View Full Version : Review "hustle"

07-21-2011, 05:38 AM
This time, see "hustle" and also felt British drama was more excellent than US drama, the story is really wonderful. Unfortunately, only six season sets, but every episode are excellent, wonderful.
For a long time to shoot robbers in the movies or TV series, does not seem to be one of the people and the police are supporting these robber, this series is still the same.
I really admire this series of writers, each episode gives a different feeling, it is very classic.
I do not like to lie, not to learn any trick in the mean, but I watch this series when really learned a lot of things, of course, mainly the planning side of things, look them in the one month extremely well-planned events, to carefully consider every detail, this is terrible.
Good series, hope you can continue to shoot.
Today, information search, only that the actor playing Danny is 67 years of strangers, horrible, how can he performed himself so small! ?