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02-07-2011, 12:31 AM
Hello all,

Today it wasw 56F here in Nashville and sunny. I however wasn't able to enjoy it.. it's a long story but I was inside all day..in ER. I'm fine though and it took them 12 hours and many tests later to tell me that. Just my BP bottoming out; I thought it could be my heart but my heart is fine:thumbsup: They say that could be it anyway; weird feeling though.:o

We had a blast at the Hockey game Saturday night but the Redwings lost. We had a whole row of Josh's friends and believe it or not there are MANY Redwing fans here; they are transplants.:D

We had to end up taking Justin's car in to a shop to have some parts put on it. Larry was unable to do it himself. Justin hit a curb and damaged some things underneath and Larry couldn't get the nuts off as the parts were bent. So there is more $$$ as he REALLY needs his car. :rolleyes: He also blew out TWO TIRES and needs new ones.:(

We leave already tomorrow and I just cannot believe how fast time goes....especially when you're enjoying your kids.

We may run into some snow all the way. Nashville has a Winter weather advisory as they are expecting an inch of snow....schools will be closed!:rolleyes: Plus it's supposed to snow in Michigan once again too.

It sounds like you've all been busy with your comings and goings, sleeping, working, painting, sharing, healing, etc.

HAve a GREAT dAY!:wave: :grouphug:

02-07-2011, 01:28 AM
You must have been so scared Darla!!!! :heart: :grouphug: Huge hugs sweetie!!

Love and hugs to all in need


02-07-2011, 02:56 AM
:grouphug: Darla :grouphug: Hope you are feeling better now. I had a colleague with low blood pressure and he would sometimes faint when getting up from his chair. Safe journey down to Nashville.

I'll be popping out this morning to show my friend the Heaton Cooper print I bought.

Hope I can get motivated to paint, somehow I haven't got my teeth into anything major of late. I am enjoying learning how to handle gouache though.


02-07-2011, 03:11 AM
Darla:eek: hope you are okay now. Take care please and safe travels.:heart:

I suffer from low blood pressure, have to be careful when I get up quickly, just as Doug's colleague experienced. If I'm out somewhere and it happens I usually just bend down quickly and pretend I am doing something with my shoes so I don't attract attention lol
Once upon a time, long long ago.........I was in hospital and given a drug to stop premature labour - it dropped my bp so dangerously low I felt I was going out the back door. Very frightening indeed.

Hi JJ and Doug.

I really like that print that you bought Doug.
Glad you're having fun with gouache, I pop into that thread from time to time and am amazed at what you all do. I'd love to try it at some stage, but at the moment getting my head around watercolours is enough of a challenge.

Good day here, got to 25C so quite comfortable. John hired a wood-splitter for the day and cut up a large amount of firewood, for use this coming winter (we have a log fire).
I finished the painting I have had on the go for a few days, caught up with all the ironing, worked out at the gym for an hour, went for a walk, did some reading, and now at 9.15 pm I am nearly ready for bed!

02-07-2011, 04:18 AM
Good Morning all.....

Where should we start??

Sleep.....best one for a year! Wind awoke me after 5 hours as something rattling on the patio...then fell back to sleep almost immediately for another 3 hours!!

Chinese.....If I avoid sweet & sour dishes I can manage blood sugar OK,but In ow only have a Chinese meal perhaps once every two months rather than two weeks..I don't have Indian food anymore,which I adore, due to high sugar and fat...

Paintings..thanks your nice comments......the Industrial one is Eggborough Power Station,a coal burner, which is a few miles from the gallery. Yes, Lenore, some of my stuff does sneak into WC...usually at the end of the year but not as on-going gallery work...don't know why it just doesn't....although from time to time I may put acrylics on the 'Whats on your easel?'..but not all the time.

Right Watercolours and Galleries...
Something of an opposite to the debate last week. The Tate Britain has a show starting next week which celebrates nothing but Watercolours!..They describe the medium as often derided as prissy and polite but is the most misunderstood of mediums!!

