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Johannes Instructor
01-31-2011, 02:39 PM
This is about getting answers to all the webinar procedures and how to purchase materials. Please do not type in here. It is only for reading.

Johannes Instructor
01-31-2011, 03:02 PM
Q: How do I register for the webinar?
To make it easier I have created a universal access code to enter the web class on Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 5 PM EST from February 5 to April 17. This code will work for all the upcoming classes. You will have to register 1 more time with your name and email address. Please make sure you type your email address correctly. Registration Web Link: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/616569648
You should be getting a weekly reminder.

Q: What if I miss a class?
Well we don't expect you show up in every class. People have commitments etc. If you miss a class you can download the recorded version. It wouldn't make send though that you default the entire course because you missed a clas or so. Get what you can while you can. It is free!

Q: How much are the materials?
$9.99 for the entire weekend bundle. A link will be provided in a few days where you can download these materials.

Q: What do I do if I lose sound or video in the class?
Sometimes there is a short lag in audio. Wait a minute for it to return. If that does not work then reboot your web class software and if it still doesn't work reboot your computer. If you can hear Johannes but don't see a window with his presentation that's because you have your own local window on top. If you close these windows the web class window will eventually display. These windows are easy to confuse.

Q: Can anyone attend these classes?
Yes, by all means let your art friends in art blogs and communities know about these classes. Just copy the registration link above and email it to them. In fact we encourage this. They should not be left out of this wonderful learnning opportunity. It will always be open for registration. They can download the purchased files to catch up and be up to date.

Q: Will there be a discount if we buy all recorded classes at once?
Yes, there will be a discount for all bundled classes. We will inform you later.

Q: I have very little painting experience or none. Will I benefit from these classes?
You bet! You will get the training before you develop bad habits which will be harder to remove without the instruction.

Q: Why can't I talk during the class? Why is my mike muted?
There are more than 1100 attendees registered. Just imagine the background noise.

Q: Will this work on a mac system as well?
Yes, the live classes and recordings will play on both windows and mac.

Q: Do I need to install a software?
When you click on the registration code once you are regsistred it will take a minute to open your web class panel. It is all automatic.

Q: Is the web class program safe, virus free and spyware free?
Most definitely. GotoMeeting is the parent company and large incorporations use it. They adevrtise on TV as well.

Q: Why can't I see what others are typing during class?
The software designers have set it up that way to avoid losing attention from the class. It would become an active chat forum and lose the focus. When you do use the question window please refrain from typing that is not based on specific questions pertinet to the syllabus. There are many attendees. irrelevant questions will be ignored.

Q: What if Johannes skips my question?
Johannes will try to answer all questions about his presentations. If your question did not get answered please refer to the "Johannes - Student Question, Answer Thread. He will post answers to art related questions.

Q: I would like to see Johannes do some live painting. Will we get to see this during these classes?
Yes, and you can paint along. Johannes believes strongly that things need to be learned visually. Some classes therefore will include live painting and it is a whole lot of fun to see a professional painting materialize in front of your eyes in about 2 hours.

Q: What about assignments and homework?
Johannes will give out assignments to be done voluntarily by those who wish to do so. The idea is that these classes are to be interactive and your work will be supervised. He will handpick the assignments he feels benefits the most.

Q: Sometimes when I try to upload a photo it gives me a "fail" message and it won't upload.
In occasions this will happen. Try again later.

Q: Are the classes only for landscapes?
Yes, during this 12 week course it will stay focused on ladscapes. Johannes will include sessions on where to place animals and techniques on paintings buildings as well. Hoevere many of the principles he refers to are applicable in still lifes, wildlife, portraits and human figures.

Q: What mediums will this include?
All mediums welcome. Johannes wll make reference to pastel, oils, acrylics, and watercolor applications.

Johannes Instructor
02-07-2011, 10:22 PM
At least one person was having streaming issues on the webcam. To avoid this attendees should:

1. Right click on the webcam screen.
2. Choose Global Settings
3. On the Flash Player Help screen, choose Website Storage Settings panel in the top left section. Do Not modify any GLOBAL settings.
4. When the settings panel displays,
Click on www-cdn.juntin.tv in the list of websites
move the slider right to the third mark. On the right of the slider it should now say 100 KB.
5. Exit the Flash Player Help