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03-14-2011, 03:23 AM
Good morning all from sunny West Lancashire.

Looks like I am first here today.

Must get a haircut today - I look like Lennie the Lion :)

Have a good day everyone.


03-14-2011, 03:42 AM
Good Evening Lennie :lol:

Happy Pi day to all :wave:

Worky day this morning ... this afternoon lovely ... big fluffy clouds, sunshine and a cool south easterly breeze, a gentling of the light ... autumn is definitely upon us.

Bridget ... I'm with Kay. I hate lantana. It's an introduced species here too. As a small clipped flowering bush it may have some visual appeal but I don't like the scent. The ones we get here started like that and are class A weeds ... like small trees with interlocking branches which makes it really hard to get to the main trunk to cut and poison it. :evil: How did it grow so close to the house? :rolleyes: Weather this year has not been conducive to gardening but very very conducive to growth. OK we've been slack. :lol: Seeds? Spread by birds.

Eucalypts in California are weeds too. None of their predators/check and balances there. My they grow 'em big too!!

Gail, your travel photos are great! How's the climate shock going?

Hope the Sylvia infirmary is progressing well.

Ona .. hope you are doing OK.

Where's Lulu ? On hols?

Hap good to see you back ... from work :lol: . I don't think I want to retire if I have to work that hard. That's for you too Char.

Have promptly forgotten everything else so :wave: to all following and will probably/certainly BBL

03-14-2011, 03:58 AM
Morning all....

Multi-dream overload last night but managed over 7 hours sleep in bits, so a good start to the week A-!

Weather frosty and bright with little wind,looks nice so far.

Plans....few,into Thirsk to get a post-tube as have a print to despatch,wander around market the across to Lidl to have a look at those planters....

Back later


Strawberry Wine
03-14-2011, 07:13 AM
Good Day Washers !

-6 C here this morning ! WOW, I don't think I have been Post # 4 for Eons. :)

Geoff, :thumbsup: on the A-. Glad you are having a good run of acceptable sleep...May the pattern continue

Annie, Gail of the Fading Suntan is coping with the colder weather. Sitting on a warm sunny beach is becoming a distant memory.

Dan has just left to head down to Toronto. He will be over seeing the Packers and Movers for his Mom's place today. They will be arriving about 8 a.m. and should be finished and heading out to Paris, Ontario by about 1:00.

I have a few chores to accomplish today and then I may even try to get my brushes wet.

I googled Lantana and I am sure it does not grow as a perennial in Ontario. It might be purchased here as an annual but I don't recognize it. It has a beautiful flower though.

Doug, I am sure you are less lion looking by now.




03-14-2011, 07:25 AM
Well glad WC is back up and running, missed my last two 'fixes'!

Gail...I had not heard of Lantana either...looks lovely though...I'm sure it masquerades under another name here??

Sun really burst through here...saw three people with shorts on in town!....I have switched the central heating off for a couple of hours but still have a fleece top on!



03-14-2011, 07:58 AM
Hi guys, it's 8pm here and I had to have a Wetcanvas fix before bed. I couldn't get on for ages. I thought it might just be my computer, but I see Geoff has commented on it too. Well it's too late for me to make much of a comment now, so please everyone, have a very happy and safe day, and I will check in tomorrow.:wave:

03-14-2011, 08:06 AM
Good morning everyone... It's -1 with a little mixed cloud and sun this morning... we're looking at a nice day today with the promise of rain tomorrow and Wednesday.

I'm morning grouchy. I didn't sleep very well because of arthritis achey stuff... and like Geoff, I seemed to be on dream overload... I've been studying colour theory too much because it really featured in those dreams and I can still remember them! :eek:

My first group of Students will be here in 1 1/2 hours, so I really do need to come together... it won't take long to set up, though...

My Army Son telephoned us yesterday to say that he was bringing the Grands home for a few days next week! We never get much notice when either of the boys visit, so we're scrambling to get things ready. Not that we need to do a lot of prep, but groceries will need to be got and portable beds hauled out, etc.

Of course, they're arriving on Matt's Birthday... and he has plans that he'll be changing a little... And we have tickets to see "Stomp" at the theatre that we're NOT changing... but we have cancelled our dinner plans... and we'll celebrate Matt's birthday on Thursday...

Gail... I'll call you... With the change in plans for this week, we'll be heading up your way next week.

