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04-07-2003, 02:48 AM
Good Morning all, now the week-end is over great sunshine returns, grey and overcast yesterday although we had a promising start , here is a photo I took yesterday ,showing the Isles of Avalon, believed to be the ancient Camalot, King Auther is suposed to be buried at Glastonbury.


Sometime ago, somewhere on WC, someone had asked for ref pics of victorian seaside shelters I went to Weymouth yesterday and took some, (some good grammer in that sentence) I will upload them to my library tonight..

Im off to work after I take the car for its service, I expect I will be considerably poorer when I get back tonight!!!

have a good day all:D

04-07-2003, 04:07 AM
Good morning!
It's another cold, rainy, windy, dreary day here. I knew the nice weather of March was too good to last. I have to do laundry. But, I may drag out my paints here in a little while. My mom emailed me and she has a gift certificate for an art store near her , and she says she doesn't need anything, so she wanted to know what I want for my birthday. Boy, did I send her a list!!! I don't think she can get me a studio though! Anyway, can't wait to see what she sends me.
It's spring break here so the kids are home all week. Nothing planned.
Have a good day, everyone!

04-07-2003, 05:03 AM
Oh Boy.......... crawl out of bed, switch on WC!... spend 1/2 hr viewing............ animals screaming to be fed, teeth need cleaning. will return later :D:D:D

04-07-2003, 05:59 AM
Morning all!

Another lovely day. My back is 80% better - still the odd twinge down my leg when I turn my body.

Wonderful view of Avalon, Andy - a lovely topic for someone with an artistic bent :D

Still no painting done! Mounting my old paintings while I am inspired to start painting again. Going to the art class this afternoon - enforced painting. Perhaps that will do the trick.



04-07-2003, 07:11 AM
Good morning All... I think I've already mentioned that I hate Daylight Savings Time... I am dragging my behind around this morning in a daze... The wind is blowing fiercely from the East and it's still below freezing.

Andy, that photo "conjurs" up all kinds of images. I loved the movie "Mists of Avalon".

Kari, aren't new supplies just wonderful? The anticipation is almost as exciting as actually getting them!

Jaytee - Eeeuuuh... And I thought I was addicted...

Doug - just don't overdo that back...

I started a painting of a birdbath in my back yard. Everything was going great until I got to the foliage of the rose shrubs. I mucked it up so badly that I had to stop... Very discouraging... I'm going to start this one over from the beginning...

Have a great day all!!!

04-07-2003, 08:10 AM
Good morning everyone!

It's supposed to be gray and cold here today. Spring just started and I already can't wait for summer! ;)

I have tons of things to do today, but my husband has class tonight, so maybe I'll get to do some painting then! I spent the weekend recovering from my cold, then we finally finished installing all the flooring in the master bedroom! YAY!! One down, 4 more rooms to go...

Andy - great picture!! It's so eerie looking...

Kari - YAY for you! :) I LOVE getting new art supplies!

jaytee - too funny! Sounds like me, actually!

Doug - 80% is great! I hope it keeps getting better. Backaches are the worse! Feel better...

CharM - How discouraging!! :( I think it happens to all of us, though. Hang in there, I'm sure the final piece will be outstanding! :)


04-07-2003, 08:22 AM
Good day, washees!

I'm starting a new painting today--a subject I haven't tried yet--underwater scene w/fish!

Andy, thanks for posting the pic!

Kari, know you'll enjoy your supplies:D

Jaytee, hope you got the animals fed--and your teeth brushed LOL

Doug, watch that twisting and take care.

CharM, well, just un-muck that birdbath;)

Lynn, good luck w/painting and floor!

Happy painting!


Little Old Lady
04-07-2003, 08:51 AM
Good day! Cold, cloudy and dreary here today. Still waiting for any sign of spring.
Glad you are feeling better Doug. Hope you get back to painting.
I have Alzheimer's support group this afternoon.
The rest of you have and enjoyable productive day!

04-07-2003, 09:16 AM

Just had a very depressing start to the day - second (and final) shopping trip to find black clothes for tomorrow. Zero sucess, so I have to make do with what I have - too-small jacket (will leave unbuttoned), reasonable skirt and lilac blouse. Do at least have good shoes, and the recent dry weather will mean we're not standing in mud at the graveside.

Eating my lunch now - back later :)


04-07-2003, 09:56 AM
good day all. i am at work looking out my window at the snow falling; and yesterday i was mowing the lawn. also yesterday i did the most important watercolor lesson. i mixed colors to learn what i could. and i learned lots. being new to watercolors this was invaluable.


04-07-2003, 10:06 AM
Morning, all

dreary here

Dave, I remember those Springs in NJ!...snow and then mowing and then sun

Ours will be like that also....but not for another month

Hubby home from his trip so we get back to normal this week (as IF we are NORMAL):rolleyes:

I want to PAINT this week...I am psyched about a "derpression series" but Fookie and I have all the same photos...so we'll see what happens....

