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12-06-2010, 10:24 PM
Hi all!!
Sorry to be MIA - no excuse but have been kind of hibernating from online stuff lately. Thought I better check in on my Wearables peeps though.

Andee, not long til hols now - hope you have something fun planned.

Pam, sounds like you're all geared up for Christmassy stuff. Hope the tiling gets done okay. Is your mom there yet?

Claire, glad you're going to the acupuncturist right away, hope it heals faster than the last injury!!

:wave: to all today, hope everyone is doing well!! Nothing exciting going on here. I'm happy to report that Woody has settled in like a trooper, Bentley (the grey cat - youngest also) has finally quit running from him, and they're getting along just fine now. Every day, Woody gets more and more comfortable in his new home - he's discovered the fish tanks. Here's a pic (a lousy one - stupid cell phone camera! lol He watches them when dh feeds them - finds them very interested! lol


Bailey has decided he's not such a scary guy as well. They're quite good friends now, and actually snuggle up on the couch. This pic was taken last night after their long walk. They were both exhausted! lol


I'll have to find the good camera and get some good pics of him - he's really quite a handsome fella. I'm spending a bit of time in my studio lately, got a few orders for those dog collar rings, so I'm inspired to be in there again. Hopefully I'll have some pics of actual jewelry soon too!! Have a good week everyone!! I'll try to check back more often! :)

12-07-2010, 02:45 PM
Oh he is so gorgeous, those floppy cheeks and ears, I bet he has soulful eyes. Is he much smaller than Bailey? Looks like all is good in our household.

Here I have been struggling to get things done, today I had a complicated conversation in French to book the vet, usually it is very easy but this time I had to explain the whole process as she thought I was asking for rabies blood tests. Anyway, all sorted (I hope!) and there is only packing left and a bit of planning of what we want to do. We leave on Friday afternoon, so not a lot of time left.

What else - I've been playing my accordion a bit more, decided to have a Christmas piece rehearsed, no idea why as nobody is going to ask me to play one! It is fun though, and I am definitely improving.

Hope everyone else is OK.

12-10-2010, 10:12 PM
Quick fly by hello - hope everyone is doing well. Claire, how's the knee doing? Andee, I saw you're finally on FB that you're finally on holidays! YAY Pam, a new puppy?? Are you crazy? LOL Like I should talk!! It sure is quiet around here - miss you guys!! :)

12-15-2010, 01:05 PM
aw! I'm so glad I got a chance to see the pups!!! Adorable.

No, I'm not getting a new puppy, I was just trying to change my mood before I went to bed that night.

Things have been really hard over here. I have no time to myself... you wouldn't believe the crazy that is going on, and not just normal holiday crazy. I feel bad complaining on facebook (all deleted) but I had to vent!

So anyway, sorry I'm not around, I'm at my tipping point and don't know if I'll make it through chistmas or not. hah. or ho ho ho.


12-15-2010, 06:34 PM
Hi all, just got home, tired but had a great time. Things seem quieter than ever here, hope everyone is OK.

Barrie, my knee is OKish, thanks for asking. I am walking and everything, but sometimes get aches and problems when down on my knees. I go for acupuncture tomorrow so am hoping he can work his magic again.

Pam, that doesn't sound good, I take it your visitor is the problem, how long is she staying? Feel free to vent here any time.

12-16-2010, 04:16 PM
Welcome home Claire! Glad you had a good time! Any pics of the gite?? I love to see the neat places you stay. Hope the acupuncturist does his thing and it works quickly!

Pam, oh Pam - you poor thing!! Vent away, it'll help keep you sane-ish! Are you sure your mom hasn't had a small stroke or something? My mom got really weird after that - her speech and functions were fine, but she did some seriously weird stuff that she would never ever do before that. I ended up calling her doctor in tears because I was going crazy with her antics!! She went for a bunch of tests and it turned out she had some small stroke damage in her brain that made her to some odd things - argumentative about weird stuff, loss if inhibitions (not horrendously so, but enough that it would make me say 'you said what??'), and the like. Luckily she adjusted with some meds, and we were all much happier when we figured out what was going on. But damn, it was HARD dealing with her!!! Good luck to you, buddy - if you decide to run away, I have a spare bedroom you can hide in, a studio to play in and a ton of glass sitting around gathering dust!! Nothing but a pesky border between us! LOL ((hugs))

Andee, how are the holidays going for you? Hope you're relaxing at last!

