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05-25-2011, 10:36 PM
I will try to enclose (attach?) a picture of what I'm hoping to begin work on. So far these are just cut outs of what will be drawn and painted on this 18" x 24" piece of canvas.. The horseshoes have been removed... we (the customer and I) didn't like them. They were a distraction from the actual horse to be painted on. MY biggest problem is WHAT KIND OF BACKGROUND DO I DO.? I have no idea where to start with any kind of background. Possibly a light beige or olive green.. a 'dusty' effect.. but HOW....It's always been a question of what type of background to use. But moreso with this, being so big. My first really big canvas painting.
If I am in the wrong section.. where should I be. If ANYONE can help me I'd be most grateful..No matter how often I visit this site, I am continually overwhelmed at the info here. Thus, I am often lost! Current situation !!
If you have ANY suggestions please feel free to contact me. Thanks a big bunch in advance!!
[email protected] that's my 'art' email!!!

Lady Carol
05-25-2011, 11:30 PM
Hello LouAnn, welcome to acrylics. I assume you will be painting this in acrylic? Are the horses going to be that size, or will you make them bigger? If I was doing this I would probably tackle this in vignettes with a flat background, probably something that is different from the horse. This is difficult. You could have the background cream, however, I usually leave the background to the last and get it to blend with the elements rather than paint it first and have it not quite the right colour. I have been known to change a background a few times to finally get the right colour. Basically there is no right or wrong way to paint, you just have to paint.

05-25-2011, 11:52 PM
Hi Lady Carol, thanks so much for replying to my plea. I, too, usually leave the background for last, but wasn't sure if that should be in this instance. So I tend to agree with you. But I don't quite understand the referral to vignettes.. How do you mean? (as I stated.. I need things 'spelled out' for me. Kinda dense sometimes!!) I looked up the meaning but how does it apply to this picture? As I said, the horseshoes have been removed. Do you mean make a background for each smaller picture and have that fade out and merge with the center horses background?? All of the horses (it's all one horse) will be a buckskin tan color. Thanks, again!!!! :)