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01-15-2000, 06:24 PM
Ok..here goes..I like this painting very much..it is oil on canvas, 14"x16"..I had previously tried to send this in and it came up as a thumbnail http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/wink.gif..I know most of you will like this , but actually there are a couple of problems with the female figure, her right hand/wrist is not quite right..and the proportion/angle/length of her left leg is off..her "skin' is done in bronze, so she looks like a living statue..his cap I intend to detail more to make it look like a crown/jewelry but still keeping the cap shape..I also thought to put a lotus flower and a conch shell on the cushion..
(any sketchers out there??)

thanks kemshmi

01-15-2000, 06:58 PM
judging by what i've seen of your work, i don't think you should worry that much about the correctness of your anatomy. i think your struggle is that your imagery is lyrical and symbolic, yet you seek to give it a realistic base. since your themes have cultural, maybe religious???,and symbolic implications,,,i think you should opt for a more poetic interpretation of the human figure. chagall obviously comes to mind. you're familiar with klimpt,yes? his mermaids, floating, liquid figures.....milt

01-16-2000, 10:01 AM
"There is always something ponderous and one~sided about the self~taught" (I~Ching)

I know the names, but not the works..I will see what I have in reference to them in my collection of books..and or do a search on the internet..

I do enjoy doing stylized figures and faces at times. You are right that the subject(s) is/are symbolic, and in some cases I want to (try to) give a realistic edge to to certain elements, where that may not be necessary because of the subject..though I have not taken classes in figure drawing, usually I am able to draw or sketch them with a degree of accuracy that I am satisfied with....
I put a figure sketch in the site above..I guess that I still need work in that area..
re your "religious???" I would say Spiritual, not reli...dogma is confining not freeing..though any/all religions holds within seeds of truth for the true seeker, the orgainized aspect tends to "exclude' others, and alinate those who conform within those confines..honest introspection and seeking of understanding..the answers are found within


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Bruce Rohrlach
01-24-2000, 01:10 AM
Hi Kemshmi,

Interesting piece! - to me there seems to be some interesting "dualities" or rather "contrasts or opposites" in your symbolism. e.g. the woman is flesh, whereas the black male has a "carved stone" appearance which is reminiscent of earthly betrayal of deity's/God's. So we have(man-woman, God-human, black-white, flesh-stone, earth-moon and clouds-water).

The last is also interesting. The sofa floating on the clouds could also be a boat (of sorts) floating on an ocean of waves (very clever - I guess the tiny fish is to carry that watery wave impression??) Water also portrays a "timeless aspect" which goes well with the spiritual feel in your painting. I like the fact that there's lots of room for the mind to explore in your painting ----

O yes - I just realised - your right - the conch shell is a great idea to complete the cloud-"wave" pair - lends some additional strength to carry the sence of ocean waves.

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01-24-2000, 03:33 AM
Hi Bruce
You are close, but to begin with it's a portrayal of Krishna and Lakshmi, Hindu dieties. Krishna being an incarnation of the god Vishnu is often depicted with his "divine skin" which is blue..
I portrayed Lakshmi, his wife and "shakti" as having human, Hindu, skintone with metallic bronze paint overtones. BUT the painting as a whole represents the Parousia (second coming). The Biblical "Cloud of Heaven" whereby "Kalki" the Hindu Messiah who is also prophecied in Revelations, Buddhism etc.. decends to earth hearalding the new Golden Age

thanks for responding http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

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01-27-2000, 04:46 AM
now that i know you're not indian,K...and now that i understand the origin of your AKA. i have a question...is there a reason why you chose such a decidedly indian bent in the influence of your style? have you explored other styles to express yourself rather than the one so closely knitted to your spiritual being.....milt

"he who thinks he know all and knows nothing is king in a kingdom of one,,,,,or a critic" - the kobe

01-27-2000, 07:32 AM
here's some klimpts. http://sunsite.auc.dk/cgfa/klimt/index.html

01-27-2000, 07:37 AM
here's some limited chagall. http://sunsite.auc.dk/cgfa/chagall/chagall3.htm

01-27-2000, 03:57 PM
Hi bruin70,
is my style "East Indian" like???..certainly the subject of this piece is, though Krishna and Lakshmi are more typically in a setting under a tree i.e. on earth..but I am not sure I know that, or what my style is..I think it a combination of impressionism and realism..though often going onto surreal, and "stylized" stuff..combining what I "see" with the way i see it (??)maybe also upon seeing more of my work one could find a "catigory/style" that I seem to gravitate towards

..I just paint, I drool over others work (keep tissues handy) and just keep working on my own trying to improve composition, though the subject varies.. and use of materials, trying to get good and better results..I am finally able to SOMEtimes exicute what I have in mind for any particular piece with somw degree of success regarding what I had/have in mind for the particular piece

I know very basic art history, but not very knowledgable about a myraid of painters or really too much about the "schools of thought"..this seems to be the next (one of the next) areas to learn for me..though my concern there would be to be not too influenced by any of those..
I love Echer, and DiVinci's shetches..Dalis' work I find very interesing, but as I have seen his work (about 4 years ago in an LA exhibit, and about 1 yr ago in Greenwich (SP?) Conn. [I did go somewhere!]) I was not impressed with his use of materials on close inspection!

..I had gone browsing and looking in my books for examples of klimpt..terribly wonderful!!..I will check out chagall..I did finally find The Breakfast Table..

thanks for your imput http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

01-27-2000, 04:32 PM
you should try the symbolists...late 19th cent. allegorical. languid. also,,,thomas dewing(his garden scenes) whistler's greek inspired figurework. i'll look.....milt