A leading Daily Paper in UK. The Daily Telegraph (Saturday Review) had a massive article on what it calls an intrinsically British Art Form (????) but the reason for this appears to be that during, and following the Napoleonic Wars, European Art ,which had been dominated by the Italians and French dried up, and a whole new set of artists developed in Britain......and it has gone on from there.....I would like to see the show, which obviously will have the likes of Turner,John Piper, Heaton Cooper, Ruskin,Girtin and more modern British artists, like Tracey Emin...but can't see me going to London just for it.

One comment which may show the other side " Watercolour was seen as a recording medium,rather than a means of expression, by the art establishment"...Hmmmmmmmmm

Anyway,it's blowing a gale and starting to rain out there...must go into town for some milk and papers.

Back later


02-07-2011, 04:54 AM
Hi Geoff, windy here too. I'll look for the Telegraph article.

Glad you had a good night's sleep.


02-07-2011, 04:59 AM
Hi All

Dull and cloudy again although mild at 11 degrees C. Just about to do the hoovering then hopefully will get a walk if the rain stays away. One feature this winter has been a lack of sun and by British standards a bad winter, at least the early part, with the coldest December on record. Some parts further North are now suffering flooding but when we see the terrible events in Australia, the huge storms in the USA and various other parts of the World we thank our lucky stars! All those who have been suffering have our deepest sympathy.

On the painting front tonight is my weekly Bathampton Art group where we basically do our own thing (mostly). Meeting other artists is a big, big bonus because otherwise painting can be lonely.

Doug mentions watercolour being seen as a recording medium. I attended some courses with the artist Trevor Waugh www.trevorwaugh.com/ (http://www.trevorwaugh.com/) who is certainly the most accomplished teacher I've been with. Trevor was taught at the highly rated Slade Art School in London and amongst his tutors was David Hockney. Trevor teaches a whole philosophy of art and I remember him saying that watercolour was always considered a sketching medium by the great painters of the past. Many made a prepatory sketch in watercolour before embarking on an oil painting.


02-07-2011, 05:08 AM
Darla, My SIL suffers from low blood pressure and has to lay down on the floor wherever it happens (shopping centres etc). Doctors say she will live to be 100 with blood pressure like that. She says "that's if I don't fall down and hit my head". They say that bad luck comes in threes. I think you've had your share.

Hi JJ, hope you are keeping fit.

Hi Doug. Sometimes it's hard to become inspired isn't it. I've got a partly completed painting on my dining room table so that I walk past it many times a day. Hoping for inspiration to strike:wink2:

Hi Lulu, love your portrait.

Hi Geoff, good to hear of your good night.

Well here in Sunny Perth W.Australia, we have high winds and bushfires. The winds are fanning the fires in a fairly heavily populated area and they are hard to bring under control. So far 64 houses have been destroyed and 34 more damaged. They started on Sunday and they are continuing although they have just reported that the worst of the fires has been brought under control.

Have spent the morning at King Edward Memorial Hospital having a condition investigated. Nothing life threatening, just a darn nuisance.

Must away now, All the best to everyone following. Must catch up on yesterday's wash. Cheers, Nola.:wave:

Hi Peter, we Xposted. Lucky you, a painting group. I would love to have a casual easy going painting group to go to.

02-07-2011, 05:17 AM
Hi Nola, just watched the bush fires on the news. I hope they get them under control soon. I feel so sorry for those people who have lost their beautiful houses.


02-07-2011, 05:17 AM
Doug.....If you look for the Review Supplement in the DT.....If you can't get one I'll post you mine...



02-07-2011, 06:11 AM
Oh I love the Tate Britain, I really would go to London just to see that! But it would not take much for me to take the train down to London. We even have a favorite (on the cheap side) very close to Kings Cross, so we just have to walk across the road to get there. Hmmmmm I will have to check to see how long that show will be on :wink2:
Long night, Jack would stay up to see the Super Bowl, but the powers that be, said anyone showing up late at work today, would be forgiven :lol:
Me, I was in bed early.
Now I have to go and get more paint, the kind that goes on the wall, he ran out of paint and only half done!