((Ruth))..it doesn't matter what you wear....just bein there is what counts

Have a good day

Be creative


04-07-2003, 10:14 AM
Good Morning, everyone!!!...soggy cool day here in Central Texas.

Andy...love the picture of Avalon....Can't wait to see what else you have .....I must have lived around there in a previous life:D I want so badly to see it all in person!

Doug, glad to hear your back is better. Listen to your old Texas cousin here: start swimming somewhere to build up the muscles in your back....find someone who can advise you on stretches and excercises to strengthen them.....Don't mean to preach, I just don't want anyone else to go thru what I have been thru...

Ruth, hope the rest of your day will be easier to get through...I'm sure you'll look perfect. It doesn't always have to be black...

Lyn, I love underwater with fish pics, I'll be sure to watch for a post..

Hate to say it, but I'm very glad I'm not looking outside at snow!!!Our pecan trees are starting to bud, and the bluebonnets are off to a very good beginning.

Kari...lucky you....new supplies, and a gift at that!!! (texas twang) It don't git much bettern at!!!

Daylight savings......a very dirty obscene word to me. I probably won't change the clock in my car till mid-summer!!! Drives my husband nuts, but it's my own little protest against whatever idiot decided to foist this upon an unsuspecting public for whatever foul reasonk...ok, I'll shut up & go back to my corner.


04-07-2003, 10:21 AM
Hi all,
I am home earlier than usual today, so it looks like I might manage a painting evening :) Very nice thought. I painted Em's marbles yesterday twice--the first one went straight to the bin, the second one is well on the way...So, I know how you feel CharM

Doug--watch out with that back and don't overdo it!

(((Ruth))) As Pam says--don't worry about the clothes--you'll be fine.

Pam--looking forward to your "Depression Series"--it sounds really interesting. I have had this desire to start scences with people (not portraits), but my photos are not really good for that: lots of photos of kids and a few adults (usually sitting at a table and eating...wonder what that means???)--senitmental, but not really inspiring as material for paintings. Might need to start using references that are not my own photos...

Well--have a great day all


04-07-2003, 10:30 AM

we have 18.5 hours of daylight between June-August..it's wonderful...you can actually play 18 holes of golf AFTER work.....light till 11PM

*course that means as much dark in the winter...but we won;t talk about that*

Lady Carol
04-07-2003, 10:41 AM
Hello all.

Andy love that photo. Sorry you will be poorer by the end of the day but cars....eh! A necessary evil.

Snow today ughhhhh! I though it was over. Yesterday was warm and sunny. I rode my horse outside for the first time this year, and now today back indoors. Oh well.

I also love daylight savings not that we get as much light as Pam but at least it is light when I get home.

Lady Carol
04-07-2003, 10:42 AM
Darn it kicked me off before I had finished:(
Any way was saying have a great day all.

04-07-2003, 10:55 AM
Hi everyone

Just read all the posts but don't have time to respond to all.

I'm on a mission this week. Got losts of employment things going. Also I have decided to change my bedroom. I'm looking at paint colors today. I am clearing out my closet & turning it into a place with a table & shelves for all my activities.

Will be using an armoire type thing for my closet.

Taking Tilly in for a nail clipping at 1:00 today.

Talk to everyone soon.

Anita J.

04-07-2003, 10:56 AM
Good afternoon! Well, the weekend clouds have cleared and glorious sunny weather is back (hopefully to stay). Advantage of global warming is the nice spring temperatures. And I'm in a sunny mood - not long until I'm off to the Alps! I am very excited, made a little travelling painting ket from a tiny little palette I got with a magazine. Was surprised to find that the clingfilm kept it moist.

(((Ruth))), hope tomorrow goes OK. At the weekend I saw plenty of black clothes in town...maybe us Geordies like black better. Anyway, it's being there that counts, doesn't matter about the clothes.

04-07-2003, 11:22 AM
Sarah, black clothes yes, black clothes to fit ME no chance! :mad: I'll be OK, I'll keep the money I was going to spend on clothes and buy art stuff instead :D

Did buy lots of fruit and set it up with crystal bowl and glass, took lots of photos, will upload when I get a chance. Here's a sample:


I realised I know nothing about the best way to set up a still life, will research and learn before I try again!

04-07-2003, 11:23 AM
Happy Monday!!

wow so many to say hello to this morning.....so I'm just going to it collectively!!

except a (((((Ruth))))) because I know how you feel about the clothes. I never seem to fit anything I have when it comes time to go to a funeral and trying to find new ones is frustrating. Nothing ever fits well. I must be an odd size as well as an odd duck. :D

boy did I ever miss a lot of threads during the weekend. I didn't seem to be able to get on here to see them or comment. sorry if I missed yours.

had a wonderful day with my sisters and my Mom on Saturday. We met for breakfast and then went to the Muttart Conservatory. It was Mom's birthday and she kept saying how blessed she was :):):) truly one of those great days :)

yesterday was laundry and more laundry. Kept busy with Ellen doing a very difficult puzzle. fun!!