More like Colonel Saunders, Doug... :)

Annie, I guess the only weeds we have here in SW Ontario are, in fact, weeds... that is to say they really don't have any redeeming features such as beautiful flowers, etc. Now... there are certain perennials that will choke out a garden if not kept under control... rudbeckia, for instance... or annual self seeding jerusalem artichokes...

Geoff... I think it's verbena...

:wave: G'nite Nola...

WC was down? That explains why I'm among the very few posters in this morning's Wash... Anyway... it's time for me to go... so I hope that everyone has the very best possible day! :heart:

03-14-2011, 08:17 AM
I reckon wetcanvas was down for around 3 hours from 3 am EST Char.

I have just been watching a video of the tsunami (http://gizmodo.com/#!5781566/this-is-the-scariest-first+person-video-of-the-japan-tsunami-yet) taken by a resident - I am literally shaken after seeing what the poor people have gone through.


03-14-2011, 08:20 AM
Afternoon All. 12.12pm 11.3C warming up and Sunny. Tried to get in several times earlier but no go - not until now.

Just back from a weekend away with the horrifying spectacle of what is happening in Japan monopolising the news. I've always thought the 21st Century would prove a very taxing one for the human race, but never thought things would get so bad so soon. What next?

Off to my Bathampton Art group tonight so at least that is something to look forward to today.

Nevertheless all good tidings and best wishes to all those on here and also to the Japanese Nation that they can overcome this catastrophe, difficult though this will be. We're all going to be affected by it in one way or another.

Peter (Not the ollie one)

03-14-2011, 08:46 AM
Good Morning all,
It is just past 8:30 a.m. and a cloud-filled morning here in Oakwood. Rain possible this morning yet again. :rolleyes:

My little bird (aka Larry) is flying solo this morning when he goes to the Base for his occupational therapy session. I need to stay home and get something drawn out to take to art class this afternoon instead of watching the therapist put him through the exercises. ;) I do want to go on Wednesday though because he will be seeing the Orthopedic specialist as well as the head Occupational Therapist for evaluations of where he is in his therapy and recovery of motion.

I too tried to come here earlier this morning to no avail. :o Glad WC is back in operation now though.

Just looked up Lantana because you've all gotten me curious about it. It says it is part of the verbena family of flowers and the photos look very pretty. I know what you mean though about something pretty that becomes obnoxious by spreading like crazy...that's why I grow my mint plant in a pot rather than in the ground.

The news from Japan is really grim... I saw there was a volcano that erupted in the south part of the island. What more can happen to those poor people. :(

Char, I know how much you love seeing your son and granddaughters. I'm sure Matt won't mind having his birthday celebration delayed a little bit. ;)

Gail, Hope the move goes smoothly for Dan (and his mother). She's so lucky she has him close enough to help like this. Hope you are feeling better too.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way. I've got to go to the RIL and find something to draw for class.



03-14-2011, 09:08 AM

I'm slowly improving Annie. Thanks for caring.

yay!!! just checked the UPS tracking and my painting is out for delivery to the NWWS today:clap::clap: that painting is certainly living up to its title....

I finished my long house painting yesterday so I get to draw out a new painting later:thumbsup:.

hugs to all that need them.

Great news Char:thumbsup: I'm sure you dont mind the changes in schedule:wink2:


03-14-2011, 09:10 AM
I am really grumpy today as well, I got very little sleep and then had to get up early (6:30) so I could take my shower before Jack, I could tell that is what I had to do because he kept twitching and flumping after the alarm went off, Ok I could have taken the later shower but we had a guy coming over at 8:00 to fix the hole in the ceiling over our sink, and I did say I would cause he is better at squeeging the shower. Gave me time to get ready for public.
Now, another reason is the internet and our phones went out at 7 PM, right after Jack sent a message to the kids we would be online for a talk. Jack did call on the cell phone, and after awhile they admitted there was a problem. This morning our broadband is up and our phones are working.
Mostly I am feeling really down with all the really horrible news, wars without end and now earthquakes, tidalwaves and radiation leaks.
The only good thing in my life right now is my lovely vegetable soup with the chorizo in it, and I can't get to it cause there are two men in the kitchen and everything is covered with sheets!

03-14-2011, 09:43 AM
Hi to All

Milder here today, at last!

