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03-30-2011, 09:18 AM
Hi Guys
im curious to see what peoples favourate tools are to use for scratchboard. Ive noticed people have mentioned fiberglass brushes before but what type? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Fibreglass-Electrical-Contact-Abrasive-Cleaning-Brush-/270467189983?pt=UK_ConsumerElectronics_SpecialistRadioEquipment_SM&hash=item3ef919ccdf is this the sort of thing that would work? Ive never actually seen a picture of the brushes people use.
So far ive found that using a sharp craft knife works, and ive used sandpaper before too but does anyone have any tricks of the trade they feel like sharing?
Ive been having problems so far in getting lines fine enough for the darker shaded areas.


03-30-2011, 09:26 AM
Hi Katy! :wave:
That is a fiber glass that you can use on scratchboard. It's good for large areas. I love the small fiber glass for fine detail:

Also, I have found that a #11 scalpel works great for fine lines. I had a similar problem but the scalpel has really helped me. You can buy a scalpel at any medical equipment site, even at amazon. You can buy them and they won't question you. :lol:

And there is the x-acto knife which I feel is the classic versatile tool for scratchboard. You can buy those anywhere.

I hope that has helped! I'm sure you'll get other great suggestions. :)

Harry Seymour
03-30-2011, 09:29 AM
Katy, I rely almost solely on a very fine straight pin. It does just about everything I need to do.

03-30-2011, 09:51 AM
Scratching tools are virtually unlimited. I use an eraser a lot, one that is in pencil form and a battery powered electric eraser. I make my own wire brushes out of a stiff wire and brass tubes. Sandpaper and Dremel bits, ball shaped ones mostly as they can scratch in any direction, sewing needles in a 7mm mech pencil. Try some things to see how they scratch. You might be surprised at what works for you.

03-30-2011, 10:20 AM
Katy ... the only thing I have to add is... I just buy the small fiberglass refills rather than pay their price for what is really just a lead holder.... buy the refill and pick up a holder for it at a office/ drafting supply place.... get to scratch'n. :)

03-30-2011, 10:33 AM
Katy, Harold (Garbonzo) is the TOOL MASTER. Try anything he suggests. Here is the thread when I asked the same question 4 years ago, and I know other threads have popped up along the way. I don't think we have a sticky for them, but (hint, hint) it would be a good idea (Patrick hint, hint) :)http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=404860

03-30-2011, 11:35 AM
These are some of my scratch tools. I do get a little carried away sometimes with tools but I'm always looking for different textures. Hope this helps.

03-30-2011, 07:39 PM
Those two fg brushes in Harold's kit are awesome. I can't find the one on the far left here though Rod sent me one a couple of years ago. I'm stuck to the skinny one now but it's really good. My experience with the one you showed, Katy, is it tends to shine rather than remove, unless I had some crappy refills.

Terri, I've added this one and Sandra's recent one to the sticky on tools, tricks and techniques, which is getting really really long :)

03-31-2011, 05:37 PM
:thumbsup: I saw that Primator and I swear on my old girl scout oath all those links were not there yesterday :o :o Maybe it's the lack of altitude here that has my head in the sand :eek:

03-31-2011, 08:55 PM
Scalpel and small fiberglass brush for me,,, I haven't ventured far from these tools, though I find a little tiny brush with ink very handy...and I would love to try airbrush!!! Alas I have too many bills to pay right now!

04-01-2011, 01:47 AM
Scalpel and small fiberglass tool are may favs. I also came up with one myself...the NBT...nail buffer thingy. Might be easier to show than describe, but basically it's the soft fine grit nail files with a semi rigid foam core. The two tools on the right in the pic. They can be cut to shape. so good for tight spots.


07-08-2012, 10:57 PM
This forum is great! I'll definitely add some of these to my collection (which currently consists of just an 11inch exacto).

09-07-2012, 10:38 PM
Harold What is the tool you have on the far left?

09-08-2012, 12:22 AM
I can't find the one on the far left here though Rod sent me one a couple of years ago.

Patrick I sourced those f/g brushes and my local spray paint shop stocks them for around $12. I bought a spare one so I'll send it over for you with my paintings as a gift for helping me out.:)

Katy, you might want to start experimenting with the tattoo needles to take out larger patches of black. They come in all shapes and sizes and there was a thread started here on them somewhere. I am really starting to like them a lot. Maybe we need to get another one going and talk about our experiences with them.