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03-01-2011, 12:44 AM
Hi Everyone, Just me again. Another sweltering day, although it rained yesterday:clap: but then it got even more humid:(. Can't complain, just have to stay indoors or frolic in the spa (that was for Lulu:lol:). I haven't answered everyone for a while, but as I have a bit of time on my hands today, I have opened up a new tab and put yesterday's wash into it, because I can't remember everybodies posts either.

Actually, we did spa yesterday after the kids left. We turned out all the lights to foil any nosey neighbours and zipped in in the buff. It was indeed relaxing and helped us both to sleep, even with the humidity.

Annie, your Elkhorn is a beauty. We have a rather big staghorn growing outside, but haven't been able to get an elkhorn. Actually, our garden is very tropical with lots of palms, ferns (hardy ones) bougainvillia and frangipani trees growing. Your garden looks great. I like chicken & salad very much and tatties with butter dripping off them but it has to be butter, not margarine. (Oh well, I can dream can't I)

Hi Doug, So nice when you can see spring coming.

Hi Lulu, I would like to see "The kings speech" too. A bit of a scary night with all that you guys in NZ have been through.

Well Geoff, I expect an A+ next!

Hi JJ, great pics.

Does it hurt if you get rained on by sleet Reggie?

Enjoy the Art Gallery Monika.

Hi Sylvia, hope the visit to the Physio was a success.

Anita :grouphug:

Howdie Doodie Uschie:wave:

Hi Char, Your class photos are great, what good students they are. Yes the Seafood mornay was great. I was hoping there would be a little left for the freezer, but that wasn't to be!

Hi Gail, Leggo is just timeless isn't it.

Hi Darla, hope you are feeling happier today. I had a hard time too and my personality did a complete change. H.R.T. was my saviour. Don't delay it.:grouphug:

Hi Bridget, what are ACEOs.

Hi Ona, You have such a great attitude.

Hi Hap, What a beautiful white orchid. Does Annie not even like shellfish?

Hi Pat, that was quick. I am a big licorice fan too. We get something here called fruit bites made by Fynna. They are like little licorice logs with fruit flavours and aren't quite as sweet as the normal licorice allsorts. I LOVE THEM. (damn this diet, i'm starting to halucinate).

Hi Lenore:wave:

Hello Mark:wave:

Well, Here's cheers everyone. May BBL, Nola.


03-01-2011, 01:34 AM
Hey there Nola. Stay cool. You can have some of our unseasonably cool weather.

Working a night shift for someone who called in sick, so a bit of extra money.

Now I can say "What Nola said." :D

HAWLTAIN :wave: :wave: to all on their way.


03-01-2011, 01:40 AM
Hi Nola, nice to know you are still frolicking:D

Cooling down here now, about 24C today, nice and comfortable for us (not for Nola though lol). Yes, was a bit scary getting evacuated, mainly because we didn't know how far we had to go to get outside, also what had caused the alarm.

I like licorice too, but plain, not in sweet allsort variety. Plenty of health benefits too - again, not the sweet version Pat;)

Have a good day everyone:wave:

Hi Kay, we x-posted.

03-01-2011, 02:22 AM
Hi Ladies!

We had some rain yesterday and now I cannot say what season to call this :D Weather is still very strange.

Didn't sleep very well yesterday, so I am feeling dull and sleepy at work now.

Well, my friend has some 40 odd paintings - mostly all watercolours to display in the exhibition. I'll try to get some photos when I visit.

(((((Ona))))) don't be too stressed to think about what's allowed and what's not, I think you should just focus on getting better and keep painting and I'm sure you'll be able to get back to work at a later time.

Have a creative day all!


03-01-2011, 02:25 AM
Evening all from a filthy hot Queensland.

Last week I put my Ruby (car) in for a service and they found a fault ... under Warranty :clap: ... that NEVER happens ... it's usually 2 seconds out of warranty .. so car dropped off this morning, the walk back to work in the sunny cool (OK Char ... I wore walking shoes this time and carried my work pair ... it was much easier :lol: ), the toil and labour in air conditioning :cool: .. then the long walk back at 34C and burning sun.

Rotten hot. But stopping at the Post Office my new delivery of Arches paper and Lukas gouache had arrived. Sweated it into the car .. may arms seem to have shrunk :confused: .. got home and parked the car too close to a pillar of the carport to open the backdoor of the car. Athletically extracted it from the other side. Yes, it would have been easier to back out and park again but it was hot!.

Got inside, had a glass of water (truly) ... watched the cats melt out of their hidey holes (actually anywhere you don't want cat hair and usually the hottest part of the house) did some washing ... hell .. still have to hang it out .. refilled the birdbaths and then sat and cogitated and coagulated about sweat .

Nola ... "Hi Darla, hope you are feeling happier today. I had a hard time too and my personality did a complete change. H.R.T. was my saviour. Don't delay it.:grouphug:"

I didn't have any problems ... ask my husband :lol:

Lulu ... DVDs at home are safer. Nerves on edge. All ADMIRATION for New Zealand.

Ona ... keep being positive. You are a GREAT painter :thumbsup:

Anita ... (((())))

Thanks for jogging the memory all ... off to hang out the washing


03-01-2011, 02:37 AM
Well.....I posted 5 minutes ago and the site just hung then said connection problem...........

So short version.........sleep D- for disappointing.

Char..loved the bottles..can I join the class please!

Weather...fine and dry high clouds.

Today, hopefully a few holes of golf if course has re-opened at 0800.

((((((((((((((cyberhugs for ona and all who need them)))))))))))))))


03-01-2011, 02:48 AM
Good morning ladies, and all to follow.

It's a lovely morning here, promises to be a fine day. Just seen the collared doves reappear, haven't seen them since last year.