:wave: to any that pass through today! Nothing exciting going on here - well my car is in getting fixed today (goodbye $1000) - the heater core needed replacing. Ouch!! Cheap part (under $100) but almost 7 hours of labor!! Yikes! And a rear brake job. Guess dh and I are sharing car repairs for Xmas - wheeee!! lol On a plus note, I'm working in the studio again. I'll have some pics one of these days - everything is in mid-creation stage, the assembly line is inching along! :) Anyway, hope you all are doing well - I sure miss our daily chats!! Cheers!!

12-17-2010, 02:04 PM
Quick hi all - didn't really get around to relax yet, I had to do my filing, 3 years of bank records, phone bills, tax bills, all that jazz, took me 1 1/2 days to sort it all out, and that made my herniated disc play up again, arrrrgh. But now I'm going to take things easy for the rest of the holidays. Except that I want to defrost my fridge, clean out all kitchen cupboards, sort my jewellery, put up a smoke detector and, erm, yes, try to relax... :rolleyes:

It makes me sad to see our group fall apart here, and I feel bad that I'm MIA most of the time myself... Love you all! :grouphug:

Edited to add:

Geez, how could I not comment on the new pup? He's adorable, Barrie! :) And extra big hugs to Pam!

And I finally got a new version of PSE that actually works on Win7, so here's a quick photo that I took while I dressed up rubber ducky for the holidays...


Oh, and I also prolonged this thread to last for 2 weeks instead of just 1 since we're posting here anyway... ;)

12-17-2010, 06:23 PM
Lovely to see an Andee photo again :clap: hooray for holidays. Mine don't start until Saturday, so not a lot of Christmas preparation time. I'll maybe get around to putting up a few decorations this weekend.

We've had the auditors in this week so I'm very behind at work. I just keep reminding myself that I can only do what I can do. This weekend we are going to meet some other doodles for a walk, then next door's dog is coming for the afternoon, Leon is going to be exhausted!

Barrie, good to hear you are feeling inspired. Ouch on the car costs, those things are such a burden, I'd love to be able to live without one but can't imagine how.

Andee, I misread your post to understand that you dressed up as a rubber duckie - we would have to see pictures of that! You are making me feel guilty about all the tidying up I need to do - it might have to wait until after CHristmas at this rate.

My dog is calling me, I think he wants some attention. Hugs to all.

12-18-2010, 03:58 AM
What a gorgeous Andee pic!! LOVE it - very Christmasy!! I guess relax and take it easy are easier said than done, huh? lol - good that you got the filing bits take care of. Tedious job, but had to be done! I too read that you dressed up as a rubber duckie - however, I suspect you have a rubber duckie who gets decked up for the holidays (that would be the saner option! LOL).

Ckaire, glad your holidays are almost upon you too. A doodle meet on the weekend sounds like fun! I couldn't manage without a car - one of the drawbacks of walking with canes (distances are not an option!). lol

Pam, how are you holding up??

I managed to fall tonight so I'm extremely achy now - it's nearly midnight and I'm not so sure I'll fall asleep at this rate!! One of my canes collapsed unexpectedly on me on a concrete sidewalk - went down on both knees and hands of course. The way the cane collapsed caused my right arm to wrench and my elbow is sore too. Of course then there was the ever so graceful production of getting myself back up again - dh was very helpful as were the two gentlemen that rushed over to help, but all I wanted was to stop for just a minute and catch my breath! You really do see stars when you get that big shock of pain!! OUCH!!!! But managed to get uprighted with minimum embarrassment (ok maybe not!) and no blood or anything like that. It took me about 10 minutes for the adrenaline shock to wear off!! We were heading into the pet store at the time to pick up critter supplies, so I had to just suck it up and carry on. Tomorrow should be interesting - might not be able to move! We'll see! LOL

On a much more fun note, we took the dogs to the off-leash park for the first time. What a hoot!! They had a blast (omg can Bailey RUN!! That dog is greased lightning!!), but then Woody discovered that the one far side of the park is unfenced and is just a solid wall of blackberry brambles - and there are bunny trails into it!! He was off like a shot into the prickly bushes!! Thank goodness dh was wearing his heavy work pants and jacket as he had to forage through the bush to find the darn dog!! Bailey and Jessie came the instant I called them, but we're still working on Woody's recall (he kinda sucks at it right now). And after about 10 minutes, dh managed to catch the little bugger, get him leashed up and led him out of the bush - prickles and all!! Poor dh had torn up hands and face from the bush, but he was happy that we didn't have dog trauma - note to selves, the dog park isn't 100% fenced! duh!! lol So tonight we bought a 25 ft lead, so he can have lots of room to roam, and they can work on the recall command - won't take long I don't think to get him to come when called. We'll see anyway! LOL Other than that, I'm almost ready for Christmas, though still have some shopping to do. Mark is buying Freya a snake for her big present, and I'm picking it up tomorrow - not sure what kind yet, but I'll keep you posted! :)

Anyhoo, hope you all have a great weekend - I'm going to try to close my eyes and get some sleep. I am tired!! Cheers!

