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10-16-2010, 11:54 PM
Hi everyone :wave: I just went through and read some of the WIA's I've missed. Not been making it here most days. Lots of odds and ends of real world stuff.

We finally completed on the purchase of the garage to go with our house :clap: The chap fixed the door and I set up for one of my friends that doesn't live too far away to go and look at it. She took some pix and a movie of him closing the door and it all looked to have been nicely done. Of course the guy was off on his hols the next day, so we put our side of the legal stuff in motion and then had to wait for him to come back. We decided to aim for completion on DH's birthday and that did happen. He was quite excited to finally have it.

It was the one thing he wasn't keen about with the house, on street parking. Of course when they were built in the 1770's the pesky Georgians didn't anticipate cars, so there are no integrated garages. If people have a garden with access at the end they have sometimes been able to build. Over time some of these garages get sold off separate from the house. That is basically what we have bought. What made it something DH really wanted was that it was bigger than the standard 1960's prefab one. They are about 8 by 15 feet and mean you have to have a very small car, even then it's difficult to park inside and open the door. This one is about 10 by 19 and the previous owner had one of those BMW X5 4WD things which easily fit and you could get out. We will try and get it rented out so that it doesn't just sit there and risk the door getting stuck LOL. If we had gotten the deal done before the house rented I would have offered them together, but I am in no mood to give the tenants a freebie.

They have been a bit of a PITA about some things, nothing major, but annoyances. All requires e.mails and generates stress.

That got sorted and then it was time for DH to have knee surgery. He had an accident while I was gone and landed on it. Thought it was just a bruise etc, but when it didn't get better had an MRI. They could see a tear, but oddly not in the area that was giving him a problem. It was decided that he should have surgery, and they found another tear that hadn't shown up on the MRI. That was done Friday first thing and he was home by the afternoon.

Pam, I don't know how you are keeping sane with Frank having surgery and Luke at home too. One sore knee has about scuppered my entire plans LOL. Selling beads on the go too I am impressed.

Barrie, sorry about the lost/ non lost classes data. The computer gremlins always know when you have just about found a way around the problem and it's safe for them to go "teee heee heee, here's what you were looking for it was here all along". If you hadn't done all the work they would never have let on.

I saw from FB ( I have been in there distracting myself with the silly farm game, mindless but soothing ) that Gwen had lost a four legged friend, sad.

Hi to everyone else, Claire, Maggie, Dawn, Andee, Gladys, Susie. Hugs all around. Fiona

10-17-2010, 02:50 AM
Hi Fiona :) Oh your poor husband - and poor YOU! Does this put a crimp in your holiday plans?? Hope not. But at least the tenants thing and the garage thing are settled. Yeah, the sanity thing was an issue there for a bit, it was a close call. But I'm feeling a bit better. Crying my eyes out over the Chilean miners seemed to help get it all out of my system ;)


10-17-2010, 09:54 AM
Hi Fiona, hi Pam, hi everybody.

I'm still here, hating my new job. Tomorrow will be the big office move - and then: longer commute, 6 people in a tiny office, ugh. At least my boss will be back, I hope I can finally get some tasks off my desk then, I'm SO running behind, the deadline is approaching fast and I'm nowhere near finishing the stuff. Sigh.

Hugs to you all, and special hugs to Gwen. :grouphug:

10-17-2010, 02:27 PM
Hi everyone :).

Been busy with work the last few days so I haven't been able to pop in.

Fiona - how is your DH doing now after the surgery? Hopefully up and going again very soon.

Pam - funny how a good cry can relieve some of the biggest stresses. How is Frank? I bought Val Cox's frit book last week and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I thought I might play a bit today but it looks like errands are taking over. Maybe this evening.

Andee - ugh for the longer commute but I'm glad your boss will be back from holiday. That should ease some of your stress yes?

Barrie - SO glad to hear you found all of your data! How frustrated you must have been. I've been there.

Gwen - hugs to you. I'm going to have to look up your FB page to see what's happened.

:wave: everyone else!

I'm heading out to do the big monthly bulk shopping at Sam's (our only option here in my little town). I've decided I'll pop into the store and check on our Sunday help. It seems a bit strange that my Monday/Tuesday gal has had so many great questions but not a peep out of the Sunday girl. Makes me a bit nervous! Must hit Old Navy and Target for some little things and then I can maybe get to the torch. :grouphug:

10-17-2010, 09:31 PM
Hi all!!!
Fiona! Wow, you've been in quite a whirl! Yay for sorting out the garage, boo for dh needing surgery! Hope you are managing to have some fun (other than down on the farm!) and not spending all your time dealing with this stuff!