Hugs to (((Ona))) after yesterday's hospital visit. I think you are now going to be a professional artist Ona.

Must congratulate Char on the work of her class, a testament to her own skill and teaching ability. You have a new career Char :thumbsup:

Oh! Those danged Wood Pigeons are breeding again :rolleyes: :eek:

A short class this morning with Wyn and her pal. Isn't Wyn making fantastic progress?

Spent yesterday afternoon trying to install my old Brother printer at a friend's house without success. Couldn't get the drivers to load and the printer was clogged.

Hi Geoff, just noticed you pop in. Sorry you had a bad night.


03-01-2011, 02:57 AM
Monika :wave: .. hope you are coping with your loads. Weather ? who knows what and/or where? I do know it is still filthy hot here.

Geoff (()) re the sleep etc.

Doug ... I'll agree about Wyn. She is making great progress. I need to get into the gallery more often. Mea culpa.

Thanks for jogging the brain cells too ... Char your class is wonderful! A delight.

Guess Gail is off on her tropical trip soon?

And NOW I am going to hang out the washing ... shortly ... :lol:

03-01-2011, 03:03 AM
Char, had to mention that your students have done such a great job! They are lucky to have such a talented teacher :)

Annie, I hope you have hanged the clothes, before you pop in for the third time ;)


03-01-2011, 03:06 AM
Yes, Annie, nerves are on edge, I didn't realise quite how much until last night.

Geoff, you and me both about wanting to be in Char's art class.
Silly question probably re your sleep problems, but have you tried sleeping pills?
I just couldn't cope without sleep like you do.

Hi Doug, the godwits have gone from NZ now.
perhaps you wood pidgeons should join Probus:p

Hi Monika, looking forward to seeing your friend's work.

Have got another watercolour on the go, and my required 45 mins drying time is nearly up so will go back to it - hope you are reading this Ona!:D

03-01-2011, 03:12 AM
Yes ... :lol: Monika

03-01-2011, 04:50 AM
Morning All.:wave: 4C. 09.39am. Another dull but expected dry day in the UK. Just about to go out for my morning walk. The medics say a half hour brisk walk a day keeps the.... what away? Maybe the cobwebs or even worse prospects in store for us oldies.:eek: Still it's being so cheerful that keeps me going. Still reading about the current disasters affecting the World and some of the personal problems of posters on here I thank my lucky stars.:crossfingers:

The software problem is reaching a climax - looks as if it will be a negative one but my patience is just about exhausted.:crying: Today we pick up our delightful granddaughter (6) from School. She is a little charmer although like all children has her moments. Taking her ballet exam this week would you believe and coming along very, very well with her violin lessons. She takes all these things very seriously.:cat:

Right I'm off in a minute or two so best wishes to all for a good day and may all your problems vanish like snow in Spring.


Scene Chaser
03-01-2011, 05:00 AM
Good day All,

14 F here, but will warm to 35 later.

We are giving ACT tests to all eleventh grade students today. So, no classes.

Doug, aren't Wood Pigeons good to eat. :) They are big birds.
Here is a good recipe.
Wood Pigeon Casserole

Serves 4

This is a lighter version of a traditional casserole, perfect for the early days of autumn. Pigeon breasts donít need much cooking, so Iíve pan-fried them separately from the casserole. Donít overcook them, as they are best served medium.

4 wood pigeons
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil, for cooking
150g pancetta
150g button onions, peeled
150g button mushrooms
1 small kohlrabi, peeled and cut into bite-sized chunks
2 medium carrots, peeled and sliced into
bite-sized chunks
300ml red wine
300ml brown chicken stock
150g fresh (or frozen) peas
1 spring green, trimmed and finely shredded
Small handful of flat-leaf parsley, chopped

1 Carve out the breasts from the pigeons, season, cover with clingfilm and allow to chill while you cook the casserole. Reserve the carcass for stock, if you like.
2 Heat a little oil in a heavy-based pan and add the pancetta, onions and mushrooms. Cook over a high heat, stirring occasionally, until lightly brown. Add the kohlrabi and carrots and cook over a high heat for a few more minutes. Deglaze with the wine and boil for a few minutes to cook off the alcohol. Add the stock and braise for 20-25 minutes until the vegetables are tender. At the last moment, add the peas for 2 minutes to warm through.
3 When ready to serve, pan-fry the pigeon breasts, skin-side down first, for 3 minutes on each side, until brown and slightly springy when pressed. Transfer to a warm plate to rest for a few minutes.
4 Cook the spring greens in a wide pan with a little olive oil and some seasoning. Add a splash of water and allow to steam for 2 minutes until wilted. Pile on to four warm plates, then spoon the casserole around the plates. Top each plate with 2 pigeon breasts and garnish with a sprinkling of chopped parsley to serve.

03-01-2011, 05:01 AM
morning all still around not doing anything to lazy at the moment
can't seem to get any get up go


03-01-2011, 05:28 AM
:wave: It is still 30 deg celcius in my dining room, and it is 135pm.

:grouphug: and healing vibes to all in need :heart:

I had this brilliant idea late this afternoon to head off the the Ferry terminal, and catch the ferry into Riverside place and do some sketching. I left home at 4.00pm, the breeze was cooling-ish.

I was expecting an uneventful trip, nope, not going to happen. My GO Card, which I purchased 5 weeks ago at the cost of $30.00 beeped "expired card". You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had some change some paid for my fare. I asked for a return ticket, "Oh no" said the ticket collector. "We abolished them in the beginning of January, just one price now. Return fare price regardless if you are only going one way". The ticket is valid for 2 hours though, so if I manage to get back on the ferry within 2 hours, I am good to go.