Doug that is a truly scary video, the water just kept on coming, with more and more volume, the cameraman was lucky he had a high solid structure to stand on!


03-14-2011, 11:18 AM
Good morning Washeroo's!!

Seems like many of us had long difficult weekends! My Annie spent most of it doing school work...grading papers and evaluating tests. She has a very challenging class this year and it's been weighing heavily on her that they perform so poorly inspite of her best efforts. :o Finally yesterday she broke down and cried (it has been a tough year for her) so I was able to take her out of the house for a while and we walked and talked and she finally was able to get centered again. No more school work though! I'd like to get one of those news commentators who think that teachers have such an easy job...I'd grab him by the scruff of the neck and force him to see what teachers go through for their kids! :mad: I do think a lot of Anne's emotions are from still grieving for her mother... it will take time.

Doug, you've got the sun...we have sheets of rain...some places got an inch or more overnight!

Annie, glad you're getting a respite from the heat and humidity! Good on you for keeping after the lantana!!Gives you something to vent your spleen on!!

Geoff, there must be something in the air, I had very active dreams all night as well...slept moderately well but felt exhausted when getting up!!

Gail...perhaps you should buy a bungalow down there and spend the winters!
There is a blog that I follow by an artist (another Canadian BTW) and she is in Mexico as well...go have a look at http://www.sketchalina.blogspot.com/ I really enjoy her style and she makes her own sketchbooks ( she's the one Anita pointed out to me!!). I don't do well in "heat"...but all these intersting blogs have even made me want to go!!:eek:

Nola, sleep well...see you in the morning!!

Good morning Char!! Hope the grouchies have left you!! Does a good hot shower help with the arthritis achies?? I'm sure you'll love having your son and the grandgirls down for a visit!!

The news from Japan gets more and more frightening. I spent my time in the navy on a nuclear powered submarine...so I know the horrifying potential of those powerplants! Living on the "Rim of Fire" like we do I'm always prepared for a big disaster...at least as prepared as one can be on a daily basis. I was glad my daughter moved inland from the labs when the Tsunami warning was issued!

Good to have you back Peter!

Sylvia, it's good for you to have some time "off" from being nurse Sylvia! I'm sure your "little bird" will fly just fine!:D

Ona YAY for the painting!! I'm looking forward to seeing it on the walls of the exhibition!!

Judy, you can't get at the soup?:eek: No WONDER you're grumpy!! I would be too!!

Henry glad you got a wee bit of milder weather! Congrats on the sales as well!!

It's monday...so for me it's errands and chores.....I could do without the chores today though. I think I need a nana nap already!! and it's only 8 am!!

back later gang!!

03-14-2011, 11:27 AM
good morning/afternoon/evening dearest ones :heart:

I have an Elks (http://www.elks.org/) meeting tonight for our Veterans Activities Committee. Anyone here a member of the BPOE? I have an appointment with the Cardiologist on Friday. The sketchbook (http://www.arthousecoop.com/users/bdorsa)I made for the ArtHouse Co-op (http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject) is now on tour & was viewed yesterday in Austin, TX.

http://arthousecoop.com/images/templates/sketchbook5/sharing/300x250.jpg (http://thesketchbookproject.com)

Happy Pi day Annie. I'd not enjoy lantana if it grew like that around here. We keep ours cut back so it is a small flowering bush.

Gail & Sylvia: When I lived in NY we had lantana as an annual. It would most likely be an annual where you ladies are. Here in NC it winters over well as a small shrub. I think it's very pretty & attracts lots of butterflies & hummingbirds/hummingmoths.
http://i.pbase.com/v3/26/411626/4/45254633.050623008LPCG.jpg (http://www.pbase.com/hjsteed/image/45254633) http://ic2.pbase.com/v3/26/411626/4/48551754.050831LPCG002.jpg (http://www.pbase.com/hjsteed/image/48551754)

Geoff: did your dreams give you any insight? happy to hear you slept well

Char: :clap: glad your Son is coming for a visit

Peter: have a great time with your art group

Sylvia: :thumbsup: Larry !!

Ona: (( hugs )) I saw your long house painting on Facebook. It is beautiful

Hap: (( hugs for you & Annie ))

The devastation in Japan has be down & blue also. Prayers & lots of white light being sent out that way

:wave:Hi Doug Nola JudyL Henry & all who visit after me.

