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02-23-2011, 02:57 PM
Ampersand Stampbord
Scrapbooking and stamping has become a market of its own. These highly polished crafters will tell you their art has made its mark in the art world with unique collage effects of repurposed items with a collection of textures and materials.

Similar to Claybord, Ampersand now offers their Stampbord, which is a hard board with a smooth clay coating on the surface that can be cut, drilled into, or scraped away. Because it’s highly absorbent, Stampbord lends itself well to various stamping inks. Group them together for a tile collage affect, use them as book covers, coasters, or simply as a stamping substrate.

Are Stampbords archival?
Yes, the great thing about Ampersand’s trademark Hardbords, is they are archival. The Ampersand Hardbords are made from Aspen wood, which is naturally low in acid…..using a Wet/Dry process, they are able to leach out any further concerns for break down….and finally, their Hardbord is tempered to further ensure lasting results.

-Kristal F.
Product Information Specialist

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