12-18-2010, 06:00 PM
Hi guys
Not the most successful day ever here, none of the others cold make the meet, and we didn't find out until we got there. Leon enjoyed his walk nonetheless, and this evening he got to play with his bgf Molly. He does make me laugh, I was dancing in the kitchen and he came running in to join in.

We got some more Christmas presents and cards sorted out, and tomorrow I'm going to tidy up and find the decorations - two weeks is quite enough for them to be up. Musing on trying to find a standard bay tree to have indoors instead of a Christmas tree, it would look sweet with lights and little baubles and a big bow - what do you think? Then it would be pretty and useful in the garden afterwards.

Barrie, that fall sounds painful, hope you aren't too badly bruised. I didn't realise you relied on sticks so completely, that must be awful. Now I feel bad for complaining about my knee problems. Are you not able to have any surgery to help? Woody sounds a bit like Leon, got to chase off after any scent he finds, hope you can conquer that one. Did Freya really request a snake - funny kid!

Andee, hope you aren't wasting all your holiday cleaning the fridge, although I know it is a job which has to be done.

Pam, hope you are retaining your sanity, how long is your mother staying?

12-18-2010, 10:19 PM
Hi everyone!

I've been by to read but this month has just been too much for me! I can't believe how much we had to get done for the last week of school.

Barrie - love that pic of Woody watching the fish! Ouch about the fall :crying: . I can imagine that was quite painful. Can you rest tomorrow or do you have things that must be done?

Pam - I'm so sorry everything is hard right now. Is your mom just overdoing it trying to squeeze the most into her visit or is she just really difficult? I know my mom drives me absolutely crazy and I really have to psyche myself up for our visits or I end up biting her head off several times. I hope things get easier so you can enjoy your holidays.

Andee - love that pic! Funny about the rubber ducky as I thought you said you'd dressed up as one as well! I'm sure it feels good to have the filing done even though it's aggravated your neck. I love the feeling I get when something is cleaned and organized though I rarely have the energy to keep up with it all.

Claire - how fun that Leon likes to come and dance with you. Bella really loves to be a part of the fun when the kids are playing and she's so funny when DH tries to sneak up on someone she'll whine and growl until we notice. I think the reusable tree is a great idea (though I don't know much about the kinds of trees). We use an artificial tree and have for years. Just got so sick of the mess of the real thing. Plus it already has lights :evil: . Enjoy your holidays!

Well I've been busy with work as usual. DH got a new job, sort of. They "federalized" his contract job so he had to officially apply. He spent about 40 hours on a 16 page application and turned out to be one of the few in his department to actually get "his" job. Fortunately it comes with a bit of a pay raise and the government job benefits. To celebrate we bought a car! I got a 2007 Honda and he got my Jeep so we're both happy campers.

I'm getting close to being done with Christmas shopping but I'm not at all looking forward to wrapping it all!

Tried to upload a pic of the car but got an error :crying: .

12-19-2010, 02:21 PM
LOL - I didn't dress up as a rubber ducky. :lol: My avatar rubber ducky got dressed up festively, as you can see! :lol:

12-20-2010, 05:21 PM
LOL Andee, love the avatar's outfit! :) Only 5 more sleeps til the big day now! :) (funny how once you have kids, you still count things down in sleeps even when they're grown up and moved away!).

Claire, don't be silly, of course you should complain about your bum knee! I know how important your dance is to you, and how hard it is when body parts don't cooperate! :) I do think Leon and Woody would have a grand time together - quite the friendly chaps it seems! It will be a while before we try off leash for him though - there's too many roads and such around our area and without being good at a recall, we won't trust him to come back on his own (and possibly get hurt or really lost!). We did pick up a 25ft lead for him so he does get to roam (controlled roaming!). Dh takes them over to the field to play and work those noses - Bailey and Woody both have great sniffers!! Jessie is not impressed with the cold weather, so she only goes when the weather is half-decent. Hope you're not too affected by the rotten weather the UK is having lately!