:grouphug: :heart: Hugs all around :heart: :grouphug:

Scene Chaser
03-14-2011, 11:44 AM
Good Day All,
I'm at work, the sun is shining and it's going to the 40's today. :)

Much to do here, so I hope everyone is well.

Have a good day,

03-14-2011, 11:49 AM
Hap, give your good lady wife a big :grouphug: I come from a huge family of teachers and was a preschool teacher myself, and know how frustrating it can be.
You can tell her my favorite kid story.
There was a very active and "imaginative" boy, not in my class but would come to my room till he was picked up by his parents, every evening.
One day he turned a bit green and was sick in the waste basket. I gave him water and asked if he needed to go to the office. He said no he would be ok, then he went to his friends, and I overheard him say "See, I told you I could eat playdough!"

Oh, the beautiful sink we searched high and low for? doesn't fit, due to the dishwasher! :(
Anyone want a sink?

03-14-2011, 11:52 AM
hello all,

UGH.....Daylight Saving Time really stinks. It's so hard to adjust just one hour. I couldn't go to sleep and couldn't STAY sleeping. Tired today.:rolleyes:

I'm with all of you who are devastated about the trials and tribulations that are happening in Japan. It makes me so sad.:crying:

Then someone introduces me to something called HAARP!:eek: :confused:

Check out this link.


I sure hope these natural disasters AREN'T being man-made.:(

I know governments of nations keep secrets that we'll NEVER know but if I for once thought something as devastating like this earthquake in Japan were intentional then all my faith would just fly out the window.

It's enough to make ANYONE depressed.

I've about got all of Jen's shower planned and organized. Now to wrap the pressies, purchase the rest of the food and pack boxes to travel up north.

AND....Jen and Matt were going to go to the Justice of the Pease and get married but I talked them into waiting until August and I'd give them a very small wedding for just family. That is what the girls want and she's our only daughter so we feel this is what we want to do.:thumbsup:

Sounds like you're all busy with your daily chores and I just hope you can make this MOnday a GREAT one.

It's sunny and beautiful out here.:clap:

G'DAY:wave: :grouphug:

03-14-2011, 12:12 PM
:wave: How strange to still be on the first page of WC. I see the site was down, so that's why. A painting day today. I am going through serious over-stimulation of the mind from my course with Johannes......reading three books at the same time as starting, and I hope finishing! several paintings....wonderful but exhausting :eek: :D Your Artist Brain, and Carlsen's Guide to Landscape are both so insightful, and am dipping again into Robert Henri's The Art Spirit, something my very first watercolour teacher recommended (in '72 :) ). So I'd better get on with it

I hope the 'grumpies' have cleared :)

Have a wonderful day, everyone :clap: ((((Ona))))) :grouphug: :grouphug: to all who need it!

03-14-2011, 01:40 PM
Happy Monday. Cool and rainy here today so nothing planned except maybe some painting, its easier to ignore the dirty dishes if I am painting.:lol:

Lynn, I am also taking Johannes classes and I feel like i have learned so much. I really enjoy his demos, so inspiring. I started an acrylic landscape last week but ended up getting all my values too dark. Now I have to repaint everything except the sky. I think I will do a watercolor one next.Much easier for me.

Hap- we need more teachers like your Annie. I know she is still grieving but it will ease up. She is lucky to have such a supportive husband to talk to. I am with you on sports. BAseball is the only one I like to watch.Hope your team has a great season.

Doug, How is Ruth liking her new laptop? Nice gouache work you have been doing.

Bill, It is going to be around 70 later this week and SUN. Yeah. I am with you about the kids having to wait in the dark for the bus. I hate seeing that, too dangerous for them to be out there.

Char, Have fun with your students. ANd give Matt a pat on the back for his good grades. He is working so hard to get where he wants to be. I know you are proud.

Anita, Congrats on the sales. I wish I could find a place like that to have a booth. I hope it continues to go well.

Geoff, Ihad one of your sleeps last night, not much. Usually I sleep a little better.

I am going tomorrow for x-rays and lab work that the rheumatologist ordered. She was a super lady and spent 2 hours with me and listened to me. She will start treatment when the lab results are in. She did go ahead and put me on a daily dose of steroids which is already helping a little.

