View Full Version : Anchored Boats

Lorraine Paris
11-11-2010, 02:20 PM
Acrylics on 30 x 40 cm Canvas Panel. This is a scenery of Dwejra Bay which is in Gozo, which forms part of the Maltese Islands. Comments most welcome.


Susan Jenkins
11-11-2010, 03:12 PM
Those boats have personality!! Very nice!

11-11-2010, 03:47 PM
The first thing I thought was which one is going to make it thru that opening in the rocks! I like it, very interesting I'm also wondering are the occupants of the two boats snorkeling in the water ??

11-11-2010, 04:54 PM
womnderful colours in the sea - can only imagine lovely warm water!!!

11-12-2010, 05:25 AM
Wonderful colors and textures in the rocks.

11-12-2010, 07:25 AM
This is a really nice piece. Love the composition and beautiful color.

11-12-2010, 10:50 AM
Charming comp, your boats do have personality, well done!


Lorraine Paris
11-12-2010, 01:10 PM
Thanks Susan, Purple, Arlene, Elinor, and Elaine for your kind comments, they are of great encouragement.