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Richard Huante
03-19-2003, 08:45 PM
Hi everyone,

I just joined the site, and posted this image in the new users & portraiture sections. I was asked to show this in the pastels forum, so here it is. I look forward to meeting all you fellow pastelists!

"All Smiles"
16 x 20
Pastel on velour

Richard Huante
03-19-2003, 08:48 PM
Let's try again...

03-19-2003, 10:06 PM
Very, very nice indeed.I like the warmth of this portrait.
Welcome to the WC Pastel Forum! It's a great place to be, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.
Check out the Weekly Sketches and Pastel Riot threads while you're here- and maybe you'd like to participate.

03-19-2003, 10:18 PM
Very very nice, Richard! What life this has! I'm sure glad you're here! :)

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Richard Huante
03-19-2003, 10:36 PM
Sundiver & Bev,
Thank you both for the nice compliments. I'm glad I joined this site, and look forward to seeing your works as well.

I just started a pastel of a little Native American girl that I will enter in an upcoming show. When I'm finished I will post the image (should be in a few days).

Thanks for the greetings,

03-19-2003, 11:51 PM

WOW you made me SMILE ! How beautifully you captured the childs happy expression. Thank you for joining the Pastel Forum I look forward to seeing more of your work:clap: :clap:


03-20-2003, 12:10 AM
Hi Richard and Welcome
What a nice painting, and a cute expression and smile on the subject! Really nice! Alan:)

Mikki Petersen
03-20-2003, 12:36 AM
Richard, welcome to the WC Pastel Forum. Your portrait is charming and has great presence. Can't wait to see more of your work.

Richard Huante
03-20-2003, 12:50 AM
Roni, Alan & Mikki,

Thanks so much for the nice comments, and for making me feel welcome here. I'll post something new in a few days, when I'm finished with my current project. That is, provided the lazy bug doesn't bite (which has been occuring frequently lately :o ). But anyways...

Talk to you soon,

03-20-2003, 01:16 AM
Richard, welcome to the Forum!:) Don't know when (or if) I've seen a portrait so lively and so complete, achieved with such simple means. Do show us more. I'm in awe.

03-20-2003, 03:08 AM
Glad you found your way over here ;) .... love the sunshine and happy face....... and I for one Can Not Wait for your next one.... so hurry up please :) ....... I think we will get you out of your lazy bug mode

03-20-2003, 04:27 AM
hello Richard ~ glad you responded to the call to 'join us, jooooooiiin uuuuuusss ' :D

03-20-2003, 09:43 AM
What a vibrant portrait, nice work and look forward to seeing the native american girl!

03-20-2003, 03:30 PM
WELCOME Aboard!! :D
First off I know Im going to love your work..you have a great style and you use RED!!! :D:D:D hehe I love the movement you created and the angled strokes keeps the viewers eyes moving perfectly thru!
As for the Lazy bug......lol just feed it some Cafe Latte!! A couple of cups and that ol bug will be bouncin off the walls! ;)
(note: no bugs were harmed during this posting:D ) lmao

03-20-2003, 03:53 PM
Welome 2 the WC - LOVELY lovely portrait you've got there!!:clap: :clap:

03-20-2003, 04:21 PM
Hi and welcome Richard..... That's a great portrait you painted such a happy sunny face...looking forward to MORE!!!


Richard Huante
03-20-2003, 09:22 PM
Thank you Agnes, Dark Shades, EJ, Doe, Redsy. BT, & Mo (hope I didn't leave anyone out). I really didn't think I'd get so many kind responses! I will have to try the critiques forum soon, also.

Well, gotta go paint now. Thanks everyone, for welcoming me to your community.