Ona, Your latest painting is wonderful. I would love to see you doing all those washes and glazing. The effect is stunning. Tell Rebecca, Hello for me.

Sylvia, I am glad Larry is doing so much better and you are getting a little break. Enjoy your class.

The news can be depressing to listen too sometimes. We had 2 deputy's killed in our area yesterday and 2 more injured, one might not make it. It is devastating. And they are finding thousands of dead in Japan now and one place has 10,000 missing. It is all so sad but I don't think our government has anything to do with all these natural disasters. We just have to pray for those involved in all the sadness in the world and go about our lives and try to help others when we can.

Hi to all else. That is all I can remember now. Hope everyone has a great day.

03-14-2011, 01:42 PM
hi folk just got the tin ter ner working

Japan what can one say ((((((((((((*))))))))))))

here hoping all here are OK

hi to all to come


03-14-2011, 02:05 PM

Been a lovely day here in downtown Wigan - blue skies and mild and I was stuck in the office for my sins.

The bank continues to do my head in - we paid a cheque in on Friday and another large payment in today - these are regular cheques that go in every week but because they hadn't 'cleared' they refused one of my direct debits then charged us 35 for it..........AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

Just wait till I win that 71 million on the euro lottery - see how he feels when I go in - clear the overdraft and close my account :thumbsup: (well I can dream.......LOL)

Love the playdoh story......LOL.

Interesting links in the wash today - those videos of the tsunami etc - frightening.

Darla - I haven't heard about that article although I have seen programs about them changing the weather to deal with things like tornados - scary - maybe all this new technology will be our downfall one day :eek:

Been on my exercise regime for the last couple of days and have been feeling the effects - ouch!!!

Waving to everyone :wave:


Pat xxx

03-14-2011, 02:07 PM
Afternoon all.....

Lovely day weatherwise ( wasn't it JudyL?)....went into Thirsk to Post Office & Market this afternoon and it was almost tropical.......hardly any cloud now so another cold night ahead.....golf course will be frozen again first thing when I go out.....

LynnM....three books at once?...might of managed two in my teens but not now,which is probably why I prefer newspapers these days......

JudyL,again, loved the playdough story, will pass it on to my teacher daughter.

Picked up a recent gouache again this afternoon,not quite right so planning a snowstorm......well it is a winter picture.



03-14-2011, 03:58 PM
Hi Everyone

Taking a minute to sit down for awhile. I woke up at 3am last night and got up and reframed a watercolor. Sorted through things that I can finish and frame up.

I took down the watercolor that I reframed and hung it in the shop this morning.

I have not forgotten about taking pics ---everytime I go to use our camera Josh has used it and the batteries need recharging. I am doing that today. I work at the shop tomorrow so I will try and take pics.

My son is on my ----list this week. Last night I was getting dinner ready and heard the most god awful crash coming from our garage. Glass breaking, things hitting the floor. We ran out and Josh had pulled the attic ladder down and went in the attic to look for something. On the way down the steps he decided to lean on a hutch that was part of a desk. I had it loaded down with books, glass vases, small frames, etc, etc, etc,.

Since our plans were to get rid of desk and hutch this summer the hutch was not attached by the screws to the desk. So he pushed it half off the desk and the worst was a can of dark expresso brown paint was knocked off and the lid came off and now paint on the floor AND said son walked through the paint and tracked it across the kitchen dinning room rug.

I was so mad at him. And his attitude was not good so instead of painting and getting more things together it took us 2 hours to clean up the mess and I guess the spring cleaning in the garage will begin this week.

I lost some things I did not want to lose and some prints that I had collected and was going to frame for sale. DRATS!!!

I know, I know -- No Humans were Hurt in the Making of this Mess . I thought about though.

Well off to take a nap since I lost sleep last night.


03-14-2011, 04:59 PM
I am some pooped! :) Both classes were in need of lots of attention today... I'm not displeased because we covered a LOT of topics... and my afternoon class were actually excited about making up some colour charts! :lol:

I swiffered the floors and cleaned the bathrooms before everyone arrived this morning... Between classes, I did a little bookwork on the computer... I have just put all my dried bread heels through the food processor to make up our breadcrumbs that I use as a coating for meats. I made a fragrant marinara sauce and have put some cauliflower in the oven to roast...

It just hasn't been a good *joint* day, though and I'm kind of hobbling about... With the wet weather on the way, I'm sure it's the barometric pressure that's troubling me...

