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01-23-2003, 12:36 PM
I have heard that it is actually cheaper to make pastels than to buy them ready-made. Does anyone on here actually make their own pastels and if so, is it cheaper? I have a box of Rembrants that I have had over the years and when I run out of certain colors, I just usually go and buy those specific colors. I also go and buy a Schminke pastels every once and a while. I did find that buying online is cheaper than buying at an art supply, but if there is a better way to go, that would be really great.

I just feel that I have to limit how much I use my pastels because I really like to get quality pastels to draw with and I don't like that feeling.

So how about it? What is the cheapest route?

just dave
01-23-2003, 01:50 PM
MAKE pastels?! No way! The PIGMENT costs can be outrageous, and you have to buy dozens and dozens of pigments.

No, the cheapest way is to buy them in sets on sale or closeouts. Do not buy old Rembrandts; they could be quite chalky.

Now many pastel or art multimedia books tell you how to "roll your own" and I have done that with fragments and it is messy.

PS: Always wear a dust mask!

01-23-2003, 04:09 PM
Hmmm...that is interesting. Why would someone say it is cheaper to make them myself? They must have some vendetta against me, or something like that. ;) I only buy my pastels new, but I don't get to buy them that often.

"Roll pastels?" How does one do that?

Thanks for replying to my thread! I have been drawing for quite a while, but I am still experimenting and am always looking for new ways of doing things.

If you could buy the best set of pastels, what brand would you buy?

01-23-2003, 04:21 PM
I've never actually done it, although I want to.
See this thread:
I think it has to be cheaper if you use them a lot. Maybe not worth it at all if you only use them infrequently.
Good luck!

01-23-2003, 04:35 PM
Thanks Jim! I would use pastels much more if I did not have to worry about the cost of purchasing them. That is the problem and it saddens me. I love working with pasels, but I don't want them to be gone so I draw mostly with charcoal and my eraser. I will look into the cost and see which is the best way to go.

just dave
01-23-2003, 06:35 PM
You make a paste with pastel dust or fragments and either mix with water or add a binder and you roll them and let them dry. I use wax paper for rolling.
I use Rembrandts as my workhourse pastels. i can replace colors at most craft stores.
For really good works I prefer Senneliers and Unisons. It depends on what support I'm using and the composition of the artwork.