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03-06-2011, 11:38 PM

I am trying to keep my mind off food, so thought I would go over yesterdays wash again. No such luck :-D saw Uschi's post about her bacon and eggs. Tummy grumbling now. Wont be for long, when the prep takes effect. Ugh!

Bridget, I enjoyed your beach photos. I too, love a deserted beach.

Hap, you are such a wonderful husband!

Peter, I looked at your blog. Nice!!!!! I am following it now. :-)

:wave: Kay

JJ, I always think of you when taking pictures of snow. :) :-)) :heart:

Doug, I hope you and Ruth do make it to Sydney. I also hope the Tailor shop is still there..:heart:

The best I can say about our opening is that it didn't snow! It's a good thing that some of our members have lots of family who came out, otherwise it would have been a long 2 hours! Apparently the show before us (Warmland Calligraphers) which usually has good sales had only a couple. Oh well, have to start getting ready for next year. The artwork looks fabulous!! How long is the show up for? Sorry there were no sales yet.


:wave: Sue.

=ELLEN]It looks like there might be a problem with Brian getting holidays for the Ontario meet as someone else with more seniority put in for those dates already. If he can't go I'll look at taking a train and bus to the meet. I don't want to drive that distance on my own. Not a problem, just more of a headache to get schedules for them to work together. I'll be there for sure even if he can't make it. :crossfingers:

You guys can keep your mushy peas and your coleslaw :-p

Lenore :grouphug:

Pat, I am grinning at you and yours texting in the same room. Banya sure is a handful hey.

It is again a coolish 26 degrees celcius. I have a 3/4 sleeve light top on. ;-)) We have sun, wind and rain. Makes it difficult for sketching. I can't go far today anyway, so I will sketch something out of one of my windows.

Huge hugs and healing vibes to all in need. Ona have you had a reply from your email. :crossfingers: your painting gets there in time. Try not to stress too much.


03-07-2011, 12:48 AM
:wave: All, just dashing in and dashing out today, so i'll just say WHAT JJ SAID. Cheers, Nola.

03-07-2011, 03:06 AM
Hi JJ ... yes, beautiful day today. Hopefully the switch has flicked truly into Autumn. Sun, scudding clouds, occasional spits fromthe heavens.

We have got by fairly reasonably this year in the heat stakes ... if not the rain. :o

Mind you, when you wish rain away you end up cursing the next drought. Just not so much at once please! Prayer Icon!

North Queensland is still being pelted with massive falls. Hope brother is OK. Lives near a waterway .. the Ross river.

But he survived the cyclone well .. apart from the fact a lot of his palm trees (that he hates ... the fronds are hard to deal with) blew down and after the blow there were chainsaws on sale for the mere price your entire quota of blood. ... and the chickens that he had housed in his fairly substantial brick shed had made a ... words ? ... mess will do. All are Ok and back in their coop. Probably never lay again. Dogs good too. SIL and nephews all Ok too.

Nola ... so quick? ... :) We are going to miss you when you go the LONI

03-07-2011, 03:09 AM
Good morning all.

Not a cloud in the sky after a cold night.

Didn't get to paint yesterday but I finished my e-book and started another about the Appalachian Trail. I seem to be able to read books on the laptop screen when if I tried a real book I would be falling asleep or reading the same paragraph over again. I suppose it is because the page has less text and when I turn a page the old page disappears.

The hard winter had killed most of the buds on the Camelia, but the Magnolia is budding up nicely.

PS Hi Annie, you certainly get weather over there!


03-07-2011, 03:57 AM
Doug, you've had your own this year!

Deal? Trapped with no power or water in a warm climate versus trapped with no power and water in a freezing one??? Votes?

On the other hand we didn't lose power during the Great Events .. which is quite miraculous as usually leaffall causes blackouts. The electric guys must be doing their job. :thumbsup:

On the other other hand the pot holed eroded "race" road remains but Brisbane City Council have elected to put up armco barriers to "protect" speeding motorcyclists and "recreational" drivers on tight corners at their end .. totally ignoring the tyre shredding and very deep potholes that are growing by the day. Driving to work is becoming quite navigational and sometimes quite surprising. I didn't know I knew those words???

