View Full Version : WIA TGIF 29th October

10-29-2010, 01:39 AM
Hi everyone :wave: I can't keep up with here and FB and real life sometimes!

Dawn, sorry to read about DH being a boy about everything. They have no clue, no clue at all sometimes. I am on year 20+ of training mine and we are not past the chapter heading "appropriate use of the laundry hamper" in the manual.

Barrie, I don't mind whether people call me Helga or Fiona on FB LOL. The name came about because one of my buddies wanted to see some pix of the London reno, said "oh put them on your FB" and I already had the Helga one set up to play with, to see how it worked without being committed to having all my info out there. So I did and then she got me into playing FV but I have never gotten into putting too much on my status updates as I have a few people that are just FV friends. Soooooo just a set of circumstances rather than any grand plan. All a bit confusing now but too late to start over.

I am late for all my Friday things, supposed to be arranging to see the chap I sometimes buy stones from, but my hair is still wet and I havn't had a bath yet! Have a good one all. Fiona aka Helga :lol:

10-29-2010, 02:28 AM
Dear Helga Troll, you can go into your settings and change your name and keep all your friends if you really want to :) Love, Your friendly FB knowitall.


10-30-2010, 01:46 PM
rofl Trust Pam to know all the inner workings of FB!!! Thanks for clarifying Fiona, some people are weird about their FB names, others are not - glad you're not one of the weirdos! :)

Nothing exciting to report - and that's a good thing!! Off to check out the Saturday thread! :)