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10-24-2010, 07:32 AM
Hi all
A busy weekend all round I think. We had great fun at our friend's party last night, she loved the orange slice earrings and nobody else had bought anything like that - don't know why I always panic that somebody else will choose the same present as I have, especially when it is the only one I can find in the country! Leon enjoyed the party and was played with by everyone, he is the most sociable dog ever.

This morning was a bit of a late rise, I managed to stay in bed till 9.15 - David did dog walking duties. Now got the laundry on and the bread rising, and the kitchen clean. Not much more housework going to be happening for a week, I've got rehearsals then the show. Roll on next Sunday when I can get my life back!

10-24-2010, 12:50 PM
Claire, you really think it will be normal again on Sunday?! LOL Glad your party was fun!

We were woken this morning by bad news that actually has been going on for almost a week, but they decided to wake us up at 7:30 on a sunday morning to tell us. Oh well.... I'll never understand his family. Anyway, Frank's dad is going into an assisted living soon, he fell and broke a rib and it seems his Alzheimers has taken a turn for the violent. Sad sad sad, he was such a nice gentle man - he and I always got along anyway.

My grandmother went into a home this week too, and I feel so cut off from her now - she doesn't talk on the phone and can't figure out how to write a letter most days... and my mother is taking a "break" from her - the home suggested she stay away while grandma adjusts and my mother seems to be going overboard with that suggestion. Her birthday was yesterday and I sent her flowers and wished her a happy birthday even though my mother told me not to (my mother didn't want her wondering why no one was visiting on her birthday - they had had her party before she went into the home - though they didn't tell me that until I said I was going to send flowers and then panic! don't tell her happy birthday!) - well I did. But I have no idea if she got them or liked them or what. I'm hoping all the other residents oohed and ahhed over them and wished her a happy birthday and made her feel special for me. I hope. It's a sucky thing living 3000 miles away and having a flakey mother.

Well, there, now I'm all gloomy and stuff.

Hugs all around - I hope your days are sunny and cheery!

10-24-2010, 08:24 PM
Hey girls!

Claire - how nice that David let you sleep in this morning! Sounds like you are busy busy, the show is next weekend?

Pam - how strange they called so early this morning! How did dinner with BILFH go Friday?

:wave: everyone!

Well we had a busy weekend but it was fun. Dinner and hockey Friday night and I had fun but was mad all night about the stupid lady trying to wrench the shirt out of my hands! What if it had been one of my kids? The party Saturday night was a hit. The kids all seemed to have a really good time and we were all done in a couple of hours. He got THREE Nerf guns and a tv video game thing. LOL.

Everyone slept in today and I spent the day making beads. I'm working on red so we'll see how they turn out. With red you just never know. I also am trying to finish up a couple of orders I've been ignoring. Tomorrow I'm gonna torch early and the dogs have a vet appointment in the afternoon. I guess I've been remiss about their shots. I called to make the appt because their rabies shots were due and was told their distempter was due in 2007 :eek: !

Then Tuesday I have a bead group meeting down at Glasscraft. It's a really long drive and I don't need any glass but I think I'll try to go just to see everyone.

Have a good evening everybody! :grouphug:

10-24-2010, 10:22 PM
Oh Luke would be jealous, he wanted one of those nerf guns. I didn't get him one and neither did anyone else. He got tons of other stuff though - night vision goggles, a snowboard, some lego things. BILFH - eh. he showed up late, left early, stayed out of my way, I didn't call him on any of his lies... he didn't insult me to my face, it went ok ;)

I hope your red came out ok - I know how you mean, it's hard to tell because it's gray/black going into the kiln. And hey, my dog needs shots too! I think the cat does too! So much to do...