Yes, PeterFanatic, I've thought the same thing... but because of the environmental damage we've done...

Doug, my heart positively aches for these poor people... and it doesn't seem to be getting any better for them...

Syl, what did you draw out and did you have a great class??? I'll bet that Larry was glad to be free for a bit!

Ona... you have people all around the world who worry about you! I'll have to go and find your longhouse! AND... what are you planning next?

JudyL... it must be the moon or something... :rolleyes: I laughed at your playdough story!

Hap... I never stay grouchy for long... and my Students give me such a boost!

Bridget, your Sketchbook Project is really an exciting concept! It's amazing that 10,000 of the books were completed!

Bill, I'm really sorry that your vertigo is getting worse! :(

Hi Darla... I love conspiracy theories... :)

Three books at the same time, Lynn!! Like Geoff, I can do two at a time and often do that with one by my bed and one by my chair in the family room... :)

I'm glad your meds are helping already Sue... your hands have really been bothering you, so hopefully you'll get some relief...

Hi PeterOwl...

Pat, the Banks do not care about their customers anymore... and with computerized systems, there's no human there to make good value judgements... ((()))

((Anita)) Yes, that was thoughtless and careless of your son... he's at that age where material things really don't have any meaning for him... he will... but just not now... I would have been thoroughly p*ssed at that kind of mess, too...

Matt's home from work, so I guess I should go and put the meat on to cook for dinner...

03-14-2011, 05:10 PM
Char: I'll let you know when the sign up period is next year if you'd like to participate

03-14-2011, 06:07 PM
Just checking in gang!

Errands and chores have been done, laundry picked up (my work uniforms), groceries bought, bills mailed, banking done...and even had time for a coffee and lunch!!

Bridget thanks for the hugs..I thought I was the only one who celebrated Pi day!

Bill, yep you're a teacher alright! Never ending!

Judy, I never miss a chance to give Annie a hug!! I'll tell her your story, I'm sure she'll identify with it!! She's taught special ed preschool, kindergarten and every grade up to 4th grade...she likes 2nd grade best. this year? Third grade!!

Darla, there will be conspiracy fanatics coming out of the woodwork over this...Bunch of bunk if you ask me.

Lynn, you seem to be running on all cylinders!! Good job!

Sue, hope the meds work!! My team (the Seattle Mariners) has a single A team fairly near to you....Pulaski VA which is just north of you! Have you ever been there? Calfree park, is one of the oldest minor league parks in the USA! As far as my Annie goes...we take each day as it comes, and some days are better than others. Every now and then the pressure gets too great and she has to let it out for a while....very normal, but I'm always there for her!

Ollieowl, good to see you got it working!!

Pat, I'd be down at the bank raising hob anyway!! In these days of computerized banking there's little need to overly delay account transactions!

Geoff...now we have sun as well!! 47 F and breezy...rain will be here within an hour or two I suspect!!

Anita....I'm afraid I might have hurt a human after he tracked paint across the floor!!

Char, I did not figure that the grumpies would have much of a hold on you! Glad you had a good time with your students! I wanted to get down to my studio today, but when I got there the road was blocked by big contstruction cranes, and I'd have to walk almost two blocks hauling all my stuff...in the rain....so I came home instead! :D Look at the sketchalina link I posted...she has videos on Youtube on making your own sketchbooks!!:thumbsup:

I think I am going to go sit on the couch and read for a while! See you later gang!!

03-14-2011, 06:33 PM
Oh! I just remembered a story my Mom told me, she was a 3rd grade teacher, and the children were learning the Star Spangled Banner, and one of the girls came up to her and said she learned it and began to sing.
:music: "Oh say can you see, by the dam*ed early light!" :music:

Oh yes I have felt that way about early light, especially in June over here, where it comes up at 3 AM!

Strawberry Wine
03-14-2011, 07:11 PM
Hi All,

The sun did shine all day although it only got to +1 C. Did not get my brushes wet.. I just can't get motivated. I am sure that Char will fix that next week when her and Ted come to visit. :thumbsup:

Char, I have been really sore and not moving well either. I seem to remember March being rather difficult last year as well.

Hap, buying or renting something small would be ideal. Maybe in a few years... I don't think Koty and Eve would appreciate it if we boarded them for more than two weeks.