I have so much planned this week. yikes. I have a lot of preparation for my upcoming show and my Arizona trip. I have been making all kinds of "to do" lists just so I won't forget anything. :rolleyes:

Friday I picked up all my paintings, for my show, that had been at the framers, including some that were being done for my sister and my Dad. It is incredibly exciting to see 28 of your paintings framed all at one time and I hope you won't mind me posting some of the photos. It was an awesome day :)

My Dad liked my painting "Bow Lake" that I painted for the Mountains project that I gave it to him. He was thrilled with it. But guess what? I forgot to sign it:eek: The framer said he'd reframe it no problem. lol


and here are the 4 my sister is going to hang on her office walls.

thanks for indulging me !!

have a creative day!!


04-07-2003, 11:40 AM
Em, I know I've told you this before, but I just drool over your work. Thanks for sharing those pics. It's fantastic to get a sense of the size. Wow. :)

Okay, I just got up way too early to drag myself out of the house to renew registrations for both cars. I'm ashamed to admit that the one my husband drives has had expired tags for 9 months and the only reason we went is because he got a ticket.

In all fairness, he's been there 3 times to try and renew it and they wouldn't let him for various reasons. The last reason given was because it's my name on the registration. :rolleyes: Bureaucracy at it's finest. I had to go and waiting in line at the DMV when you have a toddler is my idea of a nightmare. So, both of us went early this morning. That way, one of us could watch our son. Now, I'm so tired.

Hey. I still have to do my taxes. What a great week. :rolleyes:

04-07-2003, 11:44 AM
How FUN!!!

Voyeurism R Us

You know, it is really neat to see works we watched being born here all dressed up for the prom!

You look good too;)

04-07-2003, 11:58 AM
Em, your pictures are "eye candy"!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

What is the date of your show? We can all send good vibes your way!!!

04-07-2003, 12:21 PM
Em - thank you so much for sharing these photos!! They're absolutely wonderful... and as Pam said, it's great to see them "finished", when we were there to experience them as they progressed! :clap: :clap: Great job!!!


04-07-2003, 12:53 PM
Hey Em - am I impressed? YOU BET!

What a wonderful collection of work. Good luck with the show. I would be reluctant to part with those beauties :D


04-07-2003, 01:39 PM
Em.....thanks for showing us your framed works....(wow, that sounds like one of those "bread and butter" notes my mom always made me write!!)......however, it is hugely sincere....I love your work! Hope you don't mind if I use some of your images to attempt something different but similar.....something similar but different?.....I have my new computer & scanner running now, so I'm about to try an image from the ref. library. don't know which one, yet, but I'm off to see what's there...

Emilie:D :D :D

04-07-2003, 01:50 PM
Em--These framed pictures look SPLENDID..and it's nice to see you looking so happy with them, too!


04-07-2003, 01:57 PM
Em, they look AWESOME all together like that! Really gives us an idea of the scale, too! I love all the dark frames - very striking.

lyn lynch
04-07-2003, 02:13 PM
Fabulous Wash today, such great photos.

I have such probs w/clothes so I just wear jeans and ostracizing be dam%ed. I always wear good toppers and especially good leather shoes, but that is because expensive leather tastes better. Oh, and a hat...A hat is vital.

Pamps, we may have same resources, but our work is entirely different. By the time I finish one, you will have 30 completed. Anyway, you found them first--they are yours. I hope you were facetious when you said this, if not, I'll throw mine out. I'm serious about this, girlfriend, you are more important to me than a photograph.

I am fascinated by the BBC video feeds of Saddam summer retreat; Astounding opulence.

04-07-2003, 03:06 PM
thanks all :):)

I'm glad you enjoyed the pics, I just had to share them with you because all of you have been instrumental in my development since joining WC.

Emilie - please do use my images :) show us please :)


04-07-2003, 03:48 PM
Em, you're a star! I obviously don't read your posts closely enough, never realised how big those beautiful paintings are!

I'm waiting for an email...asked the BBC's permission to paint a nice photo of Amina Lawal, a Nigerian woman who may be stoned to death for adultery next year. Have been signing more Amnesty petitions.

Happy painting all!

04-08-2003, 09:17 AM
yes I know its a new day but I just got to see all of Em's works in frames and it was so lovely I just had to comment.. Absolutely wonderful!! Good luck with the show em.. I know they will all be a big hit.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful day!!

Chooky :D:D:D

04-08-2003, 09:24 AM
thanks Sarah and Chook :)