Dawn, congrats on the Val's frit book! Her pictures, beads and blends are awesome!! We did our monthly big bulk buy too - Costco though, we don't have Sam's here. Good plan on checking up on the Sunday staff!! Sounds a little odd!!

Andee, hope your boss helps get some of that stuff off your desk!

Pam, you've had a bit of a whirl wind yourself, with Frank's surgery and Luke's homeschooling!! Oh yeah, how is Frank's healing coming along!?! Are you guys going to make it to Canada next weekend?!?!?!?

:grouphug: Gwen!! Such sad news.

:wave: to all!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Nice & quiet here, though Mark & Freya are here for dinner. For some strange reason we're watching Hannah Montana! Yeesh. The bead show is rolling along beautifully, classes are filling nicely. I guess I better go help with dinner (dh is making roast beef), it smells wonderful!! Have a goo dnight all! :)

10-17-2010, 09:56 PM
Hi everyone and thanks for all your well wishes. Norm took it pretty hard but was relieved that Oso passed on his own rather than having to have the vet help him out. In fact, we were waiting on the vet to come that evening as Oso was having a really bad week. Norm went out to give him an ice cream treat and found him already gone. It has been a very emotional week but we know he is way better off.

Fiona, so glad you finally got the garage this sewed up. Ugh on the tenants being a PITA!. Hope the Big Boy in your house is up and about. Men don't usually make very good patients.

Andee, don't go hating you job. Surely it will get better once your boss returns. Learning new duties is always stressful.

Pam, is Frank getting better. Haven't seen many updates on FB. A good cry does seem to work wonders. Feel like I need one myself.

Dawn, a new employee with no questions would be troublesome. Hope she is just exceptionally smart! LOL I have the frit book but I'm not sure I learned a lot from it that really helped me apply frit. Hope you have better luck. The pictures were pretty and the science behind the mixes was interesting.

Claire, hope the play is going well. So sweet that your doodle has his special friends. Hope he doesn't miss her too much through the winter months.

Barrie, glad your bead show is running smoothly. I have done the same with Excel. Dang little tabs at the bottom always alluded me for some reason.

Just learned my BFF's grandson was injured during a mission in Afgahistan today. He is on his way to Germany for surgery. I hope next week is better.

10-17-2010, 10:41 PM
I have that frit book too. Now where the heck did I put it??? I don't think I even sat down and looked at it when it came - it must have been a couple months ago.

Oh, Gwen, best vibes for your friend's grandson. Today we were talking about the middle east and wishing we could just all pull out of there and get off of our oil dependency. Too many lives at stake and lost and it just seems like it's dragging on and will never end. (((Hugs)))

Andee, I can't wait until your boss comes back and takes half that stuff off your desk. That's the thought I'm holding on to for you. (((hugs)))

Barrie, no, we are not going to make it. Frank is getting slowly better, but he keeps falling asleep on me - he fell asleep on the way to Seattle with two noisy kids in the back seat - and he gets nauseous all the time just going for a short car ride... it's going to be a long recovery - 3 months to 2 years the PT guys said. The surgeon said if he's not improving by 3 months he wants to go back in. It's very discouraging. He does better one day and then the next he's back in pain... but the good days are getting slowly better and more frequent... but he's still overdoing things too easily. I was so hoping we'd be up there this year.

Well, Frank took Luke to soccer practice (he signed up for a "soccer academy" on sunday nights and hates it, but we are making him go anyway) and as soon as I'm done here I'm either going to a.) finish the dishes, or b.) look for that val cox frit book, or c.) go melt glass, or d.) just go sit down and read a book.

d is tempting.


10-18-2010, 03:04 AM
Aw Pam that sucks - a) that Frank is healing so slowly and b) that you guys won't make it to the show. But there's always the spring show, and hopefully Frank's good days will become more frequent soon. Hope you decided to relax and read a book, as you sure could use the rest I bet!! :)

Gwen, so sad about Oso, but as you say, better the vet didn't have to intervene. Poor Norm! I find men tend to take a special pet passing very hard. As for Excel, yes, I was more than a little frustrated - stupid program (had NOTHING to do with the stupid operator! LOL). Hope your BFF's grandson is okay!! She must be beside herself. Do keep us posted on how he's doing.

Quiet night as planned - got the new printer working (for printing the name tags and such for the show), now I think it's bed time. My eyes are soooo scratchy and itchy!! Have a good night! :)