View Full Version : WIA Wednesday 6th October 2010

10-06-2010, 06:03 PM
Hi all
Just back from dancing, it was an effort to make myself go tonight but I'm glad I did. Now feeling stretched and sweated! I've not been too well today, stomach aching and bloated, don't know if it is a bit of a bug or something I've eaten, seems the exercise has helped ease that too. So now I'm going to work on my lines, I just wish I could get my brain to learn easily like I used to!

Pam, yay for the new netbook, great colour. How are you going to make sure you always have the correct device with the data you want on it - or do you keep your current data on a memory stick? I hope the scan shows up what the problem is, this has been going on way too long.

Dawn, I hope you had a fun night with the glass girls. What sort of beads are you making these days?

Hope life is going well for everyone else. I'm heading for bed with my script in a few minutes.

10-06-2010, 07:56 PM
Yes, Dawn, we need pictures of what you've been up too!

Claire, glad the dancing made you feel better instead of worse -that should help you decide next time you are dragging your feet there. Good luck with your lines!

I don't know how I'm going to keep my data sorted... I guess I'll figure that out. I do have a data stick... or I can start putting stuff in online storage and grabbing it from there I guess? I'll figure that out.

Frank's situation isn't much cleared up. The MRI didn't show anything beyond normal, except for some extra fluid that should go away on it's own. so more time, waiting and medicines. and PT. poor guy.

I just made a pumpkin loaf and went to dump it out of the pan... and splat... it broke in half and then half again - what a mess! still tastes good, but not what I was going for ;)


10-06-2010, 10:16 PM
Quick fly by from me - I'm tired tonight and have a class in a few minutes.

Pam, sorry to hear about Frank's troubles. Hope it starts to turn around soon. Hooray for the netbook - fun fun! :)

Claire, funny how sometimes things like memorizing come easily and other times not so much! Hope you get it sorted! :)

Andee, hugs my friend - hope things settle down one of these days for you!

:wave: Dawn, Fiona, Gwen, and everyone! Not too much exciting here (yay!). Mark ended up rescuing a Stellar's jay from his cat last night, so I had to take it to the wildlife rehab place this morning. Tomorrow I'm off shopping for Freya's birthday presents, should be fun. Claire (new DIL) and Dayton are going to come with me. What kind of 8 yr old little girl wants shrimp for a treat? the weirdo!! But that's her special request for dinner tomorrow night, so far be it from me to say no! :) It's our birthday and we're all going to celebrate together. Should be quite fun!! Hope everyone has a great evening!! Cheers!