisement at any time, however if you need to delete an auction you are required to provide a reason, all bidders are advised by email.
  • Thank-you Result - Click this link if you need to preview the information a buyer will see once they return from the payment gateway.
  • Remove Hold - If an item is being held you can remove the hold with this link.
Click on any of the status links for full details of why the listing was de-activated.


All transaction details are kept permanently so you have always got a record of everything that you have bought or sold on this site. There are two transaction pages, "Items Purchased" and "Items Sold"

Underneath the cost of the item tells you how it was payed. In the event that an item was bought on Seller Terms, once you receive payment for the item you can update that information with the type of payment that was received. This is done not only for your own records but advises the buyer that payment has been confirmed as this appears in their transaction purchase records.

My Auction Bids

All bids that you make on this site are logged for your reference. This page shows you all the items that you have bided on and also denotes your current winning bids. This function serves as a quick guide so you can see at a glance where you have been out bided by another member. This history is deleted when the advertisement it self is deleted.

My Held Items

This list displays all the items that you have put on hold. You can remove the hold at any time however you must provide a reason for doing so.

Listings - New & Listings - Ending Soon

Listings - New
This option will display all advertisements in order of newest to oldest. Very handy so you can get in first if something is just advertised that you have been looking for

Listings - Ending Soon
Alternatively this will display all advertisements in order of their closing times. Just enough time for you to make that last minute purchase or placing the willing bid on an item.

Personal Bans

Personal bans gives you control over who can participate in your advertisements. If you have had problems with a particular member for any reason, you can stop them from causing further trouble. You are asked to enter a reason for the ban and this reason is displayed to the member the next time he tries to look at one of your listings.

Full Ban
This option is set by the administrator. If the same member is personally banned by a set amount of sellers, then that member will automatically receive a full ban and will not have access to any part of the system.


Credits are used to pay for advertisements where the administrator required a fee. Currently there are 2 options available for purchasing credits.

  • PayPal Instant Payment Gateway
  • Administrator Terms

PayPal Instant Payment Gateway
If you select to use PayPal to pay for your credits, you will be taken to the PayPal site. Log in and follow all instructions carefully, once payment has been made you will then be redirected back to this site. If the payment was successful you will then receive your credits. If you used a credit card or e-check, payment can not be verified at this time, the administrator will add your credits when the payment is cleared.

Administrator Terms
Once the Administrator has received payment via their terms as outlined, then the amount of credits purchased will be added to your account.


The Map
The map will also assist you in getting around. By displaying this page will provide you with a list of all main and sub - categories that are available to you in a tree format. If you hover the mouse over the sub - category title you can then see the description of the sub - category licking on it will take you to the list of advertisements available in that section.


The Rules
These rules are set by the administrator and must be followed at all times. Breach of these rules could result in a ban.

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