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11-21-2011, 03:51 PM
Hello, everybody!... I'm not posting very often this year, because most of my projects are taking long time to finish.
This was my latest project, something totally new for me. I decided to try with so called "mische technique", what is combination of tempera/oil painting, when layers of paint go in specific order... I have never done it before this way, even I used tempera and oils together and some of my works.
The most complicated part was not too put too much of this of that medium, so two paints dish different characteristics will work with each other.
I had a very hard time on beginning, but it was only getting easier with every new paint application and when i was in the middle of this art work it became real fun.
For the first try of something totally new, I'm very pleased with end result, but I know that next time, it will be much easier - I learned from my own mistakes.
Mean while I want to share it with everyone... C&C are welcome.


Stage one: Ink on Claybord with small brush and some water.

Finished ink version. I not only did outlines, but put down most of my shadows.

First glaze of oil. Applied by hand.. and with way too much of medium, what made my next step very complicated.


I'm starting working with white tempera over oil. very little water, almost dry-brushing. I'm using Sennelier factory paint, but at places when I overdid it with oil medium, I have to use home-made paint with mode egg in it compare to factory paint. This lets me to work over mistakes of first oil application.


Finished first layer of tempera. My red is mu dark and tempera is for highlights on it... somewhat self-explanatory.


Yellow glaze of oil over first layer of tempera.

Back to more white highlights and some corrections to original painting... always some corrections.


Same stages again repeated with blue glaze of oil. Shadows by now should be represented by combination of 3 primary color and some-what createing illusion of optical grays.

First layer of local color in oil... mostly finished.

Local color is mostly finished. last corrections with tempera over color.


Final version... Need to take better photo, need to let it dry and go over it with oil medium to have all tempera covered evenly. Then - dry and varnish. I just hope next one will be somewhat easier... It should be.

11-21-2011, 04:41 PM
Tatiana - I am absolutely fascinated by the complexity and sheer artistic application, as well as appreciation, of this work of yours! I've looked at it several times trying to work out how you got from stage to stage...yet each stage looks as if it could have stood on it's own artistic merit! amazing! Thank you so much for including them all here! I would like to copy this to the Still life hall of Fame...so that others could learn from it and access it more easily...if you will allow it?:D

11-21-2011, 05:28 PM
Thank You, Deirdre!

I will be honored. I don't think I did that fantastic job for Hall of Fame, but new threads are fading away fast and if you would like to safe this one, perhaps it is a good way to do it. I loved the process. It took me full two month from beginning to the end... lot of drying time was involved. You had to let paint to dry before going for the next glaze/layer/whatever.. I mostly worked with factory paints and use Charvin fast-drying medium with cobalt dryer to speed it up somewhat. Without it it would take longer.

I'm glad you like it.

11-21-2011, 06:07 PM
Tatiana...As far as I'm concerned this is well deserving of a place in the Hall of Fame for the process overall but also for it's artistic progress! I looked at your website and it shows your versatility very well! So in it goes!:wink2: