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10-17-2011, 03:37 PM
Has anyone tried or had any experience with Canson Mi-Teintes Touch Board?

if you have, how does it respond to Pan Pastels?

thank you kindly for your input.......'blue.....

10-17-2011, 09:39 PM
OK, so I googled this new Canson Sanded board and paper. Only available at Blick and out of stock until 11.12. And ... expensive for an experiment. It looks a lot like AS Colorfix and it is so new that there are new customer reviews.

Blue - are you going to bat for WC to get us some samplers at rock bottom prices so we can try the surface and post reviews on the art store web catalog page, etc? Huh, are you Blue?

10-18-2011, 04:19 AM
On the Blick site it looks the same as Mi-Teintes TEX paper, the papers have the same weight. The TEX is much the same as colorfix maybe with a little more tooth.

10-18-2011, 05:52 PM
Lurking Blick Representative......

A bit of marketing advice......if you want to 'peddle' this product, it has to have some favorable reviews so that all the 'gang' here on WC can inundate you with buy orders.....

I know you have friends who you can slip a few 'sample' pieces to, so let's get on it so we know what we will be purchasing.....

we are here to help and advise.......this 'Touch' may be the best product since iphone, but right now, no one knows.......

your friend, 'blue....' :thumbsup:

10-18-2011, 05:59 PM
Blick Rep

take a look @ the threads on the Ludwig 'Mystery Box and the follow up with the MV promotion.....they generated unbelievable interest for a long period of time......

you need a similar program here, to generate interest in this new surface called 'Touch'........ it's entitled 'Marketing'!!!!!!

'blue....' :wave:

the drover's dog
10-18-2011, 09:51 PM
Oh well done Blue. That should do the trick......if anybody in high places ever reads it!

I wonder if they'll ship free sample OS?


10-18-2011, 10:24 PM
Hi Dale.......shipping should not be a problem.......we'll see what developes.........'blue.... :wave:

10-19-2011, 06:29 AM
Moderator....I think the problem is specific to this forum, even with a different browser, it wont let me post a reply with images tho am goint to try just once more. If it accepts this detail of a bigger pic, I will edit with the text:

http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/19-Oct-2011/1805-athabasca_falls_detail.jpg .


OK here is the rest of the text:

I have just written a review of the Canson Mi Teinte Touch for the Uk Artist magazine. It is an excellent product, very much like ART SPECTRUM card. perhaps slightly smoother. It will take several layers of pastel, comes in a wonderful variety of colours; pads, card 355gsm and BEST OF ALL you can buy BOARDS, 50x70, over 1200gsm weight so no buckling whatsoever if you want to do a watermedia underpainting .

Like the Art Spectrum card, it has a white margin I worked on the dark grey sheet. -the pic above is a detail of the bigger image, but I have had such trouble posting, I will leave it at that.
correct me if I am wrong, these are famous falls in Canada outside Banff, I think - would love to get the name right...Athabasca falls? Anyone? Worked fast and loose.

10-19-2011, 06:34 AM
Yay! You got your post in! This is beautiful. I've been trying to post your message over and over, wondering what the image looked like. Lovely!

And yes, that looks like Athabasca Falls, which Johannes photographed a lot and painted several times too. Very familiar from several lovely paintings. Yours stands with the best of them.

10-19-2011, 07:08 AM
Thanks Robert. This is just one SIDE of the image tho!!! Maybe I should crop it :)

10-19-2011, 08:20 AM
Thank you Jackie for the excellent information......I like what you have to say about the heavier card stock.......your painting is exquisite, as is all your work but I personally would love to see the entire painting, and I'm sure all your friends here on WC would.......

based on your :thumbsup: , I'm going to give 'Touch' a good workout......again, thank you for taking the time from your busy day to sincerely help us in every manner.....we really look forward to your input....

'blue.... :wave:

Blick Art Materials
10-20-2011, 06:44 PM
Hi Blue and others,
If you are not already aware, you can request samples from Blick on nearly any of the papers we stock. We do not just send them out to a select few, anyone can request them. Simply call us up, provide you name and mailing address and we will send you a sample. Please keep in mind though that we have hundreds of papers and we cannot send them all out at once, so please be selective on what you request.

As for the Canson Mi-Teintes Touch Sanded Papers, they are a very nice sanded surface to work on, plus you get the added bonus of the large color selection from the Mi-Teintes line. The surface on the Touch is a slightly finer grit than the Colourfix, which would be its closest comparison. It is considerably finer than the Wallis and the Sennelier. The paper, while still considered by Canson to be a paper, is thicker than all the other brands and honestly more like a cardstock. The paper version is even heavier than the Colourfix. As for the board, it is the same finish, but it has been applied to their artboard substrate. Therefore, you get the structure of a mounted, sanded surface without having to be concerned with archival compatibility or trying to attach a finished painting to a stiffer substrate- no mess, no fuss.

While I know that this was designed with the pastel artist in mind, and this question was posted in the pastel forum, I am looking forward to trying colored pencils on this surface because it isn't as harsh as the other options. I believe you will see that your pastels go further on this paper and you won't tear up your fingers or tools if you do a lot of blending. I can see Pan Pastels reacting well to this paper, better at least than the Wallis and Sennelier; however, I have not personally tried the Pan Pastels on this surface yet.

I hope that this answers some of your questions and piques your interest even more.


10-20-2011, 07:53 PM
Hi Blue and others,
If you are not already aware, you can request samples from Blick on nearly any of the papers we stock. We do not just send them out to a select few, anyone can request them. Simply call us up, provide you name and mailing address and we will send you a sample. Please keep in mind though that we have hundreds of papers and we cannot send them all out at once, so please be selective on what you request.

Is that paper sample possibility available for those outside the US, as well?

10-20-2011, 08:55 PM

Thank you for the information on the new 'Touch' paper......saw it first in your new Christmas catalog but it so new that's it's not in stock yet....

sounds like it should provide some very nice material to work on.....

do you think it would be possible for your company to maybe work out a limited time promotional deal on WC so that everyone can try a few sheets of this new material?....this would have to come from your distributor/manufacturer and would be similar to the Ludwig/MV limited deals we had on here a short time ago....both those vendors saw increased sales of their product.......it benefits all parties involved.....

you guys/gals do a fine job and we appreciate all your input on our behalf....


10-21-2011, 05:08 AM
Audra, that sounds beautiful. Thanks for mentioning colored pencils on it too. I want to try a good variety of mediums on it and the thought you gave me tonight was how great it would be to use Pans and pastel pencils and sticks of various softness together on a versatile surface.

Thanks for mentioning that you don't just send samples to a select few. I don't feel as much like I'm breaking the company's budget for mentioning your sample policies to every new painter I meet.

Have you tried water and alcohol washes on the paper and boards? LaCarte responds pretty badly to even the slightest sneeze, but if the paper's more like card it should stand up well to wet underpainting.

10-21-2011, 06:36 AM
Interestingly for those of you who like to work in a variety of mediums, the manufacturer says it is good for Acrylics. So would be good for gouache painters too. I am looking forward to trying both. If I dont like the finished result, it is good to know, certainly with gouache, that I can use pastels over the top!

(I personally dont like to put pastels over acrylics, since if worked fairly thickly, they are "plasticky" and I dont feel that the pastel will adhere well. Gouache is fine however, that is, effectively, watercolour with a chalky additive to make it opaque, so further applications of pastels work well with it.)

10-21-2011, 06:48 AM
Jackie......have you tried the new 'Acrylic Inks' for underpainting?....they provide an archival, non-fading background but are thin enough, not to fill the voids of the paper......just a suggestion ......I know you are always experimenting......'blue.... :wave:

Blick Art Materials
10-21-2011, 01:25 PM
Hello Everyone,
I will try my best to answer everyone's questions.

Mercy- Yes we do ship samples internationally. The only thing is that we have to keep it under 3 oz or in a standard type envelope. So as long as you do not request a lot of samples at once or paints/pencils/pens, we should be able to accommodate you. Since there is a time difference and calling could be difficult or a pain, you would probably be best to email us your request.

Blue - Unfortunately, the decision to offer a special deal is not up to me. I am in Product Information, which is a form of customer service that strictly deals with knowledge about the materials. To offer a special like that, we would need to work with Canson, our Category Buyers, and Marketing. While it may not happen for this particular product, it may happen in the future. I know that Mr. Buchsbaum and others in our executive offices lurk on Wet Canvas as well. They may see your suggestion and come up with something in the future.

Robert - It really is. Our department received a sample of what I believe to be the Twilight (it wasn't marked) but it is a gorgeous and inspiring color. We currently only have the boards on hand, not the paper version. However, I am personally waiting for some samples from Canson and hopefully it will include a few sheets of the paper version. If I get a chance in the next week or so, I will give it a try and post what my results were. I do know that their board version is the same, structurally, as their other products in the ArtBoard line. Therefor the core of it should hold up to moisture from watercolors, gouache, and other paints. That being said, I am not sure if the actual sanded surface will withstand a lot of working. For instance, I do not know if the water will start to hydrate and lift the coating. Again, I will try to get around to testing it for you, but if you get your samples before I do, I look forward to reading what you think or experience.

Jackie - I agree with your comment about not liking to put pastel over acrylic. I am afraid with this surface that if you did it in this order the tooth of the paper would be filled and the pastels wouldn't stick properly. However, I could see it being a possibility if you did it the other way around, acrylic on top of pastel. Gouache, watercolor, and the acrylic inks that Blue suggests should all work well with this surface and pastels in general.

Well I think that currently covers everything. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Have a good weekend.

10-21-2011, 10:07 PM
Thanks, Audra!

One trick that I like using on a dark or mid tone color is to take a little white gouache and underpaint just the very lightest accent areas in the painting. It's thin enough it usually won't kill the tooth, especially on a sanded surface. However, there's that one big exception to any water based underpainting - la Carte, which is popular anyway as long as artists don't sneeze. I tried it and have preferred the others since I never know if I'm going to sneeze or breathe too hard or my cat will sneeze or something.

10-22-2011, 04:48 AM
Acrylic inks, yes, tried those, they are fine for underpainting. Anything which doesn't fill the tooth is fine, actually. And although goache will fill the tooth, it doesn't matter so much because they are chalky and will grab subsequent layers of pastel.

Not sure about acrylics OVER pastels....why would one do this?

10-22-2011, 09:35 AM
I would think they'd have some trouble sticking, unless there was a very thin layer of pastel. Even then, acrylic paint needs to bond to its substrate. I can't think of many things I'd want to try putting over pastel, to be honest.

Deborah Secor
10-22-2011, 01:14 PM
Acrylic over pastel would simply swamp the pastel and be...well, acrylic! No sense in that.

I work quite a lot in gouache now and it marries beautifully with pastel. This new Canson surface may be something I'd use, since the slightly sandy surface may grab the gouache and leave enough tooth.

It's true, though, that pastels (particularly PanPastels) work beautifully over gouache, even if it's painted on watercolor paper. It has its own slight tooth. I've been meaning to try some vellum, gouache and Pans. Must see what that does...

10-22-2011, 03:14 PM

how about 300# rough WC paper......the gouache would sink in and then the pans would hit the surface bumps......allowing the underpainting to re-enforce the top layer of pans......

may prove interesting.....let me know how you do.....'blue..:wave:

10-23-2011, 01:02 AM
Deborah, that's going to be beautiful whether you use Rough or Cold Press. I think gouache would still leave the paper bumps on some cold press papers too, it would be more dramatic on Rough paper. Especially 300lb rough paper. Can't wait to see you try it!

10-23-2011, 05:07 PM
Hello Everyone,
I will try my best to answer everyone's questions.

Mercy- Yes we do ship samples internationally. The only thing is that we have to keep it under 3 oz or in a standard type envelope. So as long as you do not request a lot of samples at once or paints/pencils/pens, we should be able to accommodate you. Since there is a time difference and calling could be difficult or a pain, you would probably be best to email us your request.

Oooh, yippee! I'll be in touch for a sample of this paper as soon as I figure out if I want to ask for a specific color!

(I think that this is the perfect occasion for at least one :clap: or maybe three :clap::clap::clap:)

10-24-2011, 08:56 PM
Yay, Mercy!

I got my samples today. I think I'm a very happy cat. I'm going to be testing them and write them up on my art supply reviews blog, which links to the art lessons blog. I'll also post about them here as I do tests - this may take a few days though since I'm also in the middle of getting ready for my Thursday screening appointment and I should cut mats today, not start indulging myself in painting on a brand new sanded board or paper which is what my hands are itching to do.

Have you ever had sanded paper just start screaming for color, it's sitting there being a warm brown hue and whispering for oranges and peach and cool accents, or to have a good landscape exploding in greens and violets? That's what my brain is doing now. By touch the surface is sweet, I know I'm going to like it. The boards are light weight and sturdy, I think they may become one of my favorites depending on how they handle - they're light weight enough that I could take them out for plein air or street painting.

And Blick carries them... and Blick is also on Market Street... oh the temptations. lol

Back in the day, if I had a good day I sometimes went home by way of the art store. Especially if my good day used up a lot of my supplies.

Blick Art Materials
10-24-2011, 09:26 PM
Hi All,
I got around to doing the sample swatches on one of the boards we had on hand. It is either the Cream or the Sand (none of our boards were marked).
I just did simple swatches to see how many colors I could get layered up before saturating the surface. For the most part I was able to get atleast 8 heavier handed layers on before it started not to take. Here they are. Prismacolor and Lyra colored Pencils


Rembrandt and Schmincke Pastels

Watercolor (Sennelier)

Ink wash with Terry Ludwig

Gouache wash with Sennelier Pastels

Pan Pastel background with Sennelier Pastels

Acrylic (Winsor and Newton Artists) was with Sennelier

I know there was some questioning when I mentioned the acyrlic over the pastels, but you would not believe the questions I get asked on a daily basis. I have learned to cover all bases. Plus, I know mixed media artists layer some combinations that I personally would not recommend - for instance, doing a whole acrylic painting over a pastel painting. That being said I have seen people use acrylic paints for high lights and details. As you can see above I did do an acrylic wash and it still left plenty of texture to hold 8-10 layers of pastel.

Hope this helps to tempt all of you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Finally Mercy - We haven't received our "offical" samples yet, but we usually do not make you choose. We typically send a small sample (3" x 4") of every colored offered.


10-24-2011, 10:24 PM
Wow, this is beautiful! Oh Audra, that's a wonderful way to do samples. The little spinner cards are so handy when planning a big painting. If I need this particular gray instead of the other gray, those little cards are a perfect reference - that keeps me from needing to buy 16 sheets from the top in order to be able to choose colors for my project.

If the samples are loose, just hole punch them and put them onto a keychain or one of those binder rings, Mercy. That kind of reference is extremely handy in the studio.

I got one of those from you for Canson Mi-Tientes regular with all 60 of the colors a few years ago - it was so handy a reference. Of course the mad palette side of me is someday going to buy full sheets in all the colors anyway just to have it on hand in my studio without having to wait for it but until I do, that is so handy.

I also did little colored pencils tests and pastel pencil tests on the little samples of PastelMat when that first came in too. Even small samples will tell you the texture and what layers.

Thank you for doing these examples! That's great! I love the way you did the soggy watercolor test, layer after layer of wetness to make sure the surface didn't peel off the board. I suspected it was an acrylic binder when I handled mine today, similar to Colourfix.

It won't surprise me if it stands up to alcohol and odorless turps just as well. More surprising now if it doesn't. 8-10 layers is definitely enough for me most of the time, if I want to go into lots more I'll get out the Wallis or the Colourfix Supertooth primer or get Uart Coarse Grit. Also, you said those were heavy handed layers. Some of your samples with super soft pastels too, the kind that gum up the works on a paper that's not toothy.

You picked the right colored pencils too - the super soft ones that fill up the tooth faster when applied heavily. That's awesome. I can just imagine a good colored pencils painting on black with that, the black specks sparkling through all the colors.

Yep. This is going to be a staple for me. I know it. I'm going back to street art though, so papers will be flowing through a lot faster now and paying for themselves.

I can see how acrylic over pastel could work on this if the pastel layer did not cover the tooth entirely. The hills would adhere to the paint and hold the acrylic accent firmly over the pastel that collected between the grit. Could be structurally sound as long as it's not a heavy pastel pile.

You're giving me ideas for textures too - maybe taking a good archival board and gessoing it, then sanding smooth and painting different areas with different sanded and grit primers, wind up with essentially a white texture painting before starting in with the pastels and watch the textures change between different areas. Could be interesting. Might help to use stencils to apply the primers into the shapes.

Actually that answers my loony question of "pastel a full painting over regular acrylics complete with modeling paste and textures." Colourfix or Golden sanded primer in clear over the painting would work, with any iridescent or metallic accents added after the primer layer or done in gouache.

the drover's dog
10-24-2011, 10:59 PM
Robert, glad to find you have your samples. Have fun with them. Don't forget that some forms of alcohol will dissolve acrylics. I use methylated spirits to get acrylic paint off my clothes. Because I use acrylic paints while painting in my lap, or on a table, I am constantly smearing my work with my sleeves! No idea why I paint in my lap only with acrylics. Probably a hangover from the early days when I didn't own an easel.

If this is a similar surface to the Colourfix Suede, just thought I'd mention that I've used Suede for straight oils, acrylic and full watercolour paintings including using Neocolour II on it. Colours will bloom and bleed across the surface nicely with the water mediums.

Gouache as an underpainting on this type of surface works superbly. I did get a bit too cocky when I last tried to paint in a gouache highlight base and used the gouache straight from the tube with no dilution. Filled the tooth and I had to constantly apply fixative to that area to build up layers of pastel colour. Drove me crazy with the constant skid past the one area. Had no problems when I used it diluted. The sanded surface is very hard on brushes when doing a complete brush painting with oils, acrylics or watercolours. Quite a death knell for them, but this type of surface would be great for mixed mediia artists.


11-08-2011, 03:20 PM
Great looking product... Will be starting my first drawing this week. :clap:

11-08-2011, 03:25 PM
Great product, will be staring my first project this week... :clap:

11-08-2011, 04:57 PM

we would all appreciate your comments on this new surface as you use it.....thank you kindly......'blue......:thumbsup:

02-11-2012, 06:18 PM
I see this thread is a bit old. I recently came across the product. I didn't know it was out there. Perhaps it didn't perform very well and that is why? Curious what happened. Any news?

02-29-2012, 11:58 AM
I tried a sheet of the Touch last week, out at a favourite local, a fine sanded surface, similiar to colourfix or ersta, a good size, 20 x 28" approx, takes a few layers of pastel before it fills, I liked the background colours(grays) of the sheets I received
a full sheet with a little overwork back in the studio
I am working with my own surface(gesso/pumice) which turns out with a little more texture but I think this Touch will work fine for plein air work...need a new size of frame though