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10-08-2010, 06:37 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! It was a good one, I must admit! I went shopping with Claire & Dayton to get Freya some presents (and a couple of little things for Dayton because spoiling is part of a grandparent's duty!). I bought Freya a package of sparkly stud earrings - I know, lazy of me to not make them, but they're hypo allergenic, there's about 15 pairs, and I couldn't do it for $10 - time just does not allow! lol). I also bought her some 'Littlest Pet Shop' toys - cute little plastic things that she's interested in right now. I was under strict order to buy myself the fm tuner/charger/handsfree thingy for my iphone/car, so I picked that up (dh has no time to shop and he sucks at it anyway! LOL). So I get to listen to my tunes in the car again - YAY!!. We had Mark, Freya, Claire, Kevin and Dayton over for dinner and ended up getting take out Chinese, and a cheesecake. Life is good if you can include cheesecake! :) So yes, all in all, a wonderful birthday! :)

Claire, well it was bound to happen if Leon is a chaser - eventually they become catchers. Silly dood!! Hope he doesn't make a regular habit of it!!

Pam, that sucks for Frank, that's for sure. Hope there's some light at the end of the tunnel soon for him. Love the little blue notebook you bought! too cute! :)

Andee, I'm with Claire, holding out hope that it might get better for you eventually. Fingers crossed, one week closer to hols anyway.

:wave: to everyone else! Oh, good news, the Stellars Jay is just fine!! He was very feisty when we took him to the rehab place. They were going to give him a shot of antibiotic, let his wound heal and turn him loose, they were VERY optimistic. Yay!! On a sad note, Mark found another bird in his house that wasn't nearly so lucky - there were only bits left. *gag* I think his cat needs a collar with a really loud bell on it!! I'm so glad mine aren't mighty hunters - well, they'll occasionally bring something home, but its usually a dead rat on the front lawn, not nearly as sad as pretty birds!! Anyway, guess I best head to bed (since it's nearly 3am on Friday morning and I have to get up in a few hours!!). Have a great Friday everyone!! Cheers!

10-08-2010, 02:35 PM
Quick hello as I have rehearsal tonight and don't know my lines!! Glad you had a good birthday Barrie, and that the jay has survived.

10-08-2010, 08:31 PM
Hello everyone!

I've been sick and working the last few days - ugh.

Barrie - Happy belated Birthday and so glad you got your radio thingy :clap: ! What a crazy time with your kids and so scary! Glad the boy is getting some help.

Claire - have a good rehearsal! I don't know what I'm making these days. I just knew I had to light my torch and make SOMETHING. I've been playing with frits and easy stuff because I didn't want pressure that would make me NOT light my torch.

Pam - cute little BLUE netbook! So sorry to hear that Frank is not feeling better. Hope they can come up with some answers for you. I'm thinking I need a new press. I really want the lentil with the curved hole - do you have that one? I'm big on throwing beads on an interchangeable chain these days and think that one would be ultra cool. Already have the curved mandrels. Pumpkin loaf sounds divine.

Andee - sorry to hear the new job is stressful. It sounds like it will be better once you are trained and know what you're doing? Keep your chin up and just act like you know it all at your meeting :evil: .

:wave: everyone!

Well I woke up yesterday with a nasty cold. Of course it was a workday so I went straight home and crashed. Felt better today but still sniffly and stuff, at least the terrible aching was gone. My new DH glass came today so I'm excited for Sunday when I can play a bit. I got Kalypso, Olympia Rain, Triton and Ecko so I can play with some tutorials. I know next to nothing about these new silver glasses.

We have a little girl's birthday party going on in the store this evening, so cute. After that I'm outta here and home to rest more. Hope ya'll have a nice evening!

10-09-2010, 01:36 AM
oh my goodness! I have not been able to stay logged in here all day! and then I couldn't get into one site after another! Somehow I'd turned cookies off in my virus protection program. But it took me all day to figure that out.

So just a hello and I'm glad to be here for now.

And Dawn, feel better, you will love Triton and Kalypso, olympia rain is good for that Amy's storm tutorial, Ecko is good if you work it fast - it strikes, but if you over strike it, you loose all the color. Curved lentil press? NO, but that sounds interesting.

Barrie, hope your headache is gone, and Claire, you know your lines, I'm sure!