View Full Version : Bruin70..thanks for suggesting this site

02-19-2000, 04:03 AM
Just wanted to thank you for sending me to WetCanvas.com. I will have to continue to return..just looking at the various areas tonight. I'm a bit unfamiliar with the Wetchat area (have been using ICQ..but have not re-loaded this since our computer went down. Bruin70, I'll try to catch you when you are in chat during the time you mentioned. (I've enjoyed reading the posts and discussions. MichaelRH

02-24-2000, 09:55 AM
Michael..welcome..this is a warm, inviting place to be..please join in the chat cafe`..there you can ask questions and get to know Bruin(Milt) and the rest of us.

02-25-2000, 12:00 AM
sandyartist..thanks for the nice welcome..I have quite a bit of time the next three days, and I'll be checking to see if anyone is in chat frequently
From what I've already seen..it does look like a GREAT place to be, and it was just quite by accident that I happened to catch bruin70 at another site.
Funny how things like that happen in life...I feel fortunate that he suggested WetCanvas.com It is (almost) as nice....as having everyone get together (in person!) for some late-into-the-night discussions. Thanks again..

03-09-2000, 06:04 AM
For what it is worth, I've been recommending this site to those who might be interested. It is about the only place where folks write about the nitty gritty.

God Blesses!