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12-26-2002, 01:19 AM
Was wondering if any of you have used the Great American Art Works Pastels. I just got a set of the McDaniel Landscapes...so far, they look wonderful, rich deep color! and softer than Rembrandts.

Since I didn't find any info in the Product Review system here at WC! for pastels, I decided to post here. Hope this isn't a question already answered before!

I also got a set of Terry's darks...wow! do they look yummy!!

(who is depressed over not painting for three days!!)

12-26-2002, 11:20 AM
i have 78 piece general selection of artworks and there loaded with color and very uniform in softness,i have read that doug dawson also uses artworks and has a set that he has put together for sale at dakotapastels that i would like to buy also.add a dark set of ludwigs and a full set of rembrandts to these artworks and your loaded for bear.:)

12-26-2002, 12:33 PM
I just got the portrait set a week or so ago. They are what I used to do my grandson's picture. I like them a lot...using them for other things besides protraits...but now I want more! :D


12-26-2002, 02:37 PM
For Christmast my brother gave me an 18 color "starter" set of Great American Art Works Pastels. I haven't had the opportunity to try them yet....but you can bet I'll be cracking them open today! :D I can't wait!

He also gave me a set of 12 Sennelier oil pastels...they look so smooth and creamy compared to the other brands of oil pastels that I've tried.

12-27-2002, 01:23 AM
Thanks everyone! Will let you know how my first painting turns out, too, with the ArtWorks!

Don't you just love it when someone gives you art stuff for Christmas!!....and one can never have too many pastels!

12-27-2002, 05:07 PM
Hi everyone!!! I just ordered some Great American pastels from Jerrys who had a sale on a set of 36 (a xmas pressie for me, from me) I can't wait to try them out. I have the full set from Rembrandt, some Unisons, some Ludwigs and a set of Nupastels. I also believe you can't have too many!!!! I love your paintings in pastel Carly...your goals for plein aire painting are an inspiration for me. My hubby got me a small sketchbook easel for Xmas that I can use in the truck when I'm painting in the cold. I love pastels for their immediacy and the beautiful colors available.

Carly...with so many pastels, how do you choose which ones to bring out for your plein aire paintings????? Do you bring all you have????? You have such wonderful color combinations......I really admire you and your art. I know I am not alone here.


12-27-2002, 11:21 PM
Nancy, I have a wooden box with all my colors in it now. I was using an ArtBin canvas case with the plastic boxes, but they were too much trouble plein air....had them sitting all over the place! Now I can open my box, it opens out from the center, and use all my colors from one source! Sure makes it easier for plein air. I use a full size french easel and the box easily sits on the open drawer with the wooden palette laid across it.

I took the box of ArtWorks with me today and used a few of them...really have to make room for them in my wood box! I only put one of a kind colors in my box and I keep all my duplicates in the Art Bin boxes.

I really don't have a lot of colors (compared to Marsha!) but the way you put colors together can make it look like a lot more actually. The painting I did today (12/27 thread) probably has no more than a dozen colors used.

12-29-2002, 12:07 PM
A question on your wooden box.....did you purchase such a thing? or did you make it yourself????? I am currently using the Artbin 3 tray pastel carrying case...and I put one tray on the top of my french easel drawer, but I am constantly searching for the other two drawers with the colors in it. Also, I can't take all my colors with me. (I have about 400!!!)

Thanks in advance!!! Love your work!!! You are an inspiration!!


12-29-2002, 12:14 PM
I assume you are referring to a French Companion Carly? The piece which fits over the drawer for the Julian type easel.
I know I have seen them but all of a sudden I can't find them anywhere on the web.
You don't find that all too heavy to carry...or do you use a luggage carrier?