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11-12-2011, 07:42 PM

This is my first post.

Yesterday I finished my latest painting titled "In A Stew." Acrylic and mixed media on 48"x48" plywood canvas made to look like a gallery wrapped cotton canvas. Soup cans with a chicken soup label attached to painting. Designed in Adobe's Photoshop. Original "Chicken Soup" painting is acrylic on 24"x30" gallery wrapped cotton canvas.

This is from my rooster and chicken series I am currently painting.

In spring 2012 I am part of a group show at The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho.

As a professional photographer my winter will be busy taking pictures and painting as much as possible.

I posted this in mixed media, where it probably belongs, but I consider it an acrylic painting too.

Thank you.

11-12-2011, 10:49 PM
Delightful piece with just enough tongue in cheek to make it worth a giggle and many more looks.

11-13-2011, 12:41 AM
Thank you.

I painted "Chicken Soup" first. Acrylic on 24"x30" gallery wrapped canvas.


11-14-2011, 04:01 AM
I love this painting! The canned chicken soup is very cute, I particularly like the colors. Very creative work, Kort!

11-14-2011, 10:23 AM
So very creative and colorful! Your lettering is amazing.

11-14-2011, 11:09 AM
Thank you for the compliments Wilfred and Linee! I have been having much fun painting my rooster and chicken series.

11-14-2011, 01:02 PM
How very creative! I wish you all the best in your upcoming show - thanks for sharing this with us. :thumbsup:

11-14-2011, 04:20 PM
Thank you Roy.

After I finished "Chicken Soup" I photographed it with my studio strobes and designed a label in Adobe Photoshop. After several test prints I found an HP thermal printer at Walmart. Very durable prints. They passed my finger grease, smudge, spit and water test.

I'd post a picture, but for some reason I cannot attach a file here. I've read several complaints about this on wetcanvas. Oh well, I feel lucky that I at least had success on my first upload attempt with this thread.

chammi kaiser
11-15-2011, 08:30 AM
Great. Love the colours and the humour. Also think this is very very creative.

11-15-2011, 08:48 PM
Chammi, thank you. Here's another look at the painting from an angle.