On the third hand our council is trying to shore up the rockfaces. The "Pet Rock" over one lane remains at Jollys Lookout. As does the give-way sign. Only problem is the recreational drivers don't even notice it though the road surface is now so awful anyone with a brain would slow down. That at least is being worked on. And no armcos.

Gosh! I've had a rant :lol:


03-07-2011, 04:04 AM
Morning all...

Went to bed at 9pm as I had a headache,something I rarely get now although in my earlier years I could have three a week.......this headache continues this morning so dosing myself with paracetamol as I did during night ( understand that this is not a permitted drug in Canada,but routine painkiller here)..nevertheless didn't have too bad a nights sleep especially in the later hours.

It is dull and grey here and there is a forecast of possible snow showers here this week,hope not,there has been a light frost last evening so just as well I drained the caravan water system down as they are prone to freezing.

Little planned today,especially in my 'delicate' condition!...however,do have to go out this afternoon for a Council Meeting at Teesside University...I am a Past President of an ancient Scientific Institution and I don't like how they are spending the money these days!!



03-07-2011, 04:32 AM
Well, at last we have had some cooler weather today, infact so much cooler, I haven't even got the airconditioner on. It would be totally perfect if the weather stayed like this now with no more hot days to come, afterall we are in the first month of Autumn, but March and April have a strong history of having temps in the high 30's low 40's C.

Annie, the WHOLE of Australia has had LOADS of rain except for the South West Of Western Australia including some Kilometres North of Perth. We so very desparately need some of all the excess rain every where else has been getting.

Monty won't be home until around 2115 providing he doesn't end up with a late job and he has the same shift tomorrow as well. I spent the day just pottering around, I managed to get all the Roses Pruned, front and back gardens and all the hand watering done. Eventually we hope to have the Reticulation so that it won't be necessary to have to do any handwatering at all.

The pool now, since Monty installed the New Filter and I spent time cleaning it is so good the water actually Sparkles now, looks fantastic. If I can get it to show in a photograph I will try to post it. Monty took a great Photo about a week ago when we went on one of our walks around the lake, of me near a Gum tree with a lovely silky smooth trunk having shed all of it's bark, and the sky an amazing blue, I will have to get him to show me how to put it into the Wash though as he had to send it to my laptop from his phone.

Well, I will go and watch the news, have some fruit and I might either watch TV or do some sewing until Monty gets home.

Take Care.
Lots of Love Carolynn :grouphug::grouphug::heart::heart::heart::):):clap::wave::thumbsup::heart::heart::heart::grouphug::grouphug:

PS, Lynn (LCPainterCat) is quite sick again, she wrote to me the other day and I told her to get herself to the Dr, Please send to her all the White Light and Blue Butterflies that you can. I have just written to her via e-mail in the hope she will reply or else a friend or family member will reply to me and let me know what is happening.

03-07-2011, 04:41 AM
Morning All.:wave: Currently 1.3C 09.34am. Last night it was -4.8C which is stiff for us although many of you have climate conditions that make my hair stand on end. Thanks Kay for those kind words about the blog.

A nice sunny day forecast. I am about to start my weekly chore of hoovering the house, while the wife goes off to her keep fit class. A little later I'll go out for my constitutional. They say a 30 minute brisk walk daily helps to keep father time or suchlike away.:crossfingers: I love the Spring my favourite time of the year, probably because I once specialized in various sorts of Primulas which are Spring flowers.

Off tonight to my Bathampton Art group to paint with fellow enthusiasts. All best wishes to everyone for a good day and a hope that those with problems will soon have better news.


03-07-2011, 04:43 AM
All hugs to you Carolyn .. and a massive one to LynLC :grouphug:

Peter .. hello .. You do the hoovering? MMMM . DH says he doesn't know how to plug it in .. MMMM :) :) :)

We have a Dyson. Never blocks, can see what comes out and we nearly named our cat Boo "Dyson" because of that. Unfortunately or fortunately for him, he wouldn't come at call to the d sound .. previous name Benji. Hence Boo.

