View Full Version : Layers of the Island

05-29-2011, 08:27 PM
Trying something new. This island where we have our second home has many physical and botanical changes vertically. The volcanic peak rises above a lenticular cloud and the desert of rock and mountains around it are currently the setting for the film: 'Clash of the Titans.' The white horizontal is the famous 'sea of cloud' and above and below are the rocks, some forming 'roses' and there are pine forests. Below the terraced agriculture begins and and different rock formations, some as lunar landscapes, pines and flowers to the sea. This was fun....does it work as a painting?


05-30-2011, 07:48 AM
This works for me. Lovely work. I like that layering idea. Interesting and different .

05-30-2011, 08:06 AM
Works for me too.

chammi kaiser
05-30-2011, 11:21 AM
Me too. I think it is very creative and interesting. So much to see and enjoy.

05-31-2011, 09:25 AM
Thank you for all the kind comments. I have a lot of work to do in finding the best blues for skies and seas but in a painting like this you can cheat to simply balance 'blue areas' with the other colours.:)