02-07-2011, 06:14 AM
Morning all! Quick stop. Darla, thank goodness you are ok. Have a safe trip home!
We had about 10 in of snow on Sat with Thunderstorms!!! Yes, with lightning in the middle of a snowstorm!!!

More snow coming this aft and night. more to drive home in!!

Gotta go! Til later! Have a great day all!


02-07-2011, 06:25 AM
HI All

I have not posted in a couple of days. Made it out of the house on Friday to the local coffee shop and out for groceries on Sat. We had snow on Sat and we just stayed in Sat night. Sunday made it out to Target just to look around.

Sleep - I managed to sleep till 5AM this morning. After this post I'm going back to bed for awhile.

Darla -- I was thinking of you being in Nashville with your sons. So sorry that you had a health scare. Hope that you are feeling better. I'm sure that your son was glad that you could help with his car. Have a safe drive back to Michigan.

Geoff - your paintings are just great. An artist that I like here in the states Arleta Pech had an article in her newsletter recently explaining why she switched from watercolors to oils. She said that galleries were asking her to not bring in watercolors anymore because customers wanted oils or acryllics (sp) and as she is a working artist she needed to give them what they wanted to continue to make her living selling art.

Kay - What an ordeal but it sounds like it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for getting your car window fixed. Hope your audition turns out as well. I admire you because I could just not do that.

Gail - Sounds like you enjoyed your workshop. I'm horrible at perspective. Even looking at it described in books makes me sick --it brings back geometry class in high school and I didn't get it.

Sylvia - glad that you are back in your house. We didn't take pics of the storm. We had small branches come down but not damage. Hope that Larry's meds do the trick and they should. Sometimes it's just gonna happen no matter how much you try with a surgery.

Uschi - glad you found fabric and a pattern for a skirt. I have a new sewing machine that I hope to get out and try this week. Can you believe the cost of sewing patterns!!!!

Well - I'm back to bed to hopefully get a couple more hours of sleep. Then I will have to do some light housekeeping chores, call the landlord about our oven that went out a week ago but with the storm last week it just wasn't that important.

I hope to make it out to the library this afternoon and I will start doing some painting. I have been offered a small space in a a shop to display art and antiques. It is only $30 month so I'm taking it. I will probably be doing watercolor's from pattern books until I get an inventory built up --you know small happy spring florals etc.

OK - I'm back to bed at 6:30am


02-07-2011, 06:47 AM
Hi again I checked the Tate Britain website for the Watercolour show, http://www.tate.org.uk/britain/exhibitions/watercolour/default.shtm
It will on from 16 February 21 August 2011

02-07-2011, 08:16 AM
Good morning... a nice brand new week already into the second week of the second month of this new year... time just seems to fly by... it's above freezing here in SW Ontario and our snow has begun to melt... it won't all disappear because the cold air is moving back in later today...

I have to get my dining room set up shortly, as the Students will be filing in... I have my tidying up done, so I'm not as pressed for time...

My arthritis really flared up yesterday... the inflammation and swelling are going down today, so it's all good... I really believe that my joints are ruled by the barometric pressure...

:eek: Darla... what a frightening ordeal for you! It's too bad that Justin is having such bad luck with his car... Be safe on the drive home...

Doug, I know how you feel about not being inspired to paint anything large... just go with the small studies for now... your muse will find you when the time is right... besides... learning a new medium is huge...

Phew! What a busy day, Lulu!

:clap: for good quality sleep, Geoff! I don't suppose that article would be online???

Hi Peter... Enjoy your Class... it really is fun to network with other artists.

Nola, I wasn't sure if it was you or Carolynn that lived near the fires... we saw them on the news last night and my prayers are with those who've lost so much...

Ted watched the game, too, Judy... I suffered through most of it... :lol:

Hi JJ, Reggie, Anita and all yet to come... I need to get showered and dressed... I haven't brewed the coffee yet, so I'll get that going... I hope everyone has a happy and creative day! :heart:

Strawberry Wine
02-07-2011, 08:19 AM
Good Day Washers !