We are thinking of heading to Florida in November and renting a housekeeping type of place for about 10 days. I am not sure how to go about searching for something that is trustworthy like that though.

Thanks for the link to the sketchalina website.. I enjoyed it.

Anita, I would have been totally P****ed too. The one thing I can not tolerate is rude behaviour and a disrespectful attitude. :mad: Your son should have been the one out there cleaning until dawn if need be...

Pat, Hope you do let the bank know how upset you are with them.

Judy :lol: :lol:

Sue, sorry to read about your two deputies being killed.. I am praying the other one will recover.

Bridget, your sketch book is lovely..

Sylvia, Dan was home by 3 p.m. The movers arrived around 9 a.m. Some were doing the packing and the other two were moving furniture and boxes out to the Moving Van. There were on their way to Paris by noon .
Dan's Mom is still in the Rehabilitation Centre and is slowly improving.. We are thinking probably another 3 - 6 weeks.

It is just past 7:00 and we have not had dinner yet. So I better get something started...

Cheers to All and :wave: to those I have missed.


03-14-2011, 09:07 PM
* thanks Gail

03-14-2011, 09:34 PM
It's 9 am in Sunny, Windy Perth, Western Australia.

I too dislike daylight saving. We have had several referendums here to vote on whether we will adopt it or not, and always the people have voted NO. We have enough daylight, no need to save any of it.

It may be better for business as we are 2 hours behind the Eastern States and 3 hours when daylight savings comes into effect there, but I recon the businesses should start earlier, instead of inflicting extra sunlight on all the rest of us.

We have a large influx of people from the Eastern States, who have come to Western Australia to join the mining industry here. During the last debate on DS, a lot of them went public and said silly things like "if you don't bring in DS here, we'll go home!" So we said "go home then" and voted NO. We don't have DS and they all stayed.:)

As regards HAARP Darla, why bother looking. You can't change anything, and you will probably end up making yourself scared, sick and miserable. I once wrote a poem called Self Preservation. It goes like this:

Two faces have I - one for your, one for me,
One face your all know, one face you can't see.
The face you all know is a smiling facade,
on days when my true self is trembling, afraid.

One ear I still hear with and one ear I don't.
The ear that I hear with just hears what it wants.
The other ear listened to all that was sad
and soon became deafened by things cruel and bad.

Two eyes have I, but one cannot see.
It's been blinded by crimes against humanity.
The one that is left sees through rose coloured glass.
It smiles sweetly and glows at the people I pass.

Two voices have I, one you hear, one is still.
The voice that you hear rarely speaks any ill.
Whilst the voice deep inside screams in sickening silence,
at truth left unspoken, 'bout pity and violence.

I don't like my behaviour; the way I've become,
and I hate all the things I'm protecting me from.
But I've only one heart, so I must take great care,
because if I should break it, I don't have a spare.

Don't give me your troubles, for those I have got,
Please don't think of me badly, and sentence me not,
For in turning my face, lest my soul should be shocked,
I have sentenced myself, in myself I am locked.

Nola "95.

Heavy huh, and at 9 am in the morning. Better to paint than to look too closely at the world.

Bill, we occasionally have temps in the 40's, but that's centigrade:lol:.

Boy LynnM, busy fingers, busy mind.

Doug, I like a man with a mane:lol:.

Hi Sue, if I ignore my dirty dishes for long enough, they don't talk to me - great huh.:lol:

Hi PeterOwl, hi folk just got the tin ter ner working 'fraid I didn't quite understand what you meant there?

Hi Pat, Banks - don't talk to me about them!!!

Ahh Anita, I know, I know -- No Humans were Hurt in the Making of this Mess . I thought it about though.
Chin up girl.

Hi Char, your students are soooo lucky. You have such wonderful views and a great way of expressing them.:)

Hi Hap, sorry Annie has been feeling down. I had "if only" moments for many a long month after my Dad died.

Hi Gail, how did your bones react when you were on holiday. Usually sunshine and dry heat are great for arthritis.

Well, I have probably missed a few of you, completely unintentionally. Now it is time to paint.

03-15-2011, 04:21 AM
:grouphug: Hap and Anne :grouphug:

:grouphug: Anita :grouphug:

I think the communal stress is building up due to the horrible train of events which are taking place around the world. I have dreamt the last two nights long too.