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10-10-2010, 03:11 PM
Hmmm, must be a lucky day for someone -10/10/10. Lol.

Claire, had to laugh at the floppy comment! :) Too funny! Seems to be your turn for gadget trauma these days, first the cell phone now the laptop. Frustrating!

Pam, congrats on the win for Luke! :)

Dawn, have fun playing today!! Hope you feel better! :)

Andee, I'm sure you're having a Sunday, but thought I'd send you one of these - :grouphug:

:wave: to all today. We had our big Thanksgiving dinner last night at Kevin & Claire's place. There were 17 or 18 people all together. It was a lot of fun, there was a ton of food, and I didn't have to wash a single dish - gotta love that! :) Their house is so much bigger than ours, and with dh's oldest son & wife's 3 little kids, plus our two grandkids, it was CRAZINESS!! I can't even imagine them all in my house, let alone playing and having fun!?!?!? Besides, my Jessie *the ****zu cross) HATES little kids, and she would have had a terrible time!! Oh and it's officially official - Mark & Cecili are completely finished and will never get back together. Bridges are burned, and he's done. She's had a boyfriend for months (even before they slit up in July), and as much as Mark tried to hope that things would work out, he's now completely done and ready to move forward with his life. He sure seems happy these days - must be the right decision in the end. Anyway, besides all that excitement yesterday, I was in one of our small local jewelry supply stores picking up a few odds and ends yesterday afternoon, and the couple that owns the store have decided they want me to take over the store. They told me that when I'm ready, to let them know, they'd hook me up with their accountant and we'd work out an arrangement that would be mutually beneficial. They just want their business of 30+ years to go to someone who will make a go of it (their words). I'm still kind of flabbergasted about it and definitely contemplating it. What a wonderful opportunity that could be!! Sigh!! Anyway, lots for me to ponder - but not til after the bead show!! Hope you all have a great Sunday! I'm off to enjoy a nice QUIET day!! :) Cheers!

10-10-2010, 05:26 PM
Hi guts
Just got back from rehearsal, they are earlier on Sundays, which means I don't have time to eat before I go out and we will soon be having a late supper. We took Leon to the beach this afternoon, he was tremendously excited because he thought his doodle friends would be there, it was sad to have to disappoint him. He still had a fun time charging through the dunes, but he missed his buddies.

Barrie, such a shame about Mark and Cecili, I hope it doesn't affect Freya too badly. He's lucky to have the support and proximity of family, let's hope he is third time lucky. Interesting about the jewelry store, now that could be an interesting project. You have the expertise and contacts to make a big success of it, and lots of people you can call on to help staff it too. Big decisions indeed, there are ongoing expenses in retail which have to be covered but the rewards can be massive.

Hi to everyone else, hope you have been having good weekends.

10-10-2010, 08:04 PM
hi guys :)

Poor Leon. Though the beach is a good consolation prize. I just got back from taking Zoe for a walk. We captured a dog that had run out when it's owners opened the gate to drive in. Oops.

Barrie, I'm glad Mark is happy with his decision... I am pretty sure i would have made the same one if I was him too. I'm sure he will find someone who loves him back the way he deserves, one of these days. The store idea is INTERESTING, isn't it? What an opportunity - enjoy pondering it!

Not much here. Frank is taking it easy, which means he's reading a book. Which means it's up to me to entertain the kid (I know, I know, but we have not gotten THERE yet.) I'm a bit burned out with it all (understatement) and am off to find a fast, early dinner to serve them up and then I'm going to hide in my studio for the rest of the night.