A balmy - 2 C. here this morning. Our weather over the past couple of weeks has been either extremely cold or unseasonably warm. I will take the warm.

Anita, I have difficulty with perspective too which is why I took the course. It was fun and the instructor showed us many tips to make it much easier. I will try and take a photo of the house sketch we worked on and post it later.

Darla, so glad to read that you are OK. You must have been very frightened. Have a safe trip home.

Judy, forgot to give you a :crossfingers: icon on your upcoming audition.

Geoff, now exactly tell us what you did different yesterday that triggered a good night's sleep.

Char, I didn't mean that the enzymes would solve your digestive issues. Thinking they may be a helpful supplement to your already careful diet.

Lulu, we have a couple of ash trees that need to come down in the Spring.. Thinking we should rent a splitter and a chipper as well.

Nola, more bush fires...:eek: Hoping you get some rain soon to extinguish them.. You folk "down under" are having a really difficult year so far. Hope it changes soon.

:wave: to Peter, JJ, Reggie, and Doug and to all on their way in... BBL



02-07-2011, 08:33 AM
good morning dear ones,

I'm feeling pretty good today :crossfingers: however I won't push it too much. Rainy here on the Carolina coast. I'm not planning on going out in the dampness. Will be making a veggie soup later for dinner. I joined the "People Places Things" aceo project here on WC so I think I'll work on some of those today.

Darla: I hope you are feeling better...I have problems with low BP. be careful & keep track of it. Mine is related to my heart problems. Sending healing vibes your way. travel safe.

Doug: sounds like you're having fun with gouache. "Heaton" is a family surname for me from our roots back in the UK.

Lulu: great idea to bend over quickly...I never thought to do that but I certainly will next time I feel like I'm passing out from low bp

Geoff: happy to hear you got some sleep !!

Nola: I hope all is okay with the health condition...sorry to hear about the fires & homes lost.

Reggie: be safe on the roads!! I've experienced thunder & lightning in a snowstorm...freaky huh?

Char: feel better & enjoy your class

hi JJ, Peter, JudyL & Anita.

:grouphug: hugs all around :grouphug:

02-07-2011, 08:47 AM
Hi folks, for those perspectively challenged, time to post my little animated GIF showing how to establish the Vanishing Point from a photograph:


Bridget, that figures, you have lots of artists in your family.


02-07-2011, 08:51 AM
Geoff, now exactly tell us what you did different yesterday that triggered a good night's sleep.

Exactly the same routine,nothing different in food or drink or medicine...perhaps just fatigue Gail!

Geoff! I don't suppose that article would be online???

Don't think so but will check it out and revert.


Ellen in Ont
02-07-2011, 08:51 AM
:wave: everyone,
Work called before 6:00 asking if I wanted to go in to replace a sick call. I politely told them no. :rolleyes: So I have a couple of days off to get all my "to do" list done. Lots of small deadlines (preparing for meetings, workshops, courses for work, emails to answer etc).

Brian is out getting the muffler repaired on the truck and I am waiting for a call from him to say to pick him up if they are going to take awhile. I also have some errands to run. So, I'll keep this short and just repeat what Char said so well. Thanks Char. Have a great class.

02-07-2011, 08:56 AM
hi Gail, we xposted. good morning Ellen

Doug, thanks for the GIF...I have such problems figuring out perspective when I add a building. Yes lots of artists on my Mothers side. Painters, sculptors, furniture designers...the creative vein goes back to the 1700s. Mother has wonderful records for her family tree.

02-07-2011, 08:58 AM
Daily Telegraph article can be found on:-



02-07-2011, 10:17 AM
Good Morning all,
It is almost 10:00 a.m. on another snowy morning here in Oakwood. Very small flakes are falling but haven't started to accumulate on the roadways yet. :rolleyes: I'm ready for Spring to arrive early this year.

I'll probably skip my class this afternoon and stay home and paint some small "thank you" cards for the people who were so nice to use last week. Nita is talking and demonstrating collage and I'm not really interested in that, so I'll spend my painting time here instead. Now to break the news to Larry that I need a block of time to do just that.

Larry's antibiotics seem to be helping...when I changed his dressings today, much less pus came out of the one opening and none from the second one. We go in to see the surgeon again tomorrow for another check on it though. He showed us the x-rays of Larry's wrist last week with all the plates and screws and posts...almost looks like the bionic man. Hopefully the frame will come out in two more weeks and that will make it much easier to care for. Hap, after cleaning the posts and openings caused by them with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and sterile water, I wrap each one with Xeroform which is a strip of gauze saturated with petroleum jelly. Then I cover it all with plain gauze and a stretchy bandage to hold everything in place and keep it clean. This is what I do two times a day after he does his hand and wrist exercises.

Oh, Geoff, how I would love to see that exhibit at the Tate. Funny how watercolor appears to be going through a down period of acceptance in art circles these days. Wait a little while and all of a sudden people will "discover" this marvelous NEW art form called watercolors. There's always that urge in certain circles to be the one who starts a new fad, isn't there. ;) In the meantime, I'll just keep enjoying our lovely medium and cheering people like Ona, Ellen, Seedy, et al who win awards and have magazine articles written about their works. :D :thumbsup:

Char, Have fun with your two sets of students today. What are your classes working on now?

Darla, How scary. Glad you are feeling better today. Do take your time when rising from bed or a sitting position to give your blood time to reach your head and extremities. I'll bet Josh is glad you and Larry are there to help with his car problems. Have a safe drive home, the major highways should be clear, it's the sidestreets that are a problem.

Doug, Great lesson on perspective....a picture makes it so much easier to understand than a thousand words would. :D

Anita, That space for showing your art and crafts sounds like a good idea. Hope lots of people come through and buy things.

Nola, So sorry to hear that people now are contending with brushfires. Glad they seem to have them under control now. :o Australia is certainly being subjected to a lot of nasty weather this year. Hope your "darn nuisance" condition gets better soon.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.

White light to all who need it and even to those who don't just as a precaution.



02-07-2011, 12:17 PM
Happy Monday Washeroonies!!

0830 here in the great northwet...and it's dry out, for the moment at least, rain is forcast for later in the day! Anne is off to school, I've got the dishes lined up and waiting to be washed so that's my next chore. Right now, I'm enjoying a coffee break!:D

Darla!:eek: So glad it turned out to be nothing dangerously serious at the moment!! But still, I can only imagine how frightened you must have been...and bored to have to spend hours in an ER!! Looks like the visit to Nashville will bite your wallet!! Hope the drive home is calmer and safe!!


Doug, sorry you're not feeling motivated to paint! I reach into my jar of ideas and start working on whatever comes out!

LuLu! Does it get cold enough for you to need a fire in winter??

Geoff!! I slept like a babe last night as well! From 10pm-5 am and feel well rested!! Perhaps it's the rice in Chinese and Indian dishes that spikes your blood sugars?? Maybe switching from white rice to brown rice would make a difference? The cooling towers on the Eggborough power plant look a lot like the ones used in the US for Nuke plants..have not seen them used anywhere other than that....interesting!

Peter!:wave: ...I'll be doing the hoovering later as well...I put that chore off as much as I can! That and dusting...hate them both!!! I have an informal group that gets together once every couple of weeks or so just to paint watercolors. It's fun to have someone to discuss with while you paint!!

Nola, hope the brushfires are far from your house!!

Judy, sounds like painting is in your future...even if it's not watercolors!!:evil:

Reggie...Off to work again!! Makes you appreciate those weekends doesn't it!!

Anita, hope you can make some $$ from the gallery space!! Maybe you should do cards like Uschi does..they seem to sell well for her!!

Char so sad that your arthritis flared up! Does heat help it? Have you looked at the Moosewood cookbooks? All vegetarian and full of great recipes!!

Gail, glad the workshop gave you new information on perspective!

Bridget, veggie soup is a mainstay at our house...both tomato based and "other":wink2: Have you ever added tofu to a veggie soup?

Ellen, good for you saying politely..."no" to extra work...you're busy everyday anyway!!

Sylvia, glad that Larry's infection seems to be responding to the antibiotics!!:thumbsup: My biopsy wound was much less serious than Larry's so no real bandages were needed...just a big bandaid and vasoline!! It worked fine and healed up quite quickly! I could never get into collage either...it simply does nothing for me.

Well, I've had a nice cuppa while writing this, and it's taken me almost an hour to do it...so now it's back to the chores...errands will come later in the day today! Have fun gang!


02-07-2011, 12:44 PM

In the office late today - took SWMBO to the chiropodist - a lovely young Irish man who of course got a hug and kiss from her when he had finished - such a floosie :eek:

Called at Jamie's - their last rabbit died on Friday and poor Henry (the bull mastiff) hasn't been well so they took him to the vets - they thought at first he had had a stroke but now it seems it may be a brain tumour. They are taking him back tomorrow to find out - the poor love - he was walking around like he was in a daze - I was cuddling him - aaaaaaaaaaw - will break my heart if anything happens to him.

I know he is our Jamie's dog but he is such a lovely dog - even Banya - who normally drives him to distraction just keeps going up to him and licking his face.

Have nearly finished my painting - it is from a pic I took off the television - if anyone has seen the advert for the Sky Atlantic channel for Boardwalk Empire the photo I took is of the guy at the end who is stood looking out to sea - I just loved the colours in it - reminded me very much of a Jack Vettriano painting - course am not saying mine will look like that........lol.....but we live in hope.

Terrible about the bush fires in Australia - my heart goes out to everyone caught up over there.

I watched the last quarter of the Super Bowl - was shouting for the Steelers - only because my Mum's great uncles ended up in Pittsburgh when they emigrated in the 1800s - still don't really understand the game though and it isn't a patch on rugby league....:thumbsup:

Hap - re the butty van - Debbie finally decided on the name Relish but that is for the new van when it is ready - the old one is still Starvin Marvin.

Got the hackney cab fixed - seems something underneath had been knocked off - something to do with the AC but according to those in the know it isn't needed so our John and his friend just took it off and connected the other bits with a pipe (you can see I know all the technical terms.....lol).

One of the other hackney drivers had the same problem with his and he took it to the Peugot garage who charged him nearly 400. When our John told him what they had done he asked how much it had cost to which our John replied ' Two cups of tea and a biscuit' :smug: We don't use AC in the cab anyway - they can always open a window....LOL

BBL - waving to everyone :wave:


Pat xxx

Strawberry Wine
02-07-2011, 05:58 PM
Snowing here a little as well Sylvia and the temperature is falling rapidly..... I too wish for an early Spring..

Hap, I really dislike dusting!!!! Vacuuming not as much.

Ellen, :thumbsup: on your polite refusal.

Pat, I am really hoping that Henry perks up and there is nothing seriously wrong. When Koty had the seizure several weeks ago, now, one of things the Vet was considering was a brain tumour.. Since he hasn't had another seizure :crossfingers: I am thinking not.

Here is a photo of the house I sketched out yesterday at the workshop. The photos were quite blue so I had to
de- saturate. All that grey is actually the white paper.


and what I sketched today.. It took me a couple of hours... at least ! I know all you architects and those not perspectively challenged are snickering at the amount of time it took me. Still, more than a few things are not correct but I think I am getting the hang of things.





02-07-2011, 05:59 PM
soups on! homemade soup for dinner: so pretty - it looks like spring (yellow & green)...chicken stock, corn, onion, asparagus, peas, celery.

Hap: I'm not a fan of tofu but I'd try it in a soup. What kind do I buy? the brick kind or the silky kind? do I blend it in the soup or just put it in a cubes

02-07-2011, 06:01 PM
Well done Gail.

The thing about perspective is deciding how far away the vanishing points are. There is a geometric method but I have forgotten where I saw it.


Strawberry Wine
02-07-2011, 06:09 PM
Doug, thank you. ! So there is no rule of thumb on how to determine where the vanishing points should be ? :(

I was hoping you would be able to answer my upcoming question about that ... Well, I guess you did answer it but not the answer I was hoping for. :)



02-07-2011, 06:27 PM
I think the vanishing points are along the horizon line?

02-07-2011, 06:27 PM
I seem to remember the method Gail, but it is difficult to explain.

Take a plan view of the building to scale and draw a line at the rear the same distance as the viewer is from the building. Project the sides of the building to this line and that fixes the vanishing points either side.


I think :lol:

PS Yes, the vanishing points are on the horizon (eye level) line.


Strawberry Wine
02-07-2011, 07:19 PM
Thanks Doug !

Would that theory work no matter where you put the horizon line?



02-07-2011, 07:55 PM
Hi again gang!!

Bridget, get extra firm tofu...and let it drain for an hour or so as well, getting as much moisture out of it as possible...then cut it into cubes and add it to your soup. I actually cut it with dental floss!!:D works great! One of the nice things about tofu is that you can flavor it as well!!

Gail...yeah...dusting is the pits!! vacuuming is not far behind.

Doug...your explanation confused me...but I usually manage to get the perspective close to correct.

Pat, thanks for the name of the Butty Van! I saw one in Seattle a short while back with "GRANDWICHES" painted on the side! We even have one around that's shaped like a pig!!

Not the best photo...but you get the idea...they serve Barbeque pork and beef!

Gail, looks like you really got a lot out of that workshop!!:thumbsup:

It's been a rather long day here...sunshining, but I've stayed indoors doing housecleaning :( But I have gotten a lot done...seems neverending though!

I'll check back this evening!

02-07-2011, 08:02 PM
thanks Hap, I'll have to try that out !!

02-07-2011, 08:03 PM
Gail - love those sketches - look good to me :thumbsup: I am hopeless at perspective - that's why I use my PERSPECTO :thumbsup:

Re Henry - as far as I know I don't think he has been having seizures but hasn't been able to keep anything down - even now it varies whether he does or not - sometimes he is ok other times not - we will know more tomorrow.

Hap - oh I must send that to Debbie - at one point she wanted to call the butty van the Pink Pig :confused: - she would love that van.......LOL.

Am at the dentist tomorrow - he said I have a couple of roots that need removing :eek: - not sure if my new plate will be ready or not - in fact not exactly sure what he will be doing tomorrow.......LOL.

Pat xxx

02-07-2011, 08:06 PM
Hiya... It's been such a nice day... Monday's are my favourite... :) I'm a little tired though... even though classes are scheduled for 1 1/2 hours, they always end up staying a little over two hours or so... we lose all track of time...

I bought some nice chicken wings on sale this past weekend, so that's what made up tonight's dinner. I split them into three pieces, simmering the tips with celery, onions and carrots for stock... and I roasted the other pieces with a little Cajun spice in the oven... I had the soup and the guys had the wings... a nice salad, along with fresh carrot and celery sticks rounded out the meal... oh... of course, I had to make blue cheese dressing and fattening as it is, it's so good!

Good on you for joining in on one of the Projects, Bridget... it's really a fun way to *meet* people and grow your art! When I first joined WC, we had annual Guys vs. Gals challenges which were a blast! Buy the extra firm for cooking in your main dishes... the silky makes great desserts... :)

Thanks for the link, Geoff... I've emailed it to all my Students...

Gail... there's no snickering from this quarter! Lazy as a pet coon, I'd be tracing my building... :) Your drawings look really good... especially the one you did at home today!

Doug... I really believe you have an intuitive gift for perspective and shadows...

Pat, I sure hope that Jamie's dog is ok... :crossfingers:

Yup... I don't like dusting, either, Hap! I haven't tried those books... I have a few here because we've had vegetarians and vegans in the family for quite some time... because I don't like the imitation food from the grocery store, I've been trying to make my own... such as the veggie burgers... it's a steep learning curve...

How did you make out with your cards, Syl? It's such a thoughtful gesture...

It was good to read that you can say "no" now and again, Ellen... :p

Ok... I'm going to veg out in front of the tv tonight... I hope everyone has a nice evening/morning... Annie's in my thoughts... G'nite...