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01-31-2000, 09:12 PM
I'm working on this watercolor which is 8x10 and I need help to keep this from looking like a paint-by-number. Any suggestions?
Thanks http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

01-31-2000, 09:24 PM
WOW! you are doing good girl. I don't think that it looks like paint by numbers.

But you reminded me of the man that came to my house one day and saw a painting of mine hanging over the mantel piece. When I told him that I had painted the piece myself, he said...."WOW, you are getting good girl, I can't even see the numbers" lol

01-31-2000, 09:48 PM
the really nice thing about watercolour is its looseness and ability to look great even with "accidents". i think what would be nice here is some variation on your background, allow blooms to happen, add clear water just before it's dry to make the color spread and have some hard edges, or just play around and see what you like.
what kind of paper are you using, you know that makes a HUGE difference.
brushes make a difference too, but paper is the number one deal.. I personally like a cold press 140lb Arches, a standard, no?
would be nice to get some of that 300lb, like painting on board, but at $14/sheet 22x30 it's just too expensive for me. I get 140cp for about $4 per 22x30 sheet, not a bad price, really, and I've found that Fabriano makes a nice one with a cool "weaved" texture, so it feels a little more like canvas...
basically, for this piece I think adding some variation in color and brushstrokes should do the trick.
Good luck!

01-31-2000, 10:02 PM
Thanks llis and keyemme, this is 140lb paper. I'm not sure if you mean do blooms in the background of this one or do it over again with blooms. I am definately going to try this one again. I wish my camera would be truer to the colors... the intensity is about right but the purple is really a redder tint. I shall paint on http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

Drew Davis
01-31-2000, 10:26 PM
Those paper prices sound a bit high. Even the middle-priced mail order places (like Daniel Smith or Pearl) seem to do a bit better. Or, for even better prices, you might try ASW. I like Rex Art, but their online catalog doesn't have much in the way of paper. They have it (or can get it), no doubt; might be worth dropping them an email and asking.


Bruce Rohrlach
01-31-2000, 11:27 PM
Hi Malarkey !

Good start - I don't use water colours so I'm not neccessarily one to comment - but I think there needs to be a little more variation in your darks and lights. The colours are all about the same "strength". Think we need more dark patches and a few really light areas - such as highlights on the lily leaves - the darks and lights will give the painting more "body or depth". Don't be afraid to leave some parts of the paper unpainted to give the light-white end of the tone-range.

Hope I'm not giving advice contrary to that of water-colour purists out there ?? I'm just taking a punt here. BTW I admire anyone who dabbles in water-colours !!! You are all very brave and/or very talented !!

Phyllis Rennie
02-01-2000, 09:19 PM
If it were mine, I think I would wet the entire background with clear water--leaving the flower dry--and drop in some spots of various colors. Some pinks and purples and darker greens flowing around in the green background would help, I think. Phyl

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02-01-2000, 10:47 PM
the reason the paper i get sounds so high is because i buy it from the art store up the street from my house. in spokane, we only have 2 art stores. they're both terribly expensive, but i only buy a little at a time until i am able to put together a whole order for mail order. what i mean by not bad price is that it's not a bad price for driving a half mile and picking it up.

02-02-2000, 07:09 PM
I don't use watercolor, and I often don't even like watercolor paintings because of the 'watercolor' look. But this painting I like a lot. It has great depth and color and I wouldn't change a thing!


02-17-2000, 07:43 PM
Mal- sometimes when a painting seems too "hard", I will spritz the whole thing evenly with water, wait until I see it is softened, then press a soft piece of paper or even paper the same grade onto it,like making a reverse print. Then I have two images to start playing with.