I got off at Riverside place (as the name suggests, it is located on the river) ordered a coffee at the Boardwalk Bar and Bistro, found a table, and settled in for an hours sketching of the Story Bridge (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Story_Bridge).

I sketched for an hour and a half, drank a cup of coffee, and a glass of dry red wine, then packed up with time to spare to catch the ferry home, just.

Dusk is my absolute favourite time of day.
Standing of the stern of the ferry, watching the city lights sparkling against the deepening sky is just magical. I was standing there, hair blowing in the wind, just enjoying the moment, and I heard a flutter above. I looked up and and saw about a dozen fruit bats (http://www.ourbrisbane.com/see-and-do/things-to-do/flying-foxes-brisbane) (Flying Foxes) flying overhead. They had left their roost to forage on the berry's and pollen, of the numerous palm trees that line the properties along the banks of the river. They are so comical when they fly. Lazy, somewhat slow flapping of their wings, they always look like they are drunk. Oh, I so wish I could adequately convey the moment, it was just magical..

The river is still a dirty brown..

The is the Old Customs House Building. It is now an art gallery and cafe.

Story Bridge taken from where I was sitting.

You can see a lone Fruit Bat up there. The buildings look so pretty when they are lit up.

One last glimpse, then I turned around and let the breeze blow through my hair, it is getting longer now, down to my shoulder blades, and thoroughly enjoying the moment. :)

Bill Wood Pigeons' are beautiful birds, not sure I would eat one, unless there was nothing else ;-))


03-01-2011, 06:06 AM
Hi All

It is 6am here in Ohio. I think that we will have temps in 40's and some sunshine today.

I however don't feel that great yet. Boy this cold is something.

Ona - sorry to hear your news but your health is the most important. Sounds like it will be an uphill climb for a while to get back to your former healthy self. Just take care and continue painting.

JJ - Sounds like a great trip. Pics were fantastic. Love your new camera.

OK - thats all I can remember gonna go back to bed. Feeling BLAH


03-01-2011, 06:25 AM
Thanks Anita. (((((hugs))))) I used my little old camera for these photos. It isn't a bad camera, except, it doesn't have a view finder window, only a display. I can't see anything through it when the light is bright.

Here is my sketch..

I am still perspective challenged.. sigh :D

03-01-2011, 06:29 AM
Good Morning all,
It is just after 6:15 a.m. here in still dark Oakwood.

Nothing planned for today, YEAH! We'll probably go out to the Library and grocery store, but that is at our own pace, no appointments to meet. YEAH!

Larry's visit with the PT went well. He got new ways of doing some of the exercises that he likes better and he was in a happier mood after we got home. :D We go again on Wednesday and again on Friday.....can you see why I am enjoying having a day with no demands on our time. :rolleyes:

I'm working on both my paintings and they are coming along pretty well. I'm at that "I don't know what to do with the backgrounds" stage although I still have a way to go on one of them before that becomes a crucial decision.

Ona, Sorry you got such bad news about not going back to your teaching job. I know the children you worked with miss you as much as you miss them, but what the doctors said about being exposed to germs is so true. You can't afford to catch some of the things that make the rounds in schools. :eek: I like what Doug said ^^^ "I think you are now going to be a professional artist Ona."

Char, Your students bottle paintings turned out great. I laughed at the one who made her bottles green and blue instead of pink and red like everyone else did. That's an individualist for sure. :D

Hi Mark, the newcomer from Baltimore, Maryland (Doug ;) ). Welcome to the Wash.

Bill, I've never had a wood pigeon (don't even know if I've ever seen one even), but that recipe would be good with chicken as well. Lots of yummy flavors in it.

JJ, Love that photo of the old Customs building with the green dome. Glad you had enough cash with you to take the ferry.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way. Gotta go now, almost time to wake up Larry and have breakfast.



03-01-2011, 06:30 AM
Morning all! On the run again. got to work ok yesterday, The roads weren't bad.
Ona- A rheumatologist is who you should have seen a long time ago! It's too bad they didn't think of it sooner. Hopefully he or she will get you the answers you need! I 'll PM you tonight. Hang in there!

DArla-hope you are feeling a bit better today!

Gotta run!
Have a great day all! til later!


03-01-2011, 06:32 AM
Here is a link (http://wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=13552272&posted=1#post13552272) to my other sketches :-))

Sylvia, yes it was lucky, as I don't usually carry cash. I had $10.00 in my wallet. :-D

03-01-2011, 07:42 AM

thanks for the support. I was all set to give going back to work a go but she (my lead specialist) was so firmly against it , it shocked me. She said if i did she could gaurantee i'd be in ICU again within a month:( Oh i wish I could earn a living being an artist but I dont think i'm pushy enough. I'm really trying but its just not me. I need to find somewhere to sell paintings/ prints etc but havent a clue where to start or much energy to try. I'm not giving up painting though I love it too much. I just need a bundle of energy and confidence to do the rest.

sorry havent got time to reply individually I need to get back to the hospital


03-01-2011, 08:24 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!!

-10C and beautifully sunny.

I have a physio appointment this morning and working in the gallery in the afternoon until 6:00 p.m. and that's my day:)

Ona, my first thought was "but you are working, you now are a professional artist"!! Still, I know you wanted to be back with the children on the other hand this way you have more time to paint. The doctor is right about the kids and their bugs!!! Yes, merchandizing our art is very difficult, I don't have it in me either but maybe you can find a couple of galleries in Toronto that would carry your art.:grouphug:

Char, I honestly don't know how you can teach raw beginners how to paint such fabulous bottles, they all did a fantastic job. I too had to chuckle at the one with the different colours, that would have been my friend Flo:lol: :lol:

JJ, what a nice adventure and your sketches look really great!!!

You ladies in the hot, hot, HOT country, give me the -10C any time:lol:

Mark, WELCOME!!!!!

Hap, glad Anne is feeling better!!!

Sylvia, all this driving is a bit tiresome but this too will pass. Enjoy your painting!!

I have to get ready for the physio so will :wave: to you ALL and wish you a good day!!


Strawberry Wine
03-01-2011, 08:26 AM
Morning Washers !

-10 C this morning and the sun is already shining through my kitchen window.. No wind so it is a beautiful morning.

We are packed and ready to roll later this afternoon. We will be staying at a Comfort Inn tonight where the shuttle to the airport will pick us up at 2:45 a.m. Flight out is at 6:15. At the end of our trip the shuttle will pick us and take us back to where our Van will be parked.

WE will take Koty and Eve to the kennel around 11:00 this morning. A few chores around the house, fill the feeders etc and then pick up Gillian around 3:30 this afternoon. WE will then be on our way to head down to the Inn that is near the airport. :clap: :clap:

:grouphug: Ona :grouphug: You know :heart: , that physically returning to work is not likely in the foreseeable future but that does not mean that returning to work at some point is out of the question. Adding a Rheumatologist to your care team is a GOOD thing.

Sylvia, glad that Larry's exercise program is progressing as it should... Soon, the number of visits will be reduced.

Anita, just don't over extend yourself... When I had a similar virus last autumn it was about 3 weeks before I felt really well. I set myself back once or twice thinking I was over it and wasn't.

Well lots to do before 3:00 this afternoon so I am going to :wave: to everyone. I think there is an internet cafe at the resort, and if so, I will pop in from there.

Hasta Luego !



03-01-2011, 08:47 AM
Gail, :clap: :clap: :clap: the day has finally arrived!!! Have a wonderful vacation!!!!!


03-01-2011, 08:48 AM
Good morning... and March has come in like a lamb... while our temperatures have dropped back to *seasonal*, the sun is out and the sky is a lovely clear cerulean... our snow remains...

I'm heading to my painting friends house this morning... we alternate homes each week... her studio looks out onto the lake and it's a beautiful place to paint...

I don't have any other plans than that... Matt will be home from school early this afternoon and Ted's in need of a haircut... exciting household we have here...

Thanks to all of you for your nice comments about my Students... they are so much fun to work with and yes, I really enjoy leading them... we laugh a lot... :)

Nola... I missed the part where you explained nipping into a hot tub in 34C heat... Is your spa, indeed, a hot tub?????????

:wave: Kay, Lulu, and Monika...

Annie, so you have to order your art supplies online too? How fortunate that your car is still under warranty... Such melting heat... I just don't know how a person becomes acclimated to it...

Geoff and Lulu... come to Canada... of course, we'll let everyone else labour over their lesson plans and we'll just sit and visit... :)

Hi Doug... see what you've done? You've caused Bill to cook your poor defenceless pigeons! :eek: Technology isn't forever, eh? Sometimes we have to give up and take our older stuff to be recycled... amazing that it's often cheaper to replace than repair...

Char is retired... Char is retired... Char is retired... (I have to continuously remind myself of that)

Peter... I'm :envy: that you're able to spend so much time with your Grands... ours are too far away...

Enjoy your day at home, Bill!

((Ollieowl Peter))

Beautiful photos, JJ... that's one big bat...

Feel better today ((Anita))!

Sylvia... that Student certainly presented me with a challenge when it came to deciding on the reflected colour of red on green!!! We found a way to work it out, but she sure got my brain cells engaged... :lol: And THAT's why I love doing this!!!

So glad that Larry had a good report... and now, enjoy your free day!

Hiya Reggie... you are sure on the run most of the time these days!

((Ona)) I'm so sorry about the way this news has impacted you... but, I suspect you knew it was a possibility and you have been forced to face the truth of it... I sure hope that you're finally on a path to some measure of good health... my heart is with you every day... :heart:

Uschi... you and I often think so much alike! Good luck with physio this morning...

Gail... Tienen un gran viaje! Be sure to check in if you can!

I'm out the door... I have to pack my stuff up (it only takes me a few minutes now) and head down the road to my friend's place... she lives in the same area that I do, so it's not far...

I forgot to welcome Mark from MD... :)

I hope everyone has the very best possible day! :wave:

03-01-2011, 09:05 AM
Have a wonderful holiday Gail and Dan :wave:


03-01-2011, 09:19 AM
Morning all. Going to be around 70F here today so nice. A few crocus and miniature iris in bloom. I love those first blooms of the year. Storms all day yesterday with lots of rain and thunder, sending cats under beds and dog barking. Silly animals.
Nothing planned for today. tomorrow I go to the Dr. and will ask him to send me to a rheumatologist. I am in hopes they will give me some meds to keep my hands from getting worse. The hip and back are bad enough but I don't know what I would do if I couldn't hold a paint brush.
Ona my prayers are with you and I do hope you find something that will help you feel better.
Anita, feel better soon.
JJ great pictures and sketches. I have a new set of binoculars with a camera in them. I can't wait to get out and try to get some good bird pictures. I have lots of birds here.
Char, Great work for beginners. You are an amazing teacher and artist.
Geoff, maybe a nap is in order today. I hope you will eventually get your sleep problem sorted out.
Hi Doug, Annie, and Lulu and everyone else. That's all I can remember. I hope you all have a great day today. Gail, Have a wonderful time and stay safe.

03-01-2011, 09:34 AM
:clap: :thumbsup: HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY GAIL AND DAN :thumbsup: :clap:

Char, I meant to tell you, your students paintings are awesome. You are a great teacher :heart:

Sue, how awesome is that, binoculars with a camera in them, I am looking forward to your photos already!!!

03-01-2011, 09:42 AM
Can I call a do over for yesterday ???

ALL I wanted to do was get my oil changed, maybe a quick trim at the base barbershop - yes, barbershop, I have a longer crew cut :)

I left the house yesterday at 7 am to drive to down for an oil change. Three hours later! They come out and tell me my intakes are dripping oil, the battery is dead, and oh ya, you need an oil change. Well, that's all I went IN for. So, they wanted $1200. NOT. I'll do the oil drip another day. it's one drip of oil every two or three days... $80 for parts and $900 for labour, and two days in the shop. Good grief.

I'm still pondering how an oil change and a 5 year battery cost me almost $300. (OK, 95 was finding out WHERE the drip came from.)

Moving on, I decided to pop into a local shop and get all my spring shops. Yay, they were on sale.

Well, sure I have time for a quick trip into the post and then the barbershop. Then I'll treat myself to a nice adult lunch. That 6 am poptart is fading fast.

So as I sit in the barber's chair, my cell rings. It never rings on my day off, it's taboo. It's the school nurse. The boy has maybe broken his arm, in gym class playing the same idiodic game that he sprained his wrist playing two weeks ago!.

I'm an hour away from the school, poor kid. So my choice is to either drive an hour west and get him and then 10 minutes further west to the closest ER, OR to drive an hour west to get him and then 1.25 hours east back to the other base that has an ER. I go with not making him suffer.

HUGE HUGE error in judgement. (and before anyone harps on me here, I know triage. I come from a medical and fireman's house, and used to be a medic.) The ER contained two people obviously with flu, and a woman with a broken elbow, a sick baby, and us. 3.5 hours later we all still sat there. More people came and left on their own, tired of waiting - and went to a local urgent care (our insurance doesn't pay for urgent care.) Even the sick baby family left. OH, and there was no separation of the sick and injured. Nothing like fluey people sharing their gifts.

Oh and OC my kid is doing his best, as best as a 12 year old with a broken arm can do, NOT to cry. Plus he's hungry and they won't let him eat or drink, which I also understand.

I think they honestly forgot us. When he finally got into the back he was put onto a bed in the hallway and forgotten again. The doc showed up and asked how xray went and we told him that no one had come or taken us. Boy was he ticked off. (that was another half hour there) Radiology popped out of the woodwork at that point, did the scan, the splint and we were out the door 12 mintues later !:eek: 12 MINTUES! Their referral amounted to a phone number to a place almost 1.45 hours from our house and who wouldn't be able to see him for another 2-5 days, I'd have to do all the insurance paperwork and phoning myself to get him in. What a total PIA. So I call the base appointment line to try to get him in there for today...the line closed at 4, it's now 4:30. ARGH.

Should have gone to the base... you see, our insurance only allows the base for followups. ya. see where this is going? but without a written referral, they won't see you at all.

SO, this whole party started at noon. It's now 6pm. I drop him off with his dad on our base so he can go to dinner and scouts, it's annual election night, and come hell or high water he said was going. Brave drugged up little commando kid :)

I meanwhile decided to take myself a halfhour up the road to the base with the ER and try my smiling charms on them. I got there and explained the whole mess to them. They gladly called the Ortho on call and explained it to him.
Ortho told me to call at 7am and get an appt for today. Ahhhh... Now it's 8pm and I'm finally heading the hour and a half home. Didn't see me mention my lunch or supper yet did ya. The whole day on a blueberry poptart. :rolleyes: Ya, that's healthy.

So the boy has an appt at 1 for a real cast, not one that they slapped on wrong at the ER that cut off the circulation to his pinky. I'm going to try to remember to eat on TIME today.

OH and did I mention that he has space camp in Huntsbville for a week, starting this Sunday? Oh ya. Makes it so much more interesting. Luckily this is his 3rd broken arm, and he can take care of himself. Calgon, take me away!


03-01-2011, 09:59 AM
Wow Caryl what a day :eek:


03-01-2011, 10:03 AM
Happy Tuesday Washers,

The SUN is shining today and it's lovely out. We can expect milder temps during the day but this morning it was quite nippy and frosty.

I'm doing okay and always feel happier when the sun shines. GEOFF....if I had to grade my sleep....the night before last would have been a "D" and last night a "C":lol: I NEVER get much quality sleep lately.

I'm still searching for a new doctor and there are quite a few to chose from.

I stopped after work for a hair trim and that felt good. Always gives me a boost. When a women's hair doesn't look good they can feel down too.:D


I wondered if I was the only one who noticed Char's student who chose a different colored bottle. LOL You sure do work wonders with new students Char.

(((ONA))) so sorry about you not being able to return to the classroom; but glad your doctor stressed the importance of being germ free. :heart:

Hello Reggie, hope your drive into work was okay this morning.

Monika, enjoy your day....it's ALMOST HUMP DAY.

Thanks Nola and Annie, yes HRT helps wonderfully for most women; but my current Dr doesn't want to give me ANY. My mother had a breast cancer scare and I was on the MAX hormone therapy for 10 years after hysterectomy. STAY COOL!

LuLu, enjoy these last HOT days down under.

Bill, I've never ate wood pigeon. I have ate partridge though and it's just like chicken...all white meat. :thumbsup: Hope your equilibrium is better these days.

Hello Peter, Doug, Uschi,Caryl, Sue, and Sylvia!

(((ANITA))) hope your cold leaves you alone very soon.:heart:

JJ, what a marvelous time you must have had; great pics! Wonderful drawings. good for you.:clap:

Well, data entry to do and more coffee needed.

