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02-10-2003, 05:08 AM
Hi, I also have a couple of questions about fixative but they are in regard to oil pastels:
1) should I do anything to a finished oil pastel? at the moment I don't but I've seen oil pastel fixative advertised and also read something somewhere about varnishing
2) I have recently tried underpainting a picture but when I paint on top the pastel colours mix. Can I stop this by fixing in some way ?

Many thanks

PS Just a few details about me as it is my first post. I don't have much time for painting but dabble with watercolours and acrylics mainly. I have had oil pastels for 10yrs + and not known how to use them before but have learn't quite a lot through WC (which I dip into most days for a look) and have done a couple of pics recently. I would attach them for critique but they are larger than my scanner and as yet I dont have a digital camera (but am dreaming of one soon). Thanks and best wishes

02-10-2003, 06:48 AM
Hi andyg, and welcome to wet canvas!
I do not use oil pastels but when I do a soft pastel painting I do use a fixative over the uderpainting. I wish I could help you out more on that but I mainly just wanted to say hello and welcome.
I have the same problem you do as far as posting. I hope to get a digital camera soon also. So far I have only been able to post things that are no larger than my scanner which hasn't been much. Anyway, i'm sure someone will be along shortly with the help your looking for.:)

02-11-2003, 12:04 AM
Oil pastels don't need to be fixed because eventually they will dry to a hard finish like an oil painting...this can take years however!

You don't say how you do the underpainting. If its with watercolor or an acrylic wash, then it should be dry before you begin using the oils over it or yes, there will be blending...and you don't want to blend acrylics or watercolor with oils.

You can use a thin coat of gesso to seal your paper, then sketch or do a light layer of oil pastels. Then you can use turp to create a wash with the pastels on the paper. Dry this and use it like an underpainting or work into the wet oils for another look!

If you get too much on the surface, use a razor blade or palette knife to scrape gently back to the paper. This will leave a stained area of color and you can work over it...or you might like the look of this!

The Pastel Book by Bill Creevy has a nice chapter about oil pastels and oil sticks. You might like to find a copy at Amazon, Borders, or check Half.com! In softcover its $19.95 retail.