View Full Version : Quick & Easy Acrylics!

03-18-2011, 10:10 AM
Now playing on ArtistsNetwork.tv, (http://www.ArtistsNetwork.tv) Quick & Clever Acrylics with Michael Sanders (http://artistsnetwork.tv/p-274-quick-clever-acrylics-with-michael-sanders.aspx) shows you how in addition to being bold, versatile and creative, acrylics can also be fast and easy to use! Michael takes you step by step through four paintings to demonstrate how to use acrylic in a washy way like watercolor, or in a thick and blended way like oils. Learn tips for brush and palette knife, color mixing and more to create exciting acrylic paintings of your own!

In this preview from Quick & Clever Acrylics with Michael Sanders (http://artistsnetwork.tv/p-274-quick-clever-acrylics-with-michael-sanders.aspx), you'll learn to use acrylic as a washy underpainting, and then as an opaque, using a variety of brushwork for different effects. Visit ArtistsNetwork.TV (http://www.ArtistsNetwork.tv) for access to the full-length video!