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03-14-2000, 11:56 PM
Thank you so much everyone for you responses.
My website is correct. I am an oil painter and fine art needlepoint designer. My website contains much of my work including, original oil paintings, as well as reproductions of the "old masters". I have always been fascinated by the great works of the old masters and consequently have tried to reproduce them in my own fashion. It has always been important to me to become as fine a painter....and through my journey in life I have been fortunate to have tried. Nothing pleases me more than to try and recreate the careful manipulation of the oil onto canvas and to duplicate or even come close to it is a large task...one that I have enjoyed.To view more you can just click on the oil paintings icon or the reproductions icon on my website. Thank you again,
Michael RH has told me that this would be a great place to meet and discuss FINE ART!
Thank you all!


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