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01-23-2003, 08:15 PM
Just to let you know .... that Ive found it near on impossible to getting any art supplies from the area I live in ..... despite hunting on the internet, numerous phone calls.... travelling around etc. So I just gave up the hassle and went to Dick Blick.... personally think its a brilliant site..... can see online what you are ordering.. shades of paper etc...... their service is impeccable... polite and quick... cant praise them enough :clap:
I ordered some Nupastels which I have been told are unobtainable in the Uk .... so was especially delighted to find them at the moment in their sale at half price.

... so this is just basically to remind you that there are some extra costs involved that I wasnt aware of prior.

You can order online which they will confirm to you by email.... and then email you again with the cost of shipping... I believe that if you feel this is too much you can cancel the order with no problems.
Obviously this is charged in USD $ Dollars.. so to convert into sterling ... divide the total by 1.60 (this is appx. current exchange rate which changes daily .....exchange rates can be found easily on the net) .. sterling GBP value ..... they normally ship using Fed-Ex and comes within days...... this can be tracked on the net (which is really interesting too :)) .. now this is the bit I didnt know lol...... I forgot that you get charged Import Duties Boooooo Hisss!!! ... probably easier to say.....just mulitply the sterling value by the normal 17.5% for Vat.. and this is what you will be charged for Import Duty (VAT)

just to let you know appx. how much in the end it will cost you ... small charge for admin fees :p

>........ Im still really pleased with my purchases and their excellent site and customer services

01-24-2003, 08:50 AM
Glad to hear you found something to pull resources from:D Bloody tight there in the UK it sounds!!LOL
But you know that you can always find something Flatbottom cheappppppp here in the states and Ill ship it to ya :D:D Ill even wrap it in GREEN FOR YA:D hehe
Cheers kiddo!!!

01-24-2003, 01:43 PM
Dark_Shades - thanks for info.

Just one thing - import duties - I assume this is 5.7% and not 5.7 times.



01-24-2003, 01:51 PM
Thanks Dave you are right...... went back and edited :D ...... hopefully easier to understand now .... was late/early when I posted

01-24-2003, 04:47 PM
Sorry to hear you're having problems in getting materials.

Have you tried the S.A.A. (Society for All Artists) (http://www.saa.co.uk) ? If you are a member, then you get a discount.

You may also like to try Lawrence (http://www.lawrence.co.uk/) . I haven't usd them, but I hear they have a good range.

Sounds like Elaine (of "The Strawberry Thief") has either stopped trading or moved :(

Hope this has helped.;)

01-24-2003, 05:00 PM
Don't forget to check aswsale.com and aswexpress.com; the sale site has remarkable deals on art supplies.