03-07-2011, 06:13 AM

(((JJ))) hope everything goes ok tomorrow. Yes I got a reply. Apparently I'm not the only one. various reasons but several people are struggling to get their paintings there on time. It was a very fast turn around. The others I have eneterd have given 6 to 7 weeks. This one was only 4 weeks, not much time if something goes wrong especially when you are 'long distance'. The acceptance letter took one whole week to get to me so that only left me three... oh well I've learnt another important lesson and the exhibition chairperson seemed confident she would get it to the exhibition in time:crossfingers:

(((Darla))) hope this week is a better week for you

hope everyone has a good day


03-07-2011, 06:16 AM
CRAZY weather here today! We have about 3 in of ice/ snow mix and 20 miles above us they have 20 in of snow!!! It is sleeting like crazy now. Don't know if I'll be able to get to work. Will just have to start out and see how it is. AND Spring is just around the corner!!!?????? We are expecting more snow sleet later this week too!!!

Well time to show and see how it goes! If I can't drive, I will be back!!

Have great day all! Til later!



03-07-2011, 07:37 AM
Darn, I touched the wrong key and my post is gone, gone, gone:eek: So let me start again, just shorter this time

Good Morning Everyone!!!

Cold, -13C, but the sun is up and there isn't a cloud in the sky. Going up to -2C in the daytime and warmer for the rest of the week.

It's Monday, that means working at the gallery until 2:00 p.m. and going for table tennis afterwards until 6:30 p.m.

Reggie, I hope your drive to work isn't too bad.

Ona, sounds like your painting will get into the exhibit just fine, still keeping:crossfingers:

Carolyn, yes, I would love to see a photo of you and your pool. Do you swim through your winter?? I have been wondering, how is your hair doing??

((((((((((Lynn))))))))) Sending you my very best wishes!!

Geoff, don't let them aggravate you at the meeting, not good for your headache.

Annie, our roads are going to be in terrible shape too. They are already bad and after the frost thaws they'll be heaving.

JJ, so you want us to ask - prep for what???? or did I miss something?? Either way, I hope all goes well!!

Doug, interesting about the kindle's influence. You don't ever need to worry about your magnolia, they survive our weather without any trouble.

:wave: to Peter and Nola and all yet to come!! Wishing you all a good day and HAWLTAIN!!


03-07-2011, 08:11 AM
Good morning! I like Mondays because they're a nice, fresh start to the week... like a piece of clean, white paper. It's cold out, -10C/14F, but the sun is shining and there's no wind. March is a volatile month here and we're looking at sleet and snow by Wednesday with rain and thunderstorms on Thursday...

Today is my full day of Students. My children will finish up working on their own compositions. I will not be teaching them anything new until next week. They just needed a break to be the kids (talented ones) they are. My Adult group wants new lesson plans and I'll get them started on the Jeanne Dobie exercises. They really need the colour theory anyway.

Ellen, congratulations on the Workshop offer! No, I don't want a second career because I don't enjoy the freedom of retirement. But, I also love working with all my Students. Their progress is exhilarating. I'm so sorry that Brian may not get his Holiday Time for the Ontario Meet... and that his shoulder is still just not good...

Hap... I've been meaning to say... Daniel Smith AND Dick Blick? I'm so, so :envy:!!!!!!

Good luck with tomorrow's procedure, JJ... :crossfingers:

Ziiip... Hi and bye Nola!

So, Annie... are you travelling well? (Did I do that right?) I suppose that because you are so remote, and there are so few people using your downhill obstacle course, it's repair is very low priority... Is there another safer route?
It's good that it's all good with your Brother, too...

Hi Doug... perhaps it's time to consider an ipad or kindle...

((Geoff)) I sure hope your headache dissipates quickly!

Looking forward to your pics, Carolynn... thanks for the heads up about LynnLC...

So... (((LynnLC))) If you're able to lurk, know that I'm thinking of you and sending white light your way...

Peter, my husband says he doesn't like vacuuming... :confused: like... I know it's one of my favourite chores... :rolleyes: Good on you!!!

