View Full Version : afrer Jan Vermeer van Delft - Girl with a Red Hat

05-13-2011, 05:30 AM
Long, long ago I attempted copying this one in Rembrandt oil colours on canvased cardboard. The size is as original 18x24 but the ground is entirely different. I did the under-painting and left it to dry but then forgot all about it. Now I like it as it is (it looks somehow mysterious without face) so I think I might only do the missing lion. The flash made odd oil glittering (in nature it doesn't show this much).


05-17-2011, 06:43 AM
Hello Smoke,

this is a very convincing start. I totally understand why you like it as it is - I frequently fall in love with intermediate stages of a painting as well, and then I want to leave it and not go on. Big temptation, I think you should work through it and continue. You have some beautiful passages, but frakly most of the delicious details that would make it a Vermeer are still missing. The fluffy red strokes on the hat, the yellow lights on the blue velvet, the little sparkle on the pearl, the tiny blue light in her eye and the pink one in the corner of the mouth...