Enjoy your day all and thank you SO MUCH for the hugs and kind words. You guys are THE VERY BEST of FRIENDS!!:grouphug: :wave:

03-01-2011, 10:17 AM

(((ONA))) that is a HIGH heart rate for someone SITTING!:eek: :confused: :grouphug:

((((HAP'S ANNIE)))) hope she's mending at home today.:grouphug:

LuLu, when you were in town and saw the tribute during the moment of silence for the quake victims that must have given you chills. Isn't it wonderful for everyone to come together for their country?:thumbsup:

Ellen in Ont
03-01-2011, 11:42 AM
:wave: everyone,
It feels great to have a day to myself (sort of) after the last few hectic days. I had to work yesterday so I was too tired to go back on the computer last night.

The workshop on the weekend was great. Here are a few pics if you are interested. I was teaching how to paint realistic eyes and skin tones. The mural in the background in one of a series of panels our art club is painting to go on a community building.


Sylvia - no need to be :envy: - you already went to this workshop during the Ontario meet.:D

Gail - have a great holiday. I am :envy:

I haven't had a chance to read all the washes yet so I have to go back and do that next. I just finished answering about 30 emails and doing some other online work. Next will be lunch and then run some errands. Back to work tomorrow. Keep painting everyone.

03-01-2011, 11:48 AM
Afternoon all...

Managed to get half way round the course in the heat 50F this morning!
Cool now and frost forecast for tonight..........

Lulu...Silly question probably re your sleep problems, but have you tried sleeping pills?

No, I have not..nor would I....with my other 'problems' I need to be able wake up 'on demand'....

((((((((((Ona and anyone else that needs a hug))))))))))))))))


03-01-2011, 11:51 AM
Wow BIG wash early today!!:thumbsup:

Darla...No....Annie is at school, You'd have to cut off one of her legs to keep her away from "her kids":o . Still, she's a great teacher and really does wonders with some pretty challenged kids so I can't say I blame her. Me? I'd go nutz in less than two days!! I'd probably duct tape the kids to the walls!!:eek:

37F this morning and raining slightly. maybe snow rain mix later in the day or this evening..won't do more than look pretty though, just like yesterday! I'll be making Lulu's muffins today for a treat for Annie. I work at the ballpark tomorrow (some big Microsoft thing) so I'll also have to fix tomorrow's dinner today..and NO ideas what it will be.

My book that I ordered from Alibris (Michael Wilcox's Blue and Yellow Dont Make Green) yesterday so I will enjoy looking through that today as well! Hoping that my folding palettes will arrive from the UK today as well:crossfingers: but more likely the parcel will be delivered tomorrow where it will sit on my porch just waiting for some thieves to see it and run away with it!:eek: . i'm HOPING that I can come up with a decent limited palette for travel purposes that will still give me a wide range of good color mixes (hence the book!).

Nola, is your spa a hot tub/jacuzzi or a swimming pool? Skinny dipping at my age is more likely to frighten the neighbors than excite them:rolleyes: And no, My Annie does not care for shellfish either...if it gets wet while it's alive she's not interested in eating it....I tell her they raise cows and chickens INSIDE so they don't even get rained on...otherwise I'm sure she'd be vegan by now!!:eek: :wink2:

Annie, I like hanging clothes out to dry as well...can't do that here in the winter though...they'd be out until late JUNE!! Still, they smell better when they dry outside I think!

Kay, extra $$ is GOOD $$!

Monika, 40 paintings in one display is GOOD!! Hope your friend makes some good sales!!

Ona, You should get Sharon (Wind Song) to be your agent, I'll bet you'd both get RICH!!

Geoff, D-...how disappointing! Have fun at golf!

Doug...Collared Doves and wood pigeons DO taste good!!:evil:

Peter, with my gimpy knee I can't do my daily walks anymore, I DO miss them!! I still tend to hobble about perhaps more than my Dr thinks I should...but I have to get SOME exercise!! I think you are lucky having your Grands so close that you get to enjoy them so much!

Bill that's a GOOD recipe!!I've eaten wild pigeon, doves, pheasant, quail, partridge, grouse, ducks and geese...all are yummy when perpared well!!

JJ does "expired card" mean it ran out of money or was too "old" to be used anymore? Looks like you had a grand time out though and the sketches look GOOD!!

Anita, don't try to push the cold...relax and get better!!

Sylvia, glad that Larry's report was good and it sounds like he's progressing faster than expected?? Looking forward to seeing your newest paintings!!

Reggie zooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm HI!:wave:

Ona, Concentrate on fighting the illness and perhaps you will find yourself back helping the kids again!! You need an agent to market your work to quality galleries! Your work is phenomenal enough that is where it would be best marketed! And for big BUCKS too!!

Uschi! Slow day for you today eh? :evil:

Gail...have a GREAT time!! Take lots of reference photos!! :envy:

Char is retired!! My retirement motto is: "If it ain't fun...I ain't doing it!!" So far it's worked very well!! Of course you are having so much fun it's almost unfair!!

Sue, hope you get some good news on your hands!!

Caryl...hmmm, slow day huh?? Did you manage to get the haircut? (parental note from one who's been there done that) Always carry a couple of protein bars along with you!! you can guarantee that either you OR the sprout (or both) will need it!!

Darla, the fact that you're happier when the sun shines, makes me really think you should be checked for Seasonal Affected Disorder...easy peasy cure for most who have it!!

Well it's taken me most of an hour to write this entry...ups and downs have kept the interruptions at a pretty steady pace!!

back later gang!!

03-01-2011, 12:18 PM

Just got in after going to The Range - Mum bought me some more paper - both acrylic and oil ones = plus two more hobby boxes for my paints - and a bag of liquorice allsorts .....LOL.

It was lovely day - quite mild but when we came back she stumbled on the steps and down she went....we have two steps up to the front of the house - not sure how she did it as she was hold of the handle we have there.