Ona... Well, it's good to know that you have partners in crime (as it were) and still :crossfingers: that your painting arrives in time and unscathed...

Reggie... please stay safe. Stay home.

Hi Uschi... is the Gallery making any sales? Ours isn't doing much... and we only have funding through the summer... then, it has to stand on its own and I just don't see that working out...

Ok... I'd better get things set up, the floors swiffered and the bathrooms cleaned... I like being forced into this routine btw :)... I hope everyone has the best possible day!

03-07-2011, 08:39 AM
I am grumpy this morning, well afternoon now. We had a call out for the plumber to come and fix the leak in the upstairs toilet, Jack found the leak after punching a great hole in the ceiling over the kitchen sink. Stopped the leak, good thing we have more than one toilet.
Anyway, he was supposed to show up between 9 and 1:00 this afternoon, which came and went without the guy showing up. Jack just called, "Oh dear, well he went home sick" Yeah ok but WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL US? Now he won't be here till wednesday. House is clean though.
Oh, can someone tell me why paracetamol (tylenol - acetaminophen ) is banned in Canada?
One good thing, I have discovered that my ususal vegetable soup is greatly enhanced by adding just a wee bit of Chroizo to it. Wow!
Oh yes, we won't be doing as much walking in Elk Grove as here, too hot for one thing, and not nearly as pretty for another. Jack did figure out that it is a mile to the nearest Starbucks from our house. I did suggest bicycles, we have them at rest in our hall, in front of the never used front door.
Oh well, have a lovely day y'all

Ellen in Ont
03-07-2011, 08:54 AM
:wave: everyone,
The windchill is -28 right now but the sun is shining. It is supposed to warm up to -8 later.:rolleyes: Brian and I have a full day of errands to run around doing. He is just waiting for things to open to start calls to make appointments for the car (routine maintenance), truck (something funny with the brakes), and cat (needs spaying). Then we are headed downtown.

I sat down to paint yesterday and decided one of the paints in my palette needed refilling. By the time I was finished I had spent over an hour filling all my palettes, going through my paint to see what I had and if anything was needed, and organizing a couple of drawers. I also needed to do a wash after getting cad yellow on my jeans. Never did get to paint. :lol:

Lots of white light going out to LynnLC

Ona - sounds like your painting will get in even if it's a little late.

I have to get my shower and get ready so I'll have to cut this short.It's great coming in after Char and Uschi. I can just say what they said.:D

Have a great start to the week everyone.

Edit: Tylenol is common here. :confused:

03-07-2011, 09:06 AM
I'm home. Al went out to clean my car and came back in and said "I don't think you should go, it's pretty slick out there". This is what I was afraid of, so here I am!! YAY!!! back with you guys!!! some places upstate got 22 INCHES so far!!! They said this is the worst storm of the season, less than 2 weeks from the first day of Spring! Daylight savings time starts on Sat night! That means it will be light for an hour when I get home night!

I didn't get to paint much yesterday so will do more today! Ordered a light box from CJ's over the weekend and of course it is back ordered! I got the cheap one for $38 but that is good enough for me. Al kept promising to make me one for the last year and it hasn't happened so I had a 15% off coupon and used it. Just hope it doesn't take 3 months like my easel. I love my easel by the way!

Lynn- Prayers for you!

JJ- sounds like you are having a Colonoscopy. good luck!

Annie and Carolynn- I envy your weather at this point! winter needs to end!!

Doug - I think I ywill try to read on my Ipad later for a while. I started 2 books I ordered from Kindle but have only read half of one and a few pages of the other.

Geoff - I hope your headache is gone! They can make you feel so awful!

Peter-Al is good at vacuuming too!

Ona- When does the show start?

Uschi- I have had my posts wiped out like that several times. It is so frustrating!

Ellen- That's too bad Brian won't be able to come to the meet, but I'm so glad you will be there! Can't wait to meet you!

Nola- hope you are having a good time!

Well, now it is snowing! We have had over 100 inches this year!!! Quite the winter!!

gonna go and start painting!

Til later!


