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08-15-1999, 12:29 AM
Okay guys - you asked for it, so here it comes!

If you want to post a picture for others to review, use the following syntax to load the image into your message:


Do not put any spaces in between the IMG code and the actual URL. I had to do it in the examples here just so they would show up and not actually try to load an image at www.somewhere.com. :-)

For example (here is a small image from my latest little tutorial):

Hello everyone, yada yada ... what do you think of this image?


Of course, this method requires that your image be somewhere on the net. If you do not have a website, you can always have a free one here at WetCanvas! in the virtual gallery - so there is really no excuse... :-)

If your image is too large, and you don't want to have it load into your message, you can just provide a link to it, like this:


This will generate a link to the picture. For more information on using these special codes, check the help section for information on using UBB codes in your messages. Or just follow this link:


If you want to post an image for review by your friends and other visitors, just enter the Critique Forum (one you are in now), and post a new topic with the title of your painting. Let's all try to keep one painting per topic - so we don't have a message thread with 100 images in it... ;-)


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08-15-1999, 10:54 AM
Hey Scott,

This looks great! Thanks for making this available.


08-15-1999, 02:11 PM
OK, how do I get a page in the Virtual Gallery? Like most artists, I too crave attention, compliments, and constructive critique.

08-15-1999, 04:37 PM
Hi, Becky!

Information on the Virtual Gallery can be found in the online Media Kit, under "Artist Services".... :-)


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