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10-26-2011, 03:56 AM
I've been able to get a snap of this while at a friends since my screen is DOA. It's nearing completion so I'm not sure I should do it as a WIP. Most of the earlier shots have already been seen on Whats On Your Easel thread anyway though. Shot is still reading bluer than it is in real life.
Work still needed:
*tongue and nose which are just rough atm
* eyelids adjusted - eyes are too round visually
* final highlights on the blue merle shoulder
* some little purple and green tucked into the mid whites on the ruff
* rein in that ruff on the lower left... it just kind of crept out on me!
* add in a few little dark raspberry/plum highlights to the black and near the eyes (there is already actually a LOT of raspberry and purple in the blacks in real life :confused: Any tips to getting photographs that accurately show blacks right - the whites are not quite that dramatical on the lower ruff too, hm???)
* figure out what to do about the :evil:UGLY:evil: background... ultramarine + white seemed like a good idea till it definitely wasn't and it's been roundly ignored while I dither on what to do that will hopefully make the colours pop a bit (the white is making it kind of meh on the chroma... I think???) Squished on some cobalt thinking maybe it would be better but meh... not digging that either. And it's such a small place to work with too.

chammi kaiser
10-26-2011, 04:03 AM
Gosh Amanda, you really are a perfectionist. This is a beautiful painting of a beautiful dog and you are doing very well indeed. How big is this painting? I find that scanning seems to be better than my digital camera when it comes to 'true' colours. Not sure what you are looking for in the bg. but my inclination would be to make it darker and tuck it behind some of the ruff hairs so that they don't look 'cut out'. Looking forward to seeing how you finish this one.

10-26-2011, 05:09 AM
Oh gosh, completely forgot to state the size! :blush: It's 20x25cm or 8x10" for those not using metric so not terribly big.

I have tried the scanner but most of it read as black and weird looking. I assumed it was either the texture of the canvas or the sheen on the paint making things reflect weird as it does photos/documents fine?

Background... well, the original photo she was standing near a big Camilla near the kiddie pool. I cropped a bit tighter than the original shot shows, leaving even less background showing which I figured would draw attention away from the focus. ("What ARE those weird pinky-greeny-browny BLOBS?!?" :lol:)
So "sky"... sky is nice, only a sliver showing so it wouldn't be trying to cram a convincing background in a small space and not too hard right? (Ha, all the landscape folks just fell down laughing at me!) Tucked in the blue and white. Ick. Greyed the mix a bit. Bleh. Thought maybe I'd make it darker, tweaked towards the blue-violet. Meh. Poked and prodded with shadows for depth? Blerg. So I scrubbed it back and let it sit while occasionally muttering at it. :lol: Then I thought, it wasn't just the background but the background and the copper on her face causing each other to look visually wonky. The copper -was- off, not enough pop. So I trawled on the colour board and I think what I was seeing and not liking in the copper was because adding white nukes the chroma, particularly with the cad reds/yellows. Tweaked that for more 'pop' which did make it look, well, not GOOD but less awful. ;) Trawling around trying to figure this out it made me think maybe I need to put another colour there that works better off her copper and the colours in the grey or else using the temperatures to shift how the colours look with a warmer blue? Here is where my day-glow-green rookie "hasn't yet hit a dozen paintings" status shows itself through! Dogs I know. Everything else.................:eek:

10-26-2011, 05:12 AM
Oh, and ruff hairs were left unfinished because I need to hem them back in once I fix the *muttermutter* background. ^_^ No point painting them in proper and then trying to paint the background in/behind a zillion fine whispy hairs.

10-26-2011, 08:56 PM
Amanda THIS IS AMAZING:clap:
So realistic, great likeness and awesome colors in the fur!!

Background..what about medium mottled yellow/greens, maybe with palette knife or just small brush strokes.. to give hint of greenery in the background. lower right corner dark black/green with some strokes of mid tones to lighter yellow/greens. subdued enough not to take a way from the gorgeous fur.
like olive green colors.. not bright.

10-27-2011, 04:31 AM
Thanks Kathie! I've just got my new monitor so need to hook it up... I think I'll have a play with this in the photo editor to tuck in various colours and get some ideas maybe. I really don't want to do what I've done with another painting where I tried *mumblety* different things and ended up with so many layers on the background it ruined the painting. ~_~ I do like the idea with the palette knife and earthy greenybits - not quite the same idea but I've loved the idea since seeing some of your cow backgrounds using it. No palette knife though and a 1.5 hr trip to the proper art store that'd carry one! ~_~

10-27-2011, 10:08 AM
This is awesome, personally I wouldn't get too twisted with the background, something subtle is not a bad thing, the beauty you've painted of the dog is more then enough eye appeal, not difficult to image a setting perhaps no need to express one, just my thought tho. Excellently done!!!


10-28-2011, 01:42 PM
beautifully rendered.