03-07-2011, 09:50 AM

The sun is brilliant this morning and that alone makes me :) :clap:

Monday's are rough and this morning was no different....I ALWAYS put my car in the garage....DH used it on Saturday and I had not been out of the house since Friday....he left it out and the temp was 17F....so very frosty this morning and If I'd have known I'd have warmed it up.:( He knew that I had invitations to mail at the post office this morning (for Jen's shower) and that my car needed gas as it was on "E"....sheesh.....anyway, stopped for gas after letting it warm up; stopped at post office and was running late but still got to work on time.

Larry just called me to say an insurance agent cannot come until Thursday to look at our basement. UGH....I guess there was lots of water damaged homes over the weekend.:rolleyes:

I'm not looking forward to the time change this next weekend(3-13)....as we will lose an hour sleep and I am always tired NOW.:rolleyes: The additional evening hours will be nice but I just wish they'd leave the time alone.

Thinking of (((LINDA ROSE))) who recently lost her DH and her and her twins 16 yr olds are having a hard time with the loss.:heart:

(((LYNLC)))) thinking of her and her illness :heart:

(((ONA))), glad the painting will arrive in time.

Geoff, so sorry about your headache. You know I had a headache almost EVERY DAY of my life from about age 13-42! It seems to run in our family and it was not fun. Just learned to live with it and live on painkillers. My daughter is experiencing the same thing, one son too. I only can encourage them and tell them they will wear off when they are a little older.:confused:

(((JJ))) thinking of you and hoping your test goes well for you.:heart:

Reggie, I hope you stayed home if you had freezing rain....that is AWFUL to travel in....no control.

What a winter it's been.....I think EVERYONE is ready for spring this year.

Ellen, oh boy....cad yellow on jeans.....just like mustard!

Sylvia, meant to tell you I'm so happy for Larry's improvements and that your good nursing has helped him out. I bet he's much happier being able to job now.

Carolynn, I would like to see a pic of your crystal clear pool AND one of you that your DH took.

Hello there Annie....pot holed roadways.....they are aplenty where I live.

Have a WONDERFUL DAY EVERYONE and I hope you can make it a good one.:wave:

03-07-2011, 10:19 AM
:clap: good morning, afternoon, evening dear ones...will be in the studio today. still working on aceos for the project.

:grouphug: hugs all around :grouphug:

JJ: thanks. I do need to get there more often before the tourists descend. prep? sounds like you're having a test...Good Luck!!

Annie: I'm sorry your family had so much damage but happy they are "ok". I just heard on the news that a large portion of Christchurch will need to be leveled. so very sad:crying:

Doug: did the shrub die also? Camelias are beautiful

Geoff: hope the headache abates soon

Carolynn: I'm looking forward to seeing the photos

((( hugs & prayers for Lynn )))

Peter: enjoy painting with your art group

Reggie: stay home if at all possible...if not, safe travels edit: :clap: glad you are home & safe...enjoy your day

Char: great quote in your sig...I need to remember that

Judy: they couldn't send another plumber? or is it a one man operation?

Darla: I hope you Monday gets better

hello Nola, Ona, Ellen and all who visit the wash after me.

Carpe Diem !!

03-07-2011, 10:20 AM
I don't understand how comw you guys haven't changed Seasons yet when we have. I'll give you the dates of ours, I just assumed your dates would be the same, ours were when I was a kid in England.

Summer. December 1st. To February. 28th.

Autumn. March. 1st. To. May. 31st.

Winter. June. 1st. To. August 31st.

Spring. September. 1st. To. November. 30th.

Well, this was just a quick entry, see you all in the morning.

Lots of Love Carolynn. :grouphug: :grouphug: :heart: :heart: :heart: :) :) :clap: :thumbsup: :wave: :heart: :heart: :heart: :grouphug: :grouphug:

03-07-2011, 10:31 AM
Re: the plumber, not sure, all the gal would say was "it's mad here" yeah, and I'm not believing that either, since I am skeptical, I just thought, too much weekend.

03-07-2011, 10:42 AM
Happy Monday Washeritos's!!

Had a nice (quiet) enjoyable weekend at home with my Annie. The breakfast place on Saturday morning was quite nice. A small "hole in the wall" sort of place so service was a bit slow as there was only one waitress to do all the "front" duties. A bit of an odd menu, which I actually enjoyed. Anne thinks it's good enough to go back to, but not so spectacular as to make it a "must" go.

Yesterday I took her out to lunch down on our waterfront. Puget Sound (we're about 30 miles south of Seattle Peter) was lovely, lots of sailboats out yesterday as well as cargo ships lined up at anchor waiting for their slot at the grain elevator. I had Fish and chips (yep it's one of my favorites as well!) no coleslaw (I love it) and no mushy peas (love em too!), but three good pieces of cod and nice crisp chips and good malt vinegar!!:thumbsup: My Anne, who does not eat fishy foods had a reuben sandwich which she proclaimed was DELISH!

After lunch we came home and I made another batch of LuLu's magnificent muffins, while Annie did more school work. When the muffins were done they just didn't taste right...then I remembered.....I forgot the SUGAR!!!:eek: They are still good...just not so sweet as they were...almost salty tasting actually. But I'm eatin em anyway!! I added half a cup of bran to them so they're "healthy" too!!:evil:

Today I'll make a big pot of chili (not spicy as wifey does not DO spices) that will be tasty during the week...I make a KILLER GOOD award winning chili and it just gets better day after day!! Usually does not last too long though!!:D

JJ, hope whatever procedure you're having goes well and gives good results!!

Annie, we have a bad pothole problem as well...and some of the citizen's have come up with an ingenious way to highlight it....they plant flowers in the potholes!! Drivers actually tend to try to avoid the flowers so they last a while in the street! Me...I've actually come to like them a bit...they do keep the speeding careless drivers a bit more cautious..and those that aren't pay the price!:thumbsup:

Doug, grey and cloudy but no rain here at present...Weather man says it's on the way though and we'll be like Noah for the next ten days!:eek:

Geoff, if you're going to that meeting....keep the headache! Being grumpy means you won't be easily persuaded off your points!! And being less than agreeable can have it's good points!!:evil:

Carolynn, hope you are able to enjoy that pool as well!! Yes, sending white light to Lynn too!!

Peter...Monday is a day of errands and chores for me...and "hoovering" is on the list!:lol:

Ona, keep me posted on how your painting is doing! I'm still reserving the date!!

Reggie, you're lucky! At the post office weather was not an acceptable reason to not show up at work. In 32 years I never missed a day because of the weather...and yep I drove through snow and ice and even a flood to get to work. I'm glad your outfit is more reasonable!

Uschi, have fun at the gallery! I KNOW you'll have fun at table tennis!

Char, so far I have avoided the Dick Blick store....but I am weakening!! It's in a part of Seattle notorious for bad parking so I've been able to convince myself that it's not worth the hassle of trying to find parking and walking a long way back to the store....so far it's working!!:evil: BTW I love the Jeanne Dobie book...and have you looked at Michael Wilcox's "Blue and Yellow don't make Green" yet? Another good book on color theory and mixing...I'm looking forward to getting Nita Leland's newest color book as well.

Judy, it's only too hot in the summer (and part of the spring and fall:evil: )...but it's nice and flat so biking is not as difficult. Davis (about 15 miles away) is one of the most bike friendly towns in the USA. (and a very pretty town too...you should go to the farmer's market there!!). AND if you get too hot...the ocean is only a couple of hours away!! Oh, and I'd be grumpy about the Plumber as well!! If he's not the only choice around I'd call another plumber and never call the "bad" one again!

Ellen...I'm like you...I get distracted by "other" projects in the middle of what I'm "planning" to do!!

Darla...such a tough weekend!! At least you have some SUN today!! Hope you can enjoy it a little!!

Well, the chores are steadfastly refusing to do themselves...even though I've given them ample time to get on with it....:rolleyes: So I guess it's up to you-know-who to get the ball rolling!

back later ( I hope!) gang!

03-07-2011, 10:58 AM
these are our "seasons" dates...

Seasons of 2011:
SPRING EQUINOX March 20, 7:21 P.M. EDT
FALL EQUINOX September 23, 5:05 A.M. EDT
WINTER SOLSTICE December 22, 12:30 A.M. EST

Seasons of 2012:
SPRING EQUINOX March 20, 1:14 A.M. EDT
FALL EQUINOX September 22, 10:49 A.M. EDT
WINTER SOLSTICE December 21, 6:12 A.M. EST

03-07-2011, 11:03 AM
Hap: can you take some pics of the flowery potholes? I'd love to see them.

03-07-2011, 11:26 AM
Hap, I LOVE Davis! My brother went there and we spent every summer for several years there, and at Picnic day! Elk Grove could use some more trees. We will take our bikes, we have them here but for some reason we have not used them much.
Oh and about the plumber he is attached to our house warranty thingy or other, prepaid and no choice.

03-07-2011, 11:47 AM
Morning all. Hands are in agony this morning so will say what Bridget saidand save my hands for painting, which I hope to get to. Cleaned house last night so I wouldn't have to worry with it today. The classes with Johann have got me inspired to do some landscapes. I may even drag out my acrylics.
Snow has already melted off and the crocus are still blooming and the sun is out.

I found another site besides the Project Gutenberg where you can download books to your Kindles and such. It is Archives.org. You can also read on line. There is a book there on composition if I can find it again that I want to read.

Nothing else planned for today, I lead a really exciting life.:lol: I do have another painting to post in the gallery so will be off for now.
Have a great day all and yes spring will be here...eventually.

03-07-2011, 11:58 AM
Bridget, I'll have a look and see if any are "out" right now...they seem to go in spurts; lots of them or none of them!!

Judy, I like Davis as well...my daughter is "attached" to UC Davis (although she is almost always out at Bodega Bay Marine Labs) as a graduate student...at least until she finishes her PhD this year:crossfingers: . Still, it's WAAAY to hot in the summer there!! Nicer on the coast for me!!

Here's a nice shot of a summer day on the Northern California coast...ahhhhh

03-07-2011, 12:00 PM
beautiful photo...have you painted this?

03-07-2011, 12:12 PM
AND if you get too hot...the ocean is only a couple of hours away!!
It always amuses me when you quote 2 hours drive as being close. In 2 hours I could drive to Scotland, Wales and almost across the width of England :lol:

I know Davis well from Urban Sketchers, they have a correspondent who sketches around Davis regularly.

Sorry you are having pain in your hands Sue, thanks for the tip about archive.com.


03-07-2011, 12:45 PM
Another one Doug,
scribd.com. I haven't checked it out too much yet. I am just looking for some I can read on line. Maybe a Kindle is in my future. I am finding it hard to hold a book open lately. although I love books. These two were mentioned in the Webinar yesterday but I found the Project Gutenberg elsewhere.
Beautiful coast Hap. I wish I wasn't so landlocked. We do have a big lake and I want to go there when it warms up a bit and get some pictures. I want to go to th eMarina and get some boat pictures. Maybe one day I will paint one that is sea worthy Doug.:lol:


03-07-2011, 03:10 PM
Evening all.....

Thanks for good wishes about my headache...finally went along with an aching neck after lunch today.......as the meeting was this evening we had Dinner at lunchtime.....roast beef/yorkshire puddings/roast potato etc.......

Meeting went well..a couple of us old hands managed to steer the ship in the right direction...

Tomorrow...hopefully a few holes of golf...

Goodnight all


03-07-2011, 05:46 PM
Bridget, no I have not painted it (yet)....too many "things" in it for my level of competency right now! :wink2: . It's a gorgeous area though!

Sue, I have relatives near you so I know the area well..Nice hills there....:o

Doug, Davis is a very nice little town, with a very rural feel, though it's a College town and has quite a few amenities. Here's the most common mode of transportation on and around campus!

It's a very nice town in the winter...if you don't mind a lot of college kids! it's WAY too hot in the summer...we were there once when it was 117F/47C...I'll wager even Nola would call that hot!!:eek:

03-07-2011, 06:02 PM
Oh yes, Davis gets really hot in the summer. Lots of Air Conditioning there.