Dawn, hooray for you hubby! That's excellent news!! And a new vehicle is always fun! I would LOVE one of those Hondas you got - might fit the dogs better. lol Hope you and the kids are ready for the big day! :)

:wave: to all today!! I'm mostly recuperated from my little stumble - it was mostly achy, and slightly bruised (knees mostly). No big deal! LOL I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet, but I'm sure I'll get it done on time. Not much left to do - just need to find time to do it! :) Hope you all are ready for Christmas! Cheers!

12-20-2010, 07:10 PM
Hi folks
A bitterly cold day here, and the heating had been off at work all weekend, it was 8 degrees centigrade when I got in. We've not had much snow where we are, although it has been awful in other places, it has frozen very hard so it took me longer to scrape the ice off the car than to drive in to work. Luckily I have no plans to drive anywhere, work and the supermarket are about the limit of my ambitions.

David bought me a standard bay tree today, I am going to put lights and strings of beads on it. Then some foliage on the mantelpiece and that will be enough decoration for me.

Dawn, congratulations to your dh, he has done well in that job. Hope you enjoy the new car. I bet Christmas is fun in your household with the boys and the dogs, los of excitement and ripped paper.

Andee, quite a relief to see your duck has a santa hat and you don't have a rubber beak. Hope you are enjoying the time at home.

Barrie, I've never used a long line, we have been brave with ours and let them off and stood the consequences. Our first dog was not one to chase things, and Cassie was too nervous to go far after a frightening hare chase in her early days, so Leon's hunting is a new challenge. I hope Woody learns his recall soon, much more fun for them to run free. Do your laws allow dogs off lead?

Hope everyone has got their Christmas plans under control and life is good.

12-21-2010, 12:11 AM
Brrrrrr!! 8 degrees is COLD!!!! Hope they have a good heater and you didn't suffer too long! I'm not fond of the cold and we all know how I feel about snow!! Glad you're able to get about though - nothing worse than being stranded!! Hooray for the bay tree! I'll bet it will look very festive when it's all decked out!

There are dog leash laws here, but the field near us is private property so they can run there if they want. I don't think it will be long before Woody learns his recall - he's quite clever (for a lunk-headed basset hound! LOL). Bailey thoroughly enjoys running (she is LIGHTNING fast!!). Happy pups!!

Well, off to dinner - dh is cooking! :) I am spoiled!! Hope you all have a great day!!

12-22-2010, 04:12 PM
Merry Christmas everyone! I don't seem to make it onto any of the sites at any regular pace. Not sure why that is. I need to get better organized in 2011.

Barrie, those pups are just ever so cute. Glad you were not injured in your fall. Not sure I could handle the snake present for Freya! My son said all of his had died. He thinks he got contaminated mice as each one died after a feeding. Hope your have an awesome Christmas.

Claire, how was your trip. I didn't see it mentioned in this post. I might need to check further back. Glad your area is not getting the mess some other parts of the country are getting. (that's a horrible sentence! LOL) I had been wondering if you were caught in the ice and mess. We had summer weather (83F) yesterday. Today is cooler at 51F. I can just see Leon dancing! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Andee, you are really doing the house cleaning thing during your holiday. Hope you have reserved some time to relax and enjoy. Sometimes getting everything in order is relaxing in some way. Is your new job getting any better? Enjoy your time off. Merry Christmas.

Dawn, great news about your husband getting his own job. The raise is nice too along with those benefits. Hooray for the new car. I think I saw pictures on FB. My car got new tires so I'm good for a long while. I suppose the boys are excited about Christmas. Have a good one.

Pam, too bad your holidays are not going so well. A guest in the house for a month is really too long. Even a week wears a little thin. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

We will have a quiet Christmas and after the disaster that was Thanksgiving I'm very ready for the quiet one. Norm's daughter has mental issues and she was in rare form for Thanksgiving so it really ruined the holiday for everyone. She has promised to never, ever, be around me again and I so hope she holds fast to that promise! LOL I have never been mean or rude to her (she wears that shoe) but she has dreamed up something in her head that says I am always mean to her and have been for 30 years! I just hope she stays 250 miles away and doesn't darken my door again. I don't think I can continue to ignore her rudeness. I went to my parents last weekend to celebrate their 70th anniversary. Their actual anniversary is the 22nd but we needed a weekend for those who work. My son and his family came so my parents had their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren together. We had a great time. My mother is loosing mental capacity but that is not surprising since she has not been able to speak for about 15 years. That must be so frustrating. My dad and I talked about day help and about them moving into a retirement home. He is going to get pricing info and then decide what to do. He really wants to stay in his own home and I hope they can with some outside help. It's nice that he is making the decision rather than my sister and I having to do it.

