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02-08-2001, 12:14 AM
Well this is one of the drawings I am working on for an independent study. The model is a fellow college student that I took pictures of in photography class. I am really trying to take my time on this one. Please tell me what you think.
<IMG SRC="http://www.wetcanvas.com/Critiques/lib/08-Feb-2001/portrait_pencil.jpg" border=0>

<FONT COLOR="red">cm4rt: I've turned your portrait around. Hope that's okay. It's rather hard to see sideways -- Roan</FONT c>

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02-08-2001, 01:12 AM
This looks like a painting, much more development than a drawing... I usually think of a drawing as the result of dragging lines out of an implement (like drawing water from a source) on a suface to outline shapes. Here you have evolved something much more substantial than a drawing - even more than a sketch.

02-08-2001, 05:14 AM
500/100. This is excellent.

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02-08-2001, 05:19 AM
This is great,I dont know if I would trust him though, he has no ear lobes. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/biggrin.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/biggrin.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
Has a James Dean look about him too.
(Hands up those who remember James Dean)

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David Acres
02-08-2001, 07:59 AM
This is VERY good! Dig it bigtime! http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif Good angle too! http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

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02-08-2001, 08:05 AM
This is wonderful.. I can see great things comming from you ..Please post more!!!!
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02-08-2001, 09:22 AM
Blimey!! http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

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02-09-2001, 10:17 AM
Really nice. Has an "old photo" look to it for some reason. I agree with Jeryy it is getting painterly. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif


02-09-2001, 03:39 PM
Very nice!!!

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02-09-2001, 08:56 PM
Originally posted by cme4rt:
Please tell me what you think.

I would like to comment on this drawing. Firstly it is very well done. I do however see a few things that I think should be addressed. The models right eye (to our left when we look at the drawing) appears to be looking downward while the left eye is gazing somewhat directly at something. A change in the shape of the iris of either eye will correct this. I also see a need to enhance the muscles of the neck. The models head is turned therefore a greater indication of the muscle structure is required. In particular the sternocleidomastoideus (I hope I spelt this right). These are the large muscles on either side of the neck and are quite evident on the male. If you turn your head to the side while glancing in a mirror, the shape of the muscle can be see quite clearly. The lobe of the ear with minor shading will correct the form. It should be more defined. Just above the helix of the ear, I think you should minimize the dark shaded area. It is too uniform around the helix and does not lend well to the fact that the ear should appear to be separated from the head. In this drawing I see the ear as appearing glued to the head, for lack of a better word. Since in this drawing you are not giving an indication that the ear exists but rather are required to lay in detail because of the head position, I think it important to address these minor corrections.

Overall I find this to be a well executed drawing. I see an expression of concern in the face. What I also like is the fact that the body does not follow the movement of the head. (as taught by Ingres ) This is a mistake commonly made (in my opinion) and which does not lend itself well to portraiture.


02-10-2001, 01:42 AM
I agree with Raffaele's comments and I could add that the eyes seem to be too close together and the lower lip a bit "papery" (it looks like a leaf instead of a soft piece of flesh).
The technique and the pose are excellent.
Welcome to WetCanvas... I hope to see more of your drawing/paintings !!


02-10-2001, 02:19 AM
the ear looks unfinished, especially considering its prominence.....{<FONT COLOR="red">M</FONT c>}

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02-10-2001, 05:46 AM
I like the tectonic line you gave the form. Almost like a print. I think, maybe, the ear is just a bit to heavily outlined but I you did a great portrait here.
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02-10-2001, 10:53 PM
way cool - love the way you drew with your eraser, too (especially the hair)


Dee Miles
02-11-2001, 03:47 AM
Fantastic job and talent ya got goin on there. Definite James Dean resemblance there.
I could be very wrong, But I think I'd like to see a more definite line on the corner of "his" right shoulder to match the definition of the rest of his shoulder. Like I said. I could be wrong. This is a much better job than I could have done anyway. Looks great.

Out of curiosity, everytime someone submits a charcoal or graphite drawing someone always compares it to a painting or asks if the artist plans on a painting in the future. Yet no one asks anyone if they plan on doing a drawing if the artist has submited a painting. Are drawings not usually considered final or finished mediums? This is a sincere question. I'm untrained and ignorant to art terminology and techniques. Wet Canvas has helped me learn so much in such a short time.
Thanx, dee

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09-27-2001, 01:37 AM
Cme4rt: Definitely James-Deanish, yes. The hair is extremely well done. I kind of like the "painterly" effect the background provides. It adds a touch of uniqueness. I agree on bringing out the shoulder on our right just a hair. It is does force the focus toward the face, though. I'm new enough to the art world that you probably shouldn't listen to me about technique. :D Do listen when I say that it is a very nice portrait with which the subject would undoubtedly be pleased. Good work!

Dee, that's a good question, in my book -- Are drawings not usually considered final works? I'm untrained, too.....as well as undisciplined. :D :D Anyone around who'll answer for us?

09-27-2001, 07:21 AM
Originally posted by Dee Miles
Out of curiosity, everytime someone submits a charcoal or graphite drawing someone always compares it to a painting or asks if the artist plans on a painting in the future. Yet no one asks anyone if they plan on doing a drawing if the artist has submited a painting. Are drawings not usually considered final or finished mediums?

I've noticed that, too, and it drives me nuts! :mad:

I think your portrait is great, cme4rt! Do you have any more charcoal or graphite portraits you can show us? Great work!


09-27-2001, 10:33 AM
Well,in my humble opinion: this is GREAT portrait.

But then, the sun has spots too(if you look close and did not burn your eyes)...