Fortunately she didn't land heavily and managed to stop her face hitting the flags. I was able to pick her up as her feet were lower down than where she was sat so held on to her hands and helped her up - then I held on to her in a big hug. Phew!!!

Settled her down in her chair and made her a cup of tea and a couple of crumpets - oh and of course a piece of cake - she was ok.:thumbsup:

Just started on another watercolour - an unusual one this time - you know me I like to find quirky views of things....LOL.

Wishing Dan and Gail and Gillian a bon voyage!!

Sending Ona and everyone in need big hugs.

Waving to everyone :wave:


Pat xxx

Strawberry Wine
03-01-2011, 01:30 PM
Gracias todos !

Tendremos una muy buenas vacaciones.


Gail, Dan y Gilly

03-01-2011, 01:49 PM
hey y'all ( yes my NY accent is slowly being replaced by a charming southern drawl...as I say, I'm northern by birth, southern by choice). I'm planning on painting some more aceos this afternoon for the project here on WC.

:grouphug: ONA:grouphug: I feel so bad you're going through this. When I was told I could not return to work due to my heart problems it was a shock & it truly crushed me. I understand what you are going through & know what it is like to live with multiple health issues. My love & prayers are with you :heart:

Nola: :eek: naked spa time (( sounds wonderful ))

here's the little blip on ACEOs I put on my listings for selling them...aceo = Art Card, Editions & Originals. They must measure 2.5" x 3.5" and are created in any medium. Their size make them perfect to display just about anywhere. Your options for giving, collecting & displaying aceos and small paintings are as varied as your imagination.
there is a project (http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/Projects/index.php?cmd=view_details&proj_id=1402) here on WC for aceos going on now.

Kay: extra $ always helps

Monika: I'm looking forward to seeing your friend's paintings

Annie: oh my such hot weather...I hope it cools down soon...enjoy your new supplies.

Geoff: (( hope you sleep better tonight ))

Doug: have fun at your class

Lulu: I hope painting soothes your frazzled nerves

Peter: good luck to your granddaughter

hey Bill: feeling better?

JJ: beautiful photos...nice sketch!

Uschi & Sue: good luck at the Dr

Welcome to the Wash MARK

Gail: safe travels & enjoy

Char: have fun painting

Caryl: what a horrible day you had...((( hugs to your boy )))

Hap: do those birds have a strong "gamey" flavor?

hi Ollie, Anita, Sylvia (:clap: Larry) , Reggie, Darla, Pat & anyone I missed

p.s. just found out a dear friend of mine will be calling this afternoon...we haven't spoken on the phone in about 30 yrs. He was my first love. We were both 4 yrs old when we met at summer day camp. He was going to be a Dr (like his Daddy) & I was going to be a Dr's Wife & a Mommy. lol after all, it was 1967. We were very close growing up & were in the same classes all through elementary school & some in jr high/hs...we drifted apart after HS. "Found" each other on Facebook a couple of years ago & have been chatting & messaging ever since. It will be good to hear his voice. He lives/works in Manhattan...something I always wanted to do but never did...he's been there over 20 yrs.

03-01-2011, 02:48 PM
Skinny dipping at my age is more likely to frighten the neighbors than excite them:rolleyes:

Love it!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:

03-01-2011, 04:34 PM
Hi to All

Pat, it might be worthwhile investing in a ramp up to your front door, we got our mother one fitted and she is much more confident going over the threshhold. I must be getting old, I too enjoy a cuppa with a couple of crumpets and a piece o cake :lol:

I am preparing for the first art fair of the year on Saturday, its an outside venue, great fun, great characters, I just hope that the weather holds out!

Ah skinnydipping!, great fun, but the cold sea water here does cause havoc with the three tenors.

Char, your students are a credit to you


03-01-2011, 06:23 PM
Hi Char, Our spa is not very exotic. It is a budget 5 seater model and had an electric heater inside the pump. This cost MEGABUCKS to run, so DH disabled the heater and rigged up solar heating with a couple of large coils of black poly piping on the roof of our shed (next to the spa). The water is pumped out of the spa, up onto the shed roof and through the coiled black polly with is exposed to the sun, hence heating the water, then back into the spa. On a hot day, the temp gets up very quickly so I have to watch it and turn off the valves when it is just the right temperature. I don't like cold water, even on a hot day, so usually have it just warm so that is wraps itself around you gently and cools your core temp down without shocking you. It is environmentally green too:smug:.

That's why we turned off the lights Hap. Don't want to damage anyones eyesite:lol:. That book is great Hap. I found it explained the reason why we see the colours that we do so simply that even I could understand. If you understand the theory behind it, you can work out what will happen when you combine different colours. Fabulous.

Carol:eek:. I give you my personal permission to wipe that day out.

Cheers, Nola.

03-01-2011, 06:34 PM
Hiya Painter Pals... I'm pretty tired, but it's been a lovely day...

After painting all morning, I came home and had lunch with Matt who made us a scrambled egg quesadilla... so good... I worked on my Service Club newsletter and then put together a nice salmon dinner...

The sun blessed us all day even though it never got above freezing... I stood out on the back porch for a few minutes and absorbed the warmth... of course, our porch is protected and faces south... :)

Hi Sue... I hope you can find some relief for your hands... great strides are being made with rheumatoid arthritis...

Oh my gosh, Caryl! You and your poor son really did have a terrible time of it!

Darla, good luck in finding a Dr. In our area, there's a shortage of Dr.'s and there are many families here that must always go to the walk-in Clinics...

Your Students look hard at work, Ellen... you're such a good teacher, that I'll bet every one of them went away thrilled with what they learned!

Hi Hap... well, I hope Annie's headache is gone... you'll enjoy those muffins... they have such a fresh taste!

Pat... it seems like your Mom has been falling more and more often... is she experiencing an equilibrium problem?