Well that's about it. Debbie and I took a torch fired enamel class and really enjoyed it. Haven't done much with it since but hopefully after the holidays. Speaking of, I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and that the New Year brings you nothing but goodness. I appreciate having all of you as friends.

12-22-2010, 05:57 PM
Hi guys,
A bit more snow here today, nothing too bad, we are lucky in the East. My colleague should be flying to Hong Kong tonight, hope her flight goes as lots haven't. I got my Christmas bay tree set up, and made some not very good ecards, I'll see if I can post them here. They ought to have music but I don't know how to embed it.

I can't believe there are only two days to go, I am still not at all organised, but so what, who cares if there are no mince pies. At least we are past the shortest day, I'm looking forwards to it getting lighter in the mornings.

Barrie, it's good to be able to let dogs run free, they can't exercise properly on a lead. Lucky you having a dh who cooks, much as I enjoy cooking I would like to be able to hand the job over sometimes.

Gwen, I'd love some of your sunshine, this winter has got too much already. -We had a lovely time in France, cold but bright weather so nowhere was muddy which can be a problem in winter. I'm afraid I hardly took any pics, with several layers and gloves it is hard to operate a camera. Your stepdaughter sounds a real trial, I think you have done a wise thing refusing her company, why should she be allowed to spoil things for everyone?

Here is one of my ecards (I hope)


12-23-2010, 02:10 AM
Oh Claire! Pretty card!! Thank you for sharing!! I was just talking to dh about mince tarts tonight (I prefer them to pies), and I think we're going to make some for ourselves on Christmas Day. Hope your colleague manages to get to Hong Kong okay! And I really hope you don't get too much snow, horrid stuff! LOL

Gwen, wow, so sorry Norm's daughter made Thanksgiving so challenging! Let's hope she doesn't forget her promise! Happy Anniversary to your parents! How fabulous that they're still able to be at home - hope they can find a way to stay in their home as long as possible. A little help will go a long way. The torch fired enamel class sounds awesome! I've wanted to give that a try, just haven't had the time lately - maybe in the New Year? We'll see! :)

:wave: to all today. I spent my afternoon shopping with Freya's dad - he has such a love of Christmas! And now that he and Cecili are no more, he's found himself a new girlfriend! And she's wonderful (can't remember if I've told you guys about her yet?). Anyway, she's adorable - quite the tomboy which is the polar opposite of Cecili. Freya loves her, and Mark is quite smitten - it's sooo nice to see him so happy after the years of being miserable. We're going over to the kids' house Christmas morning for breakfast, as it looks like it will just be dh, Cody and I for Xmas dinner. I'm okay with that, thought I might be sad, but apparently not!! We're doing a big family dinner on Boxing Day at the kids' house. Now, all I have to do is finish my shopping - wish me luck!! lol Have a good evening all! I'm off to watch a little tv, then off to bed! Hugs all around! :)

12-23-2010, 06:33 PM
Hi all
Work is getting like an Agatha Christie novel, fewer people there every day. My boss was off sick, and he told me to leave by lunchtime tomorrow, so I'll just do the really urgent stuff and finish early. It is still cold but slowly warming up, the paths in the park are very icy still.

I've made a few mince pies, tomorrow, or later tonight if I get the urge, I'll make florentines. Need to think up something for a starter for Christmas lunch, veggie friendly but no mushrooms. Kind of annoying as I have a side of smoked salmon in the fridge, maybe I'll do aperos so there's a mixture of things, I'll check out some of my favourite foodie websites.

Barrie, how wonderful that Mark has a new gf, he deserves someone nice after all the problems with the last two. I'm sure you'll enjoy the mixture of family get-togethers and peace at home - not that I imagine your household all that peaceful with the menagerie.

I hope everyone else is happy and ready for Christmas, I've still got a couple of things to buy which will have to be tomorrow. My father's present hasn't arrived yet, I ordered it from Amazon, paid extra for quick delivery, now had an email from them that it might not get here on time because of the bad weather. I'll be requesting a refund on the postage.

12-24-2010, 02:39 PM
Hi all - and Merry Christmas, everybody!

I'm a bit sad because due to the extreme (for our region) snow we've been having the last couple of days I didn't get to go to my mum (remember: today is the "main" x-mas holiday in Germany) because public transportation didn't have service and I don't have winter tires on my car, so I would not risk driving in the snow and ice. I'm more sad for my mum than for myself, but still - it's the first time ever that I'm spending this day completely on my own...

Rather depressing, actually.

12-24-2010, 06:31 PM
What a shame Andee, I can understand you not wanting to drive though, it is not worth the risk. We are with you in spirit so you are not truly alone (((HUGS))).