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Bruce Rohrlach
01-24-2000, 07:16 PM
Sorry to post so many topics - I only have 4 more and I'll keep it to one-a-week from now on - just that the feed-back is really apprec . and useful at this early stage. I'm away for a week so I'll have an excuse to visit cybercafe's !! Yay!

Anyway - an early pieces (3rd) while still trying to find a technique. A scene about 20 km Nth of Queenstown in New Zealand (near you Rod!). 75 x 60 cm. January summer scene with wildflowers in bloom. Bottom half has a lot of spatula on grass blades. I don't like the colours of the background hills on the right (something wrong with colour values ?? - and colours too blocky) nor the 2 fields on the left - but over-all - with the framing - I think it has a nice "rich-vivid" feeling. The "impressionistic" feel is a result of my inexperience at realism which has increased somewhat in latter stuff.


01-24-2000, 07:27 PM
I like the rhythm of the mountains, and I like the color you have incorporated into the land. I think maybe the water needs to be darker in the middle and lighter on the edges. You do have some light edges on the water. Also having some reflections of the clouds would lighten up some spots and allow you to go deeper. With the water being all one color it appears to be flat. Using a darker blue in the middle and then fadeing it out to the edges would give the water some depth. But your painting is really good just the way it is. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

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irene clark
01-25-2000, 10:42 AM
Hi Bruce
WOW!! was my first thought. Wonderful clours!
Again I love your simplicity of style.
Great landscape!
Really memorable, which is what any artist wants to achieve. I know I do.

01-25-2000, 11:51 AM
I really like it too! I have not seen anything close to your style; you are definitely on to something here. I like the mix of realism/impressionism with a twist of something surreal. (The painting with the red soil has a similar quality, and I liked that too). I do agree with Ilis that some "movement" in the water could be an improvement; compared to the rest it is a bit dead.

01-25-2000, 04:37 PM
bruce,,,,i always anticipate something interesting from you. is this a style you've abandoned? your subtle colors in the background and left play nicely. the thing that kicks this whole piece is the blue. it's just right. the only weakness i see in your style, from all the art i've seen, is your composition. it's not really a weakness. but you should start to utilize the power of composition in your porfolio. check out klimpt, schiele, and japanese prints,,,,and how they push the limits of conventional thought. there's an out of print book on klimpt landscapes that you may like.........if you find it

01-26-2000, 01:03 AM
Great painting Bruce, you certainly have caught the colours of New Zealand. I too feel the lake could reflect some sky as the lakes here tend to be still with sometimes perfect reflections,

01-26-2000, 04:46 AM
try www.bibliofind.com (http://www.bibliofind.com) for used books.. (the prefix, "biblio" means book..the origonal word came from the ancient city of Biblos where where many paprus scrolls were produced)

Phyllis Rennie
01-26-2000, 08:47 PM
I love the colors! And your style is terrific in my opinion. I would suggest that in addition to some reflections in the water, you should also make it flatter. The lake seems to have an arc in the middle. Also I think it might help to simplify those fields on the left. I'd leave the background mountains and foreground alone.

Bruce Rohrlach
01-29-2000, 08:12 AM
Thanks for the positive critique guys/gals - I agree re- the lake, next time I'll know how to give the water more depth and character (your comments are helpful) - Thanks Keme re- Biblio.

Bruin, re-the style - not necessarily abandoned, it's just that that was how the painting turned out, the most "loose impressionist" feel out of all of mine so far. I think because the entire subject matter is either in the middle distance or very distant, I didn't have anything up close that would allow me to tighten up and concentrate on the details, so the result was this. I like this a lot too - but it has to be viewed from several metres back for the effect to work nicely. Maybe I should try another of this ilk (but even loosen up a bit more)- even tho it goes against my intuition ?. re Klimpt - your right - his work does push composition to the extreme and warps the human form a lot (and draws in the viewer as a result).