How neat that you're meeting your friend, Bridget!

Henry... the tenors... :lol: :eek: :lol:

Idol is on tv tonight, so it'll be fun to veg out and just watch a lot of young and talented people entertain us... Have a great evening/morning everyone!

We x-posted Nola... a friend of our heats his pool in a similar manner... but still, Girl... 34C and you're dipping into a hot tub... I'd be a puddle of goo, I'm afraid... :) You'd have to just skim me off the surface...

03-01-2011, 07:16 PM
Have got another watercolour on the go, and my required 45 mins drying time is nearly up so will go back to it - hope you are reading this Ona!:D
yes i did :thumbsup: Hope its helping

Thanks everyone.


03-01-2011, 08:00 PM
First off, I am NOT a baker...years ago I regularly made sourdough bread from my own starter, but other than that I am NOT a baker by ANY measurement. Since I'm not a baker, and we live a pretty low carb lifestyle we don't even have much flour in the house. So when it came time to make LuLu's Magnificent Muffins...I had to go to the store to get the ingredients. Got whole wheat flour,and some wheat bran as well, and sugar...I had all the other ingredients at home, and while I was at it I decided to add some crystallized ginger to the mix. Got home and made the muffins, subbed half the flour with the bran and cooked up a bunch of them!! They did not rise much, which may be because I used the bran instead of half the flour, OR it could be that my baking soda and baking powder were too "out of date" to be totally effective.

Still the muffins came out really goooood!! Not looking like cupcakes with a lot of rising action...but not hockey pucks either!

I could not resist fiddling with the recipe a wee bit but I think it still came out quite nicely!

5pm here now and I'm expecting a call from Annie (who "officially" gets off at 4:10 pm) saying she's going to be staying late at school...:o no, I am NOT surprised when this happens:rolleyes: She seldom leaves school before 6pm...and of course she's not getting paid for that extra time...or the time she spends at home grading papers and making plans for the next week.

Ok, now my rant is over so when she gets home I'll greet her with a smile and a hug...and have dinner ready! :thumbsup:

back later gang!

03-01-2011, 08:07 PM
Char...it as a phone call, not an in-person meeting (wish it was)...first minute was a bit awkward, then David said "has it really been 30 years since we've spoken?" we both laughed & then we were talking like no time had passed at all...so nice to reconnect with a dear friend that still "fits" after all this tiime.

03-01-2011, 08:16 PM
Hap, my 48hour evacuation kit is usually in my truck, but i removed it to vacuum after the oil change. The detailer doesnt like stuff in his way. Sigh.

03-01-2011, 10:08 PM
My metal palette arrived from Spain. 6 days is all it took!!!! I am over the moon, it is so well made, lovely big wells. I am going to work out which must have colours I am going to put in it later. First two? you ask... Burnt Sienna and Ultra blue :-D Raw sienna and Gold Ochre next. It has 16 wells, so I can have a good selection..

Calgon, take me away!

DO OVER!:grouphug:

Darla, eat and drink Soy products. When I had my hysterectomy in 2004, I wasn't able to take hormone treatment either. 6 months after the operation, I went through menopause. It lasted 3 months. It was too bad, uncomfortable mostly, and the night sweets, well I alway get hot at night, I am "hot Blooded" :-D My Dr told me to drink soy milk which I did. My other hormone making glands kicked in, and after about 2-3 years, my hormone levels were back almost to normal. They are normal now, much to my Dr's amazement, seeing as I did have my ovaries removed :D Our bodies are amazing, hey!!

Ellen, I would love to be in your class!

Hap, I have that book too, somewhere. I love hanging my clothes out to dry. I hang my sheets and towels on the pulley clothes like on my patio, and they smell heavenly!!
Thank you for mentioning the card, you just reminded me to ring the transport people. The nice man, told me to take the card back to the News Agent I bought it from, and have them "fix" it. They can take the expiry off it, and reinstate my money. Then I need to register it online, so that never happens again. Pity no-one told me sooner about that, as I have lost around $50.00 on the other card/s as I no longer have them. I was told they had expired, so I diced them. :(( Live and Learn. Baking powder does loose it effectiveness, yes.

Pat :eek: Poor Nan. Poor You!!!! You must have gotten a real shock seeing her go down. Glad you had such a nice day. Art goodies Yay!!!

Nola, what an ingenious heating system.. Yes, those black poly pipes sure hold the heat..

Char, you made my mouth water... Salmon!!!!! Is it expensive there, it is getting really expensive here, but I still buy as I love it so much and it is very good for the health.

I am going to play with my new palette..


03-01-2011, 10:46 PM
back again!!

Bridget, yes they do taste a bit gamey (but I grew up eating it so I like it that way) but if you age them a bit they are not as gamey...some folks say soaking them overnight in buttermilk helps as well...but since I LIKE the taste I've never tried it!

Char, no headaches, but the vertigo from the inner ear infection seems to be getting better! (and Anne liked the Lulu muffins!!)

Pat give Winnie a :grouphug: from all of us!!

Henry, three tenors is RIGHT!!

Caryl, I keep ours in the house, Being a scout from Cubs all the way up through explorer ....I believe in the scout Motto! I even keep an emergency water supply ready! Good clean water is a MUST!!

JJ glad you can "fix" the card!!:thumbsup: I thought about a metal palette, but Yorky and Watercolorfanatic (Peter Ward) connected me up with Ken Bromely in the UK and they have a travel palette that is just like Craig Young's...only it's not metal and not nearly so expensive! But nice and compact and I ordered TWO...not here yet, but I'm anxiously awaiting them!!

Well gang, G'nite from the rainy Great Northwet!!


03-02-2011, 02:30 AM
Wood pigeon pie - first I